Saturday, October 22, 2011

thank you...

I didn't realize that it's been two years since I started blogging.  I started off writing as the Impromptu Diva and posted my very first post on October 2009.  My first few posts didn't even have photos... can you believe that?  Then I renamed my blog Skip to Malou and it has evolved to what it is now.

It's been an exciting journey to say the least.  Blogging has become an obsession (just ask my husband) and it has helped me chronicle my cooking expeditions and the simple things that bring joy to my heart, mostly stories of my family and friends.  Blogging has paved the way to forging new friendships and rekindling old ones.

Thank you to all of you for always coming back here for my recipes and my stories.  I am truly grateful to know that you are here with me on my journey the last 2 years.   I truly appreciate the comments you have given, the emails you've sent, and even if you are a silent follower, thank you for reading my blog. 

I want to thank one of my loyal followers, Medy C.  She's the wife of my high school classmate and our friendship developed through Skip to Malou.  She is one of my closest friends on Facebook (just check the "likes" and comments we exchange) and she has tried a lot of my recipes. Medy finds joy in preparing meals for her husband and daughter, and she's doing an excellent job. I have to admit, I'm thrilled to have a friend and blog follower like her.  The best compliment I receive is when my readers recreate my own twist on Filipino food recipes.   Thank you Medy for being there... and for the friendship.

To celebrate my anniversary I am sharing with you pictures from my readers who have tried my recipes.  And yes most of the pictures were from Medy (the first 8 dishes below).  Should I say more why I am so grateful to have her?  Thank you also for Cathy R. for the shrimp with tofu, Carolineadobo and Remil for their versions of tomato simmered bulalo, Rodney from Hawaii for his rendition of binagoongang baboy.  So let's see the food they prepared...

Carol's Tomato Simmered Bulalo

Remil's rendition of Tomato Simmered Bulalo (my most raved creation)

Rodney loved the dish a lot that he had it 3 straight days.

Looking forward to receiving more pictures from you.  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Congratulations Malou! Happy anniversary and wishing you many more years of happy eating, cooking and blogging! It's a sign of a well-loved and respected food blog that readers not only make your recipes, but also take the time to photograph and send them to you. All these recreations look delicious! 8-)

  2. Congratulations Malou. I love reading your blog posts. Kudos and more power!

  3. oh i adore this post and its what blogging is all about much love Malou Rebecca

  4. Thank you too Malou for the inspiration and for all the sharing be it food or stories. You write so engagingly, you're addicting.


  5. whoah malou. 2 years already? I remember the last time we saw each other I think you just started.. right? The enthusiasm is still there just like always.Thant's good, htat's how the spirit is should be.


  6. Congratulations on your second year! i felt very proud after one year of blogging and you have to pat yourself on the back for enduring two!
    I am looking forward to many more years to come and I promise to make and photograph some of your dishes as soon as I am back to the U.S. (my sister and her husband are scuba-divers and they take groups all over the world, but prefer the Philippines - I would love to surprise them and make some local dishes when they visit from Germany:)

  7. Happy Anniversary. I hope to be around to share many more years of cooking and conversation with you. Have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

  8. Tracey: Thanks for all the support too. You've always been there for me throughout these years.

    TagaTugue: I know you've been there and I appreciate all the comments. YOu're definitely one of my "loyal" followers too. If only I get to know you too personally!

    Reb: Thank you reb. You've been a blog friend for a long time now and i appreciate the friendship.

    Trudy: so lucky to know you! Im glad that you find my blog amusing hihihi...

    Lana: thank you Lana, you are one of the sweetest peeps i found online too. and hey when you get back let's do the switch a cuisine thingy. enjoy the rest of your stay there!

    Mary: Thank you so much. It's always a pleasure to see you stop by.

  9. Congratulations Malou and Happy Anniversary Skip To Malou!!! Thank you for featuring me in your blog and for the kind words. Keep on cooking and blogging!

  10. Hi Malou-Congratulations on your second anniversary of your blog!
    You certainly came a long way, dear friend. Love all the amazing and delicious roundup of you wonderful dishes:DDD
    I certainly love your blog, and all your posts, and recipes. You present everything so tastefully, and pretty, that it's absolutely droolworthy!

  11. two years of blogging...follows the first book? B-)

  12. congratulations malou. i admit i'm a silent follower but for your anniversary i need to say, thank you for sharing your recipes and for sharing your life. you are an inspiration not just in the kitchen but in life as well.
    you know you have me reading your blog right?
    tita jean

  13. Medy: I can't thank you enough for the support and blog love you are giving me. No follower has done that and it's the greatest compliment a blogger could have. Thank you so much!

    Elisabeth: thank you for dropping by and for the greetings. This is a round up from my readers who tried my dish and I think there's no better way to celebrate my anniversary through them.

    San Diego,
    I wish hahah. but I really wish that I could make it into a book someday... will see! thank you!

    Tita Jean: That's so sweet of you. No I didn't know that you read my blog since you never really commented or made your presence felt hihi. But thank you po!

  14. Congrats on completing 2 years :) And I hope you have many more of celebration ahead!

  15. Wow Happy 2 year anniversary!!! 2 years! That's a long time and what a big milestone. Medy is in fact a nice person and you are so lucky to have a dedicated reader and friend, Malou! Hope to celebrate more years with you!

  16. Kankana: Hello great to see you here and thank you for the anniversary greetings.

    Nami: yes you're right. I'm so grateful to have her. It makes blogging a wonderful experience because of friends like Medy.

  17. Happy Anniversary to the blog and congrats Malou! (Finally commenting here after the initial twitter shout-out, hehe.) I'm so surprised that you included my cooking picture here, you know I have other dishes I cooked based on me being inspired from reading your posts. If I can only find the pics, then maybe I'll blog it. :)


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