Friday, December 3, 2010

sweet rescue

I find it amusing that as a food blogger, everyone assumes I am a wizard in the kitchen, a Harry Potter of Pots and Pans.   Most of my readers and friends expect me to prep the meals from scratch.  Others expect me to create a complete menu, from mouth-watering appetizers down to zesty desserts.

Take for instance my husband, who calls me from work and asks what I could make for his company's potluck.  I tell him: "Why don't you buy at..." and before I could finish my sentence, he cuts me off saying:  "but everyone at work knows you're a food blogger, I should bring something that you made..." His words screamed out of the phone like the sound of a gavel hitting the block as the judge announces the verdict.

Or that one time when in a frenzy, I forgot to make dessert.  Pressed for time, I asked my husband to run out to buy something from our neighborhood bakeshop, my son said: "mom you'll lose your credibility?"  Excuse me?  For doing what every other mom is probably forced to do for lack of time?

Oh well, at some point WE ALL NEED time off.. to take a break...  But when I need to whip up a dessert within a few minutes, these fruit cups come to my rescue.  You may have your own fruit salad recipe but my version will put some bite into a traditional recipe.  It has always been my "sweet rescue" and hopefully it'll be yours too. You don't need to follow my recipe, you can tweak it the way you like it.  So let's start:

Fruit Salad Cups

First we need chiffon dessert shells (this is actually store bought)
Fruits (either fresh or canned)
1/2 c condensed milk
1/2 c heavy cream
2 tbsp cream cheese

Drain the fruit salad.  Set aside. 
Mix the heavy cream, condensed milk and cream cheese. Mix it well. Toss in the fruit salad. Let it chill.

Scoop the fruit salad into the shells.. Voila, it's super easy, and I'm sure your guests will appreciate it just the same.


  1. hahahaa i don't know why, but this post made me laugh so hard. 'lose credibility' LOL!

    i can picture dirty looks from you darting across the room lol!

  2. that was fast lala.. i just posted it haha!

  3. Are you really taking a break from blogging - right after I discover you? And, I can relate to your post, except that I can do that and usually do all that, but don't like always being expected to... anymore. I like help and to have help cleaning up, especially!!! :)

  4. Hi Valerie,
    I did take a break but Im now back... thanks for stopping by... Great to meet you Valerie!

  5. Haha I TOTALLY know what you mean! I'm going to a potluck next week and I am EXPECTED to bring an entree and a dessert. You know, no pressure. Oh well. It's the price I pay, I guess. Love these fruit cups!

  6. I guess people expect a lot from you especially now that you're a foodista. Your husband's comments made me smile. I guess he feels the pressure too.
    What you came up with looked sort of a mini cake trifle
    ....filipino style. The pics looked great!

  7. Perfect for the holidays, Malou! I can't get enough of fruit salad... yum!

  8. Malou, this is again so timely. We should always have fruit cocktail and condensed milk in the pantry, heavy cream and cream cheese or mascarpone in the refrigerator, and puff pastry shells in the freezer.

    Mission: Dessert Rescue.

  9. JOANNE: but you always come up with one right? even with the "no pressure" ad-lib haha.

    Laura: yeah you're so right.. it's the filipino style of a mini cake trifle hihihi

    Jun: and yeah Christmas spread isn't complete without it right?

    Annapet:those are my pantry staples and they always come in handy. mission accomplished! haha!

  10. I laugh as I read through. My hubby's the same to. He thinks I'm a magician!...haha. I have learned to be a bit rebellious these day.....just buy :P Totally love your fruit salad cups. I have to try. Thanks very much for sharing.

  11. What a quick and tasty treat. Thanks for sharing the idea with us. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary

  12. he he we do all need a break :-) but you did him proud

  13. lol I know what you mean! We are not chefs!

  14. I think I even make myself feel that way sometimes...when will people realize we foodbloggers are not superhuman! LOL, kidding...this sweet rescue sounds lovely :D

  15. The great thing about cooking is that there is always more to learn!

    What a fun and easy little treat!

  16. That's really magic!

    You got a nice blog with lots of food to try some of your recipes. Hope to hear from you in the future :D

  17. ya isn't that funny malou? my hubby and kids gasp with disbelief when i use spaghetti sauce from a jar on crazy days where you just need to "lose the credibility" and make something quick. did we spoil them??

  18. Those pictures are making my mouth water!! And it's only 8 a.m. here! ;-)

  19. oh, yeah, for sure people expect wonders from us food bloggers :) These fruit cups are an excellent idea for a quick and elegant dessert!

  20. Yes, Malou, I also think you can whip up anything any time....haha. You just give me the impression that you are just so good in cooking! :D I just hate it when my husband does that to me, like I can work magic.....hmmm. These days I don't look forward to his birthday cos he has high expectation. He will choose the food to prepare for his birthday party in his office. I think I better charge him highly for that.....haha. By the way, love your fruit salad. Thanks very much for sharing.


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