Wednesday, October 12, 2016


So it's been a year.

Skip to Malou's Kamayan Night turns one! Yes 14 epic dining events.  (12 in STL, one- and the biggest,  in LA and another in Las Vegas). What a fun culinary adventure it was.

Kamayan is a tagalog term that  comes from the root word "kamay" which means hands.  So it literally means eating with hands.  It is a communal feast where the food is laid on a long table (around 30 guests) draped with banana leaves.

So if you're wondering where I've been after more than a year of not writing on this blog, it's because I've been busy doing Kamayan Feasts and not to mention my brunch and dinner pop-ups here in St. Louis as well.

I enjoy (although challenging) creating Kamayan spreads every month.  Every month I usually have themes and draw inspirations from them  But I believe the success lies on the incredible support of family and friends especially here in St. Louis.  I cannot thank them enough for their unwavering support. . And of course I have to mention to the owners of Hiro Asian Kitchen (the monthly venue) Bernie and Sui and to the whole Hiro Team for allowing me to grow in my culinary career exponentially❤️❤️❤️

Here are the beautiful faces and some food photos that made Skip to Malou's Kamayan Dinner series incredibly fab!

And oh btw, the next one will be on October 18.  Here's the link to join:

Kamayan Round 1

Kamayan Round 2

the brave souls who partook on the balut challenge
hmmm yes bragging point: It got me an award!!!

ding ding ding ding!!! we have a winner: Sean Johnson, who never missed any Kamayan dinner!

and the runners up
two words: spam fries
The regulars who were clad in a Filipino Barong during the first year anniversary.

I have this incredible feeling of satisfaction giving joy and excitement to people in the context of food. Thank you so much to y'all!

Friday, July 3, 2015


I've been enjoying all the culinary opportunities that STL has to offer.

The latest gig is being featured in Hiro Asian Kitchen .  Starting on July 7, Skip to Malou's signature dishes will be featured every dinner on Tuesday and Wednesday along side their scrumptious regular menu of Hiro.

I met Chef Bernie Lee,  Executive Chef owner  of Hiro Asian Kitchen a few weeks ago when I attended his first pop up dinner in a hip furniture shop called Hammer and Hand.  I immediately fell in love with Bernie.  We share the same passion about our food.  Staying true to the traditional flavors but modern in presentation and approach.

After a few days, our paths crossed again, (as in literally we bumped into each other while I was walking around the park looking at Antiques on display).  He invited me for lunch one afternoon and over a round of cocktails and burgers we agreed to do a collaboration within a few weeks.

We are thrilled that the media is excited about our collaboration.  We were invited by Kim Hudson, one of the hosts of the 9AM News on Fox2 to talk more about our event.

Here's the clip of that wonderful guesting that we did. I hope to see you there:
                                       HIRO's ASIAN KITCHEN
                                       1405 WASHINGTON AVE.
                                       St. Louis, MO
                                       EVERY TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY (DINNER)

Thursday, June 4, 2015


Can someone please tell me I'm not dreaming?

Ok fine,  let me breathe... but yes today, I was  on SHOW ME ST. LOUIS! I'm stoked being with  the host and STL's favorite Ms. Heidi Glaus.

Alright please forgive me for  posting this picture.  (In our defense the lights were off when this photo was taken) I just needed to put it out there that working with Heidi makes you feel like you are a pro in front of the TV camera.  The truth is she made the whole experience fun and easy, that I totally forgot I was on cam!  Seriously Heidi, thank you so much for this wonderful experience.  And of course to the whole crew of Show Me St. Louis (even up to the Security Guard haha!).

SO I was on Show Me St. Louis to share some of the plates I will be serving at my next pop-up,  Did I say another POP-UP?  Oh ok, sorry for not updating you guys on what's going on but yes, I have another pop-up this coming June 27 at Hammer and Hand Imports.   Hammer and Hand is a hip furniture shop owned by Chris and Amy.  They've been hosting one of a kind pop-up dinners at their store lately.  It was serendipitous that one day, I just dropped by their store and voila, here I am schedule to do another pop up at their venue.   I am also collaborating with another couple, Carlos and Val, owners of 2340 Kitchen Mobile Services.  We've been  neighbors all these years but I'm excited to know them closely as we work together for this upcoming event.

Ok fine, here's the link of my SHOW ME ST. LOUIS stint .  But before you click that, if  you want to reserve for the pop-up, I suggest you do so because space is limited. Click the button to reserve. Eventbrite - SKIP TO MALOU | Cooking with a Filipino Accent (A Pop Up Brunch)

See you soon!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

GO GREEN in your Kitchen: A KPLR 11 Segment

I got a reminder from a (Subaru) car commercial this morning which said:  "Caring for the environment means exercising compassion and restraint".  There are so many ways we can contribute as individuals to care for Mother Earth.  And I've always been guided by the 3Rs: Reuse, Recyle and Reduce.

And to contribute to Going Green in the kitchen, I have lined up some eco-friendly products for my guest appearance at KPLR 11 (St. Louis).

Product #1:  COOKINA Non-Stick Cooking Sheets

COOKINA is an eco-conscious brand committed to providing environmentally friendly alternatives to wasteful usage of aluminum foil, parchment and wax paper as the products are reusable. The COOKINA Grilling Sheet, Cooking Sheet and Oven Gard allow for easy clean-up for their grills, cookie pans and ovens. Available at

Pricing:  BBQ = $14.99 / Cuisine and Gard = $12.99 

Product #2:  Carrington Organics Tea
This is the first-ever 100% recyclable and eco-friendly tea. The packaging will fully and safely biodegrade when composted, as it is made of renewable wood pulp. It comes in three delicious flavors:  Herbal, Green Tea Lemon and Chamomile.  MSRP: $3.99/ 20 tea bags per package, available at WalMart, grocery stores and online at

Product # 3:  Excalibur 5-Tray Clear Door Dehydrator
This is perfect for dehydrating fruits, vegetables and meats.  It has a 26-hour timer and and adjustable thermostats (from 105 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit).  The Excalibur dehydrator aids in food storage, as it helps preserve fresh fruits and vegetables, thus avoiding food waste.

Price:  $269.95 at

Product # 4:  Zabada Kitchen Glove

    Premium micro-fiber cleaning technology removes 99% of bacteria just by using water.  Just wet, wipe and dry - Zabada lasts for a couple of years, thus saving you money by no longer needing as much paper towels to clean the kitchen. 

    Price: $40.00 for the Kitchen Glove.  Available at 

    Product #5:  Coyuchi’s Shaded Herringbone Kitchen Towels 

    Loomed from pure 100% organic cotton, in a durable herringbone weave.  Meets the Global Organic Textile Standard [GOTS], the toughest organic-textile standard in the world.  Again, a good alternative to using paper towels.

    Price:  $18 at

    I hope you found these unique kitchen products as interesting as I did. Thanks again to KPLR 11's noon time show host Elliott.  And a Happy Earth Day to all


    Monday, April 13, 2015


    It was a great honor to share Filipino Food to a huge crowd of both familiar friends  and the uninitiated at Frazer's. Thank you  Frazer C.  for giving me your trust and confidence to be your guest chef at your restaurant.

    How the pop up came about is purely serendipitous.  My friends Lingling and Oscar took my husband and I to Frazer's one random night for a nightcap. They knew the bartender extraordinaire Terry (Beckam lookalike) who in turn introduced us to the owner of Frazer's,  Frazer  Cameron.  One thing led to another until a pop up idea ensued. 

    Thank you so much Frazer team: GM Mike for all the help.  Terry for all the  drinks that sustained me  in the kitchen lol.  Chef Joe who was there for me every step of the way…. Chef Cherichel who taught me a lot of kitchen skills.  Chef Mike, who was the silent worker… Charles, Christina, Dave, everyone guys are all awesome. 

    Thank you to all those who came  to support me in this journey.  I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH.  To my ever supportive husband, Christian and of course my Izzy.  To my STL paMEALya who grounded me during my crazy days… TO EVERYONE ELSE.. (some drove as far as Chicago, Marion and other Southern Illinois cities) Having all of you warmed my heart like no other. There's nothing like seeing the restaurant packed from the outside patio up to the second floor... all having fun!  Dios Y Mabbalo Nikamu..  Maraming Salamat!  Thank you very much.

    I didn't have a chance to take pictures, so I grabbed some pictures from my friends, Ina, Jo-ann and my daughter Izzy.  Thanks guys!

    Meet Chef Joe... don't let his height intimidate you, but he is the sweetest and kindest chef I've ever met.
    Meet my buddy Chef Cherichel.... the moment I met him I knew that I gained a new friend.  He taught me some kitchen skills and I love his reassurance when he says: "We've got this!"

    Tinapa Cheese log was a hit. Tinapa or smoked fish. I  used galungong,  locally known as a poor man's fish but I elevated it  by blending gourmet ingredient with it.

    Bangus (Milk Fish) Rice plate or locally know as Bangsilog.  Keeping it traditional with Skip to Malou's Mango trio slaw.
    So yes, we had two roll of these Roasted Belly or Belly-chon... sold out!

    Rice sticky balls in coconut reduction and coco anglaise is my take on my childhood favorite called PINATARO in my dialect.

    But the buko panda panna cotta won the hearts of a lot of guests.

    I told you it was packed.  From the moment we opened doors at 10 am to 2 pm and beyond.  From the outside patio up to the second floor.  As I said the huge crowd of familiar friends and uninitiated.  There were media people from both TV and local magazines.  BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!

    Tuesday, April 7, 2015


    If you see me smiling from ear to ear it's because I am deliriously happy at the moment.

    My culinary journey the past few weeks is on steroids.  You see I have an upcoming  event on April 12, hosted by Frazer's Restaurant dubbed as FILIPINO ACCENT: A POP UP BRUNCH by SKIP TO  MALOU.


    How the pop up came about is purely serendipitous.  My friends Lingling and Oscar took us to Frazer's one random night for a nightcap. They knew the bartender, Terry who in turn introduced us to the owner of Frazer's,  Frazer  Cameron.  One thing led to another until a pop up idea ensued. 

    The following day, I found myself meeting Frazer again, and that's when the details for the event took shape.


    The menu is totally new to the whole team but I am amazed at how open and accepting they all are.  I am so excited to share the love of Filipino food to a wider audience.   I am lucky to be working with a wonderful group of people.  I'd like to make a special shout out to the GM, Mike Butler, who is always there every step of the way.  Kitchen Managers, Chef Joe and Chef Cherichel too, Photographer Ed Aller, who happens to be the creative director of the restaurant... and of course the owner, Frazer Cameron whose cool demeanor is so refreshing.



    So come join us at Frazer's on April 12.  It is highly recommended that you make a reservation by calling Frazer's at 314-773-8646.  I will take you on an epic food adventure to the Far East, mostly featuring the flavors of the Philippines, and also fusing the flavors of American burgers, fried chicken and sausage with a unique twist, one that has a distinct Filipino accent.  

    Wednesday, March 18, 2015


    It's been nice out the past few days... I think I am as excited as the rest of you (well for those who had too much of WINTER) that the winter chill is coming to an end.

    Oh, well... HELLO SPRING!

    For me Spring is nature's way of saying : LET's PARTY OUTDOORS" And before I get too excited about spring, let me share with you another exciting experience I just had on TV.

    I was invited to do a segment on KPLR St. Louis about Healthy Grilling.  So in case you missed it, here's a clip of the segment.  Enjoy!

    Here are some pictures from behind the scenes.

    RAPPER, ACTOR Chingy was at the station and he said he'll support my You Tube Channel.  What a sweet celeb!

    My daughter Izzy and I took the SELFIE with Chingy

    Warming up with Elliot Weiller, KPLR news anchor.

    Ready... get set.. ACTION!

    Engr. Lou was the sweetest stage crew ever.

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