Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Ramen Tei

Trying a restaurant for the first time is like going on a first date - you don’t know how it will turn out.
We've never been to Ramen Tei,  one of St. Louis' first few ramen houses located in Ballwin.  So when our friends invited us for dinner  we didn't hesitate to say yes.

My husband and I are the first to arrive and to my surprise, I was greeted by a familiar face (Mike). I instantly felt like a regular. As the rest of our group steadily filled the table, Mike knew almost all of them, as they were regulars of the place. It immediately set the tone- fun, warm and relaxed.
The food was exquisite. We enjoyed the small plates and the specials were even better. I was pleasantly surprised when Mike announced that the Chef sent us extra plates of the specials so the entire group can try. And I was thrilled to meet Chef Nick as he came out to say hi just as our Ramen bowls were being served. 
Over-all Ramen Tei is a great place to unwind, drink some sake, savor their small plates and slurp up ramen.

The pork belly bun is unlike all the pork belly buns that I've tasted. the bun is light and soft and the aoili had the perfect hint of heat.
Otoro (Bluefin Tuna Belly): I called this 'the butter of the sea" the slices of bluefin were tender and soft... and yes it melts in your mouth!
Salmon Crudo had a light and clean taste. The moment it touches your tongue it melts in your mouth and all of a sudden there’s that pop coming from the tobiko and the crackling sound of the crispy shallots. It was a symphony of taste and texture.

The ramen was en pointe-- the broth has depth but the perfectly crusted pork belly punctuated this bowl of deliciousness!

To our delight, the charming Chef Nick came out to say hi 
The Ramen Crew...

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