Sunday, July 3, 2011

ahhh it's summer!

"Don't you two communicate?" asked my daughter in astonishment when she saw my husband unloading bags of fruits from the car.  It's because I came home from the grocery store an hour ago clutching bags of produce too.

"Green mangoes, check, Asian pears, check, yellow mangoes, check, nectarines, wow - you guys bought the same kinds of fruits", Izzy taunted.

The funny part is, my husband rarely goes to the grocery on his own unless he goes in with a list of things to buy.  However, he has recently become a regular customer of a grocery next to his workplace, a huge Korean market called H-Mart.  He discovered the joys of buying fresh fruits, usually on his way home on a Friday night.  I totally forgot it was a Friday until he came in to the kitchen with the vibrant colors of the fruits in the bags he was carrying.  Somehow we both knew that we did communicate, saying to each other that we still think the same after all these years, and still sharing the fruits of our work. Sounds trite and I may be pushing it too hard huh?  But you know it's summer and we both kinda have the same mind set, that the best way to beat the heat is having tons of refreshing fresh fruits.  Only now though, we have literally tons of them haha.

Well the fruits didn't go to waste as we went for an impromptu  trip to my in laws this weekend. A big fruit basket was greatly appreciated by my mother-in-law. But for now, expect a lot of fruit infused recipes in this blog soon, and yeah we start now!

Inihaw na Pork Chop with Mango Ensalada (Grilled Pork Chops with Mango Salsa)

Pork chops
salt and pepper
crushed garlic

Marinate Pork for about 30 minutes. Grill the pork chops until done. Set aside

For the salsa mix the following:
Mango sliced
Tonatoes, sliced
Ginger, crushed
Fish sauce diluted in water (use Thai brand if possible)
Agave syrup
Salt and Pepper to taste

 So you have the grilled pork chop like this...

Ot you could have it scream "Ahh summer" like this!  Happy 4th of July everyone...


  1. That is the best part of Summer Malou - Grilling and all the talking and kwentuhan that goes with it. . . and of course all the fruits that you have, hehehe. :)

    Have a Great 4th of July weekend Malou!!

  2. That salsa mix looks like it could work on grilled chicken too - what do you think? That was so funny about you both buying the same stuff ... it happens too us too -- not to often though.

  3. Aw, great minds do think alike :) How sweet that you and your hubby are so in sync :) What a great way to use the extra fruit!

  4. now thats grilling!and that mango ensalada muy rica!

  5. lol I forgot to get my name down
    Its @francys_mariel

  6. I don't think too much fruit is ever a bad thing! I just noticed H-Marts recently too! I think it's time to pay a visit and get some juicy fruit.

  7. Love summer as well because it means: green mangoes! IT goes with everything but I love it most with bagoong of course! So Filo.

    Looking at this dish just makes me miss Summer more. It;s cold and windy in Melbourne!

  8. I'm with you, Malou! This is summer at its best with fruit at its peak-- its so hard to pass up in the store! Mango and pork is such a great combination and this looks absolutely delicious!

  9. We're thinking alike, Malou! I scored some green mangoes and made mango ensalada. Will post in a day or so...I have a few that I need to publish.

    Thanks for sharing! Oh, and I heard about H-Mart!

  10. Yah, inihaw screams summer. So does fruits. Lucky you! Love the salsa you made.

  11. Wonderful flavors - I'm just discovering the joys of homemade salsa!

  12. Ray: you re so right. I love the company during summer. The bonding creates good summer memories.

    Chris: it works with chicken and fish too. Ieither fried or griled it works both ways too.

    Liren: the juices from the fruits lend a refreshing twist that perks up the grilled chops.

    Francys: I guess I'm still on a mango madness frame of mind huh? Haha great to see you again.

    Jessica: yep that's so true, sometimes I can't get enough of fruits. I just love em.

    Adrian you nailed it mango with bagoong? Yum, but this is a great alternative too.

    Ryan: the mango ensalada was a perfect pair. Loved it.

    Annapet: I can't wait for the post. This was just a quick bbq post for the 4th of July though.

    Adora: I know its not summer over there right. But knowing you, you could cook up a good meal in any weather condition haha

    Mary: thank you for gracing this post. I truly appreciate it.

  13. That salsa is wonderful! So funny that your husband picked up the same or similar goodies :)
    Perfect recipe for summer...
    Hope you had a great 4th and are having a wonderful week :)

  14. Too funny... Hubby and I will both go our separate ways in the produce section and come back with the same things. The mango salsa sounds so perfect with the pork chops! Yum!

  15. Love it! Grilled porkchop is my favorite!

  16. Your pork chop with mango salsa looks wonderful. I love fruits in the savory dish!


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