Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ice Candy Summer Treat

I was online chatting with my cousin Ingrid who asked me what I want from the Philippines that she could send to me thru my other cousin Celia when she heads back to San Diego.

"Ice candy bags" was my reply. 

I felt her eyebrows raised while I typed those words. But  surely she sent me some when Celia got back here. (thanks ladies!)

With the current heat wave engulfing the United States, I thought that the ice candy bags will be put to good use.  

Ice candy is a frozen homemade popsicle.  It's usually mixed with fresh fruits and milk.  You could actually concoct your own flavors with whatever fruits you  have at home.

You pour it in a narrow plastic bag using a funnel  or a tea pot.  The narrow spout of a teapot is best. Then freeze it.

I remember growing up making them but guess what, among the 6 siblings that I have the ice candy never saw itself frozen the way it should be.  We can't wait for 24 hours for it to harden.  I was reminded today as my daughter declared that the ice candy that I made is all gone.

The ingredients are simple.  As I said you could have different flavors.  I used mango, corn and pineapple.  

Then I mixed it with a milk mixture consist of condensed milk, water to dilute the condensed milk and french vanilla coffee mate.  

Carefully tie a knot to secure the bag.  Freeze until it hardens.

For sure your kids, no matter how big they are will enjoy the icy treat.

So ice candy anyone?


  1. Abby just read your blog and she asked me if we could make it one day. " It sounds and looks yummy" she said.

  2. wow these are fun one for me and J please

  3. I Love your flavors, along with ube, buko, and mongo. Thank you for posting another memory lane treat. Enjoy the rest of the weekend Malou! :)

  4. These are so cute. Corn in a frozen treat still seems strange to me but I'm willing to try it. :)

  5. thanks Medy! I will send you the candy bag on Monday.
    Reb: yes it's fun to make it with Jasmine
    Cherrie: Im glad you also had ice candy memories. I really want to meet your mom hehe
    Ray: buco is good. naubusan kasi ako. have a great weekend too Ray
    Maureen: thanks but yeah it's something that not everyone is open to have haha.but yeah try it. you'll be surprised how good it is.

  6. I've been wanting to make this but I was wondering where to buy it here in the US. Do you know of any store that sells the bags?
    Thank you for sharing a childhood favorite
    Mary Grace Santamaria

  7. Oh talk about heat , the day it doesnt rain , the cool winds that flow thru our home and lovely weather just makes way for some heat and its back to shut doors and air conditioning :-(
    And i love that , what u asked for , i love these little ice candies and i love the simple recipe , i must find out if we do get these little bags here too!

  8. I always buy one before heading home from school when I was in grade school. I don't see that many vendors selling ice candy now versus a decade ago. I hope someone would reintroduce this treat to the Philippine market again.

  9. With fruit, a very healthy treat too!!! Yummy!!

  10. OMG, same thing here, the ice candy will NEVER harden enough before I start to eat them all.

    I never made them, but one of my friend's mom did and wow on how tight she can put a knot on those ice candies!

    Thanks, for sharing this, Malou! Truly a Filipino summertime treat!

  11. Our neighbor used to make & sell ice candy and my mom would just tell us to buy them because my siblings and I made a mess when we tried to make some. oops, haha.
    Been trying to get ice candy bags, that's a great pasalubong idea. Now I'm craving ice candy, esp the ones with buko strings :)

  12. Ooh, I used to make these when I was a kid. Sounds like a great idea! Though I don't know where I can get those thin plastic wrappers here...

  13. perfect summer treat! i love that you used condensed milk watered down a bit, i'm going to try that!

  14. Where in the US can I buy ice candy bags?

  15. Where in the US can I buy ice candy bags?

  16. Found them at under "polytube sleeves"... $6.50/100 pcs, unfortunately, they ask for a minimum purchase of $40 to avoid extra $5 charge on top of shipping and handling. Or you can try ebay, found them for $9.99 + shipping and handling for 100 pcs. I hope this helps!

  17. Zip lock makes a 'freeze pop' style bag,I wonder if those might be good to use.


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