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Why Not Choc-nut! A muffin Monday post

Early this year I declared that one of my New Year's resolutions is to add more baking posts (of course along with the annual I am going on a diet promise).  Well we're now past midway through the year and guess what...  I have only added 2 posts on baking and I haven't been faithful in sticking to my diet (much to my doctor's chagrin).

And so I got an invitation to join the Muffin Monday team by its creator, Anudhana of Baker Street fame. I jumped in thinking that I will be forced to bake.  Before I could even remind myself that it's summer and it's an awful time to bake, I said yes.  Soon thereafter, I got a welcome email and once I said "yes" there was no turning back.

But I wasn't afraid to join because I knew that my friend and Ninang, Annapet of The Daily Palettewill be one of the bakerswho will be there every step of the way on my baking journey.  So  I was at the grocery store completing my ingredients when I told her about my idea, to infuse two chocolate flavors popular in our home country: Milo and Choc-nut.

"Wow that sounds good, everyone grew up drinking Milo and enjoying Choc-nut" was her reply.

That golden idea kept me busy the past two days, as I went to look for these two ingredients in several  specialty stores. The images and taste of the bars of choc-nut and the green can of Milo got stuck in my head like a cheesy 80's song.  Until it turned into a family affair looking for these two chocolate flavors so familiar to the Filipino palette.

This was until the last hour, as in literally the last minute, as the man holding the key to the store we were going to was about to lock the door, I had to use my charm for him to open it for us.

"I will just buy Choc-nut and nothing else... Please?", I pleaded and luckily my charm worked. And ta-dah, a wall of Choc-nut greeted me by the door!

This recipe is adapted for the Muffin Monday group and was an original recipe from Nigella Lawson's Double Chocolate Chip Muffins.  Since Nigella is from England, naturally the measurements were in milliliters and grams.  So my daughter Izzy (who is not into baking as well) and I needed my husband's and son's help to convert it from the metric measurements (I'm glad Ninang was just a text away too!).  Well much to their chagrin as both of them were busy watching the Formula 1 car race on TV.   Then, while my daughter and I were pouring the chocolate mixture into the pan, I licked my fingers that touched the batter and lo and behold we forgot the sugar!!!!  OMG it's a good thing I tasted it.  So we had to do it over, do a take two! LOL!

But, and here's the but, when the smell of the freshly baked muffins came wafting from the kitchen, both of my husband and son stood up and couldn't resist the smell of the freshly baked goodies that we just made.

"It smells like Choc-nut in here" said my husband.

Even before tasting the muffin, I already smiled.  The challenge of looking for the real choc-nut was all worth it after all....

Thank you Anuradha  for including me in today's baking journey, and Annapet for being there every step of the way.  The love for baking tiptoed in my kitchen and I think it's for here to stay!

So Why not? Chocnut?

For the recipe hop in to Anuradha's Baker Street.   But take note, instead of using chocolate cocoa, I used Milo and instead of chocolate chips I used Choc-nut.

Check out other bakers too: Baker Street, The Daily Palette, Mis Pensamiento Cafe Terra. Chef Pandita, Asian in America Mind Your Bees and Trees

Muffin Monday is an initiative by Baker Street. A culinary journey of sharing a wickedly delicious muffin recipe every week. Drop in a quick line to join her on her journey to make the world smile and beat glum Monday mornings week after week. 


  1. OMG, you did it! I cannot wait to bite that muffin top with a big chunk of Choc-Nut! Your idea WORKED! So awesome, Malou! I am so happy I was able to help.

  2. I will be part of the muffin Monday fun too, these are very delicious:-) I have never heard of Choc-Nut, but wow it sounds, and looks amazing! Happy Muffin Monday!
    Take care, Terra

  3. I love Milo....but I prefer scooping it and put it in my mouth rather than a cold or hot drink. I told Abby about it and she asked "what does it taste mom? " Its like yohoo" I said. Her favorite chocolate drink...

  4. Oh, my! These really look fine. My family would devour them. I'd love one with my evening coffee.I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  5. Wow, what a perfect merienda, Malou! Great idea to use the Choc-Nut :)

  6. I would love to start every week with Monday muffins like this. Though I can no longer enjoy choc-nut, I can almost imagine how good these must taste. 8-)

  7. I couldn't stop smiling when you said Milo was used.. brings back a lot of memories. lol.

    glad you could be a part of the madness. :)

  8. I've never heard of choc-nut. I'm going to have to start exploring. Milo we have. Muffins look fantastic!

  9. So curious about that Choc-Nut! your muffins look delicious, I think you should send a muffin to each one of the muffin monday bakers... in fact, wouldn't it be awesome if we could all taste the different muffins that came out of Anu's recipe? :D

  10. Oh wow Milo, the power breakfast drink of a kayumangi boy! Now here is a quote from a Filipino Forrest Gump on Choc-Nut.

    "My nanay always said, life is like a box of choc-nut. You never know if you gonna get the durog ones."

    Good post Malou! Have a good week ahead!

    ray :)

  11. Annapet: thanks again Ninang. You are so much a part of this baking journey of mine.

    Terra: Choc-nut is popular in the Philippines. It's not a gourmet chocolate but I love to munch on it all the time.

    Medy: Thanks again. I did the scooping this morning much to the surprise of my kids. It's funny how our experience as a kid is too far with what our kids experince no?

    Mary: thanks for stopping by. Have a great week ahead too.

    Liren: thank you and Im glad it worked perfectly!

    Tracey: I'm sorry to hear that. You are missing something haha JK! Glad to see you again!

    Anu: Im glad you know Milo too. Oh we had a lot of childhood memories drinking them. Thanks for having me join this fab ladies baking together on Muffin Mondays!

    Maureen: Im afraid it's only known to Filipinos as it is not widely distributed. You could get it from a Filipino store though.

    Chef Pandita: I wish we could do that. I was also thinking about that and looking at the pictures of all the bakers hmmm I wish I would dig in and have a taste of each muffin.

  12. Ray: I didn't miss out on commenting back. I think nagsalubong tayo haha.
    your comment is hilarious. YOu are silly talaga!
    GReat to see yoU!

  13. yay for muffin monday!! chocolate candy in a muffin just sounds scrumptious! i'm sure your family loved it :D nice meeting you thru muffin monday :)

  14. Malou, love the take two. Sorry it happened but it's good to know it's not only me it happens to, sometimes:). The muffins looks so good! & funnt how everyone in your family was involved.

  15. Nice touch on the classic Double Chocolate Muffin recipe, Malou! I love your promise to yourself & your readers to bake more and blog more about it. And Choc-nut in a muffin? What's not to love! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Aww..can I get a bite from that lovely baked muffins, please!

  17. Junia: Hi there! Yeah Im glad we've met through this baking journey. See you around!

    Shulie: I heard you are going to jin next week? Yay! that will be more fun. Take care!

    Betty ANn: hello, I know it must be tiring to have all your guests and the activities you are doing right now but glad to see you still have time. Looking forward to read your post too.

    Sanjeeta: for sure you are invited to dig in hahah. great to see you!

  18. YAY you're baking Malou! Choc-Nut Muffins are a great idea. I can't wait to get baking again.

  19. Hi Malou! Great to hear from u again, yes, u stole the words right out of my mouth as even I was wondering if we cud be friends :) I am not on Twitter yet, but I did look for u on Facebook & got several results, not sure which one is you...if u can search my name - Shireen Sequeira, pls do add me, take care and god bless!

  20. Oh, wow! A decadent chocolate muffin would well received in this house! These look amazing~

  21. What are choco-nuts and where can I get some? These muffins look amazing and will go every day of the week!

  22. This looks absolutely delicious!!! WOW what great photos! :)

  23. This looks so tasty!!! I wish I could take a bite right now! Choc-nut sounds amazing! I love the concept of Muffin Mondays.

  24. Carol: Yes I am baking but I pale in comparison to your baking skills. You have to teach me.
    Shireen: would love to add you. Well I did add you already. In case that FB is wrong, go to the left portion of my blog and click the F sign. You will find my page at FB too.
    Lizzy: Thank you. They are decadent indeed. I had to walk extra mile for a piece haha

    Lilly: Cho-nut is a popular chocolate-peanut candy bar in the Philippines. You could buy them in Filipino stores if there are any in your area.

    Kelly: Hi there. Thanks... i need a spanking from you, been eating a lot haha. Thank you for complementing my photos. I thought I did extra time for that hehe.

    Jessica: Hello! great to see you! I hope you could have some right now I still have some hehe

  25. Hi Malou, I have joined ur group on FB :) I haven't received ur request, maybe it's gone to the wrong id. My blog is on FB too - Ruchik Randhap. c u around! take care!


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