Thursday, July 28, 2011

have a happy day!

"Be grateful, be happy and always stay positive! Then you will realize how blessed you are."

My late father used to tell us these lines, or something along that line over and over (especially) at the dining table. He abhorred long faces, arguments, and tantrums right before or during a meal. To him a meal is God's grace that we are supposed to be grateful for.

I was surprised yesterday when my husband said something in line with what my father used to tell us. It wasn't over dinner; in fact of all things, we were watching HGTV House Hunters (oops don't tell my husband I told you that he watches this show).

And so with that mind frame this morning, I left home early to go to church and I was feeling euphoric for some reason. After church, I went to a drive thru ATM, completed my transaction, and whistled my way to the grocery store.  Still feeling light-hearted, I navigated through my normal route. When I arrived at the cash register, I pulled out my wallet to pay for my groceries and pfft my debit card I is missing.  I didn't panic, I just retraced my steps, still feeling positive. To make the long story short, I found it back at the bank.

"The machine eats up your card after a few seconds, so that the next client cannot take it," the  Bank of America clerk happily announced.

"I thought I was having a great day," I said.

"Oh isn't it still a good day? It could have been worse. At least your card wasn't stolen!" she replied.

I headed back to the grocery to finally pay for my groceries. Thankfully,  the grocery cart was  carefully parked in a corner. But my card wouldn't work. Apparently, it got temporarily suspended since the ATM recorded it as lost! So I had to go back to the bank and back to the grocery.  But this time, my grocery cart was gone!!! On any given day, I would have exploded after each unfortunate event, but today, I started with and kept a positive attitude. It made my day seem lighter, even though a lot (as in A LOT!) went wrong.

I'm sure you have experienced this kind of day.  It's one of those days wherein nothing goes right. Being a mom is so stressful sometimes... and your mind is all over the place.  But take stock, be calm, stay positive and always focus on happy thoughts. It won't hurt and it will even make your day better.

If mental note won't work, make yourself this Sticky rice with mango.  It will definitely swing your mood from bad to good, and you will feel your lips relax into a smile... Have a happy day!

Thai Inspired Sticky Rice with Mangoes

3 cups rice
5 cups water
3 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
2 cans coconut milk

Soak the rice with water for 20 minutes.  In a pan, pour the rice with water.  Add 2 more cups of water and 1 can of coconut milk, sugar and salt.  Bring it to a boil while stirring continuously to make sure that the rice won't get stuck at the bottom of the pan.

Continue to cook it until water is absorbed.  Add the other can of coconut milk. Let it simmer and cook until  rice is tender but not mushy.  Set aside.

Slice mangoes into cubes, set aside.

For the topping:

3 large eggs
1 small can of heavy cream
3/4 can of condensed milk.
2 tbsps butter

In a saucepan, break the eggs and pour the condensed milk in.
Cook over medium heat, while stirring continuously until it thickens.

Add coconut milk and heavy cream. Give it a quick stir until it simmers.   Set aside

How to assemble:
Put the sticky rice on a bowl layer with mangoes.  Then repeat.  Add topping and sprinkly with toasted sesame seeds.

It certainly looks like a parfait.. but it's not.

It also looks like a trifle, only it's made of sticky rice...



  1. Lovely post & terrific photos! Sorry about your ATM ordeal. Stuff happens. Life moves on. In your case, you always know how to deal and overcome. How inspiring! Thanks for sharing another classic. And now, I'm off to buy more mangoes!

  2. i already ate this one in a thai resto but it tastes salty. it has an ice cream toppings.

  3. Malou, I have to get a crate of mangoes to make a mango dish. You know mangoes here do not get past the kitchen sink.

    Thank you for sharing this. I cannot promise to make this dessert because I know Juanchito and I will eat the mangoes! We'll have to see his Tita G!

  4. Loved this post. It made me actually smile. And the dessert? It could have made me leap if I had it infront of me right now.
    I love posts like this Malou. Keep writing. You are beautiful inside out.

  5. It already made me smile just by looking at the pictures. Thanks for sharing an inspiring post.

  6. All's well that ends well, I hope. I'm sure it did. How can it not with sticky rice and mangoes? Have a great weekend, Malou!!

  7. Betty: thank you for stopping by. I forgot you proclaimed yourself as the mango queen pala haha!
    Anonymous: Im glad you have tasted it. Ice cream topping sounds good!

    Annapet: Reserve at least 3 mangoes if you were to make this. YOu won't regret it pormise!

    Rowena: lovely to see you here. I thought hard who you are and Christian reminded me hahaha HOw could I forget you haha!

    Mary Grace: Im glad it did inspire you. I guess I was successful in passing the "good day" charm to you!

    Jun: Why do I smile when I see you stopby? Hmmm i know, you are a blogstar and I'm glad you still know me heheh JK! Take care Jun. I hope you have a great weekend too!

  8. I like your Dad's words of wisdom and do abide in it. Although there are certain days when Murphy's Law uncontrollably springs to to mind. You know what we say in Tagalog ..."Ayayayayay!" Never mind. I'm sure you had fun making and eating this delicious mango and rice.

  9. What an inspiring quote from your dad, Malou! My parents too are my great source of words of wisdom! :)
    I'm glad that you were able to keep a positive attitude after a very bad day with the help of that Thai Mango Sticky Rice. I love that dessert, and I can say that your version looks really good!

  10. Thanks for that thoughtful post Malou, I quite needed it today - I thought it was ending bad (with a splitting migraine for company), but then as you said, things could be worse, I am thankful that I am able to sit comfortably at home & write this to you with a tummy full of simple home made food. And by the way, the Mango & Sticky rice looks tempting - I wish I could find some sticky rice in the stores here. And sorry to know you had to go through your ATM experience! I can imagine what you must have gone thru. Take care!

  11. Hi Malou,yes there is one more person with the same name as mine. Pls click on this link, it's my FB page. Tc!

  12. I am glad that everything worked out in the end. Although I am not a mom I feel like I have a full time job next to my full time job with keeping up with my blog and reading other blogs. But I enjoy every moment of it, as I enjoy your beautiful mango sticky rice. The mangos seem to be perfectly rip with nice bright orange color. Summer is calling!

  13. This is my FAVORITE dessert and your upbeat positive post inspired me to believe that I could actually pull it off. I'm glad you found your card. That's the worst feeling ever.

  14. oh so sorry Malou what a annoying turn of events but you keep a good attitude thats lovely great dessert and well presented

  15. Adora: Twas really an AYAYAYAY day LOL! but as I've said, I was in a positive disposition all throughout. I wish I could keep it that way all the time tho haha.
    Tina: hey great to see you back. That's so true that's why we have to listen to them as they always say "papunta pa lang kayo pauwi na kami" hehe.

    Shireen: Oh no migraine, that's really tough to keep a positive mind set if something aches huh? I hope you feel better now. They say stay in a dark room to cure migraine??? not sure but hey maybe it works.

    HI LIlly: welcome. Great to meet you and Im glad you love the sticky rice with mangoes. Not everyone likes it together you see. Have a great weekend.

    Hello Michelle: great to know that we have a common favorite hihihi. I can't resist this in a Thai restaurant. Sometimes I just look forward to the dessert part of a meal you see haha.

    Rebecca: oh thank you.. yeah all's well that ends well as Jun Beleen had said. Happy weekend!

  16. Beautiful to read and glad you pulled through the day. That mango sticky rice will surely put big smiles on my face. Hope you have a great weekend! Keep Smiling! :D Mary

  17. I love sticky rice and Mango!here i just buy suman and eat it with manga..

  18. Words to live by, Malou and your positive attitude truly shows. I always get to know you better the more I keep reading our posts.

    Though I am with Annapet, I can never make mangoes last long enough to make something with them but will try to make this. I can also promise I will not just buy suman ;)


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