Friday, July 22, 2011

How to make pineapple slices

There's nothing like eating chilled, fresh pineapple slices on a hot summer day. The succulent juices that ooze out as you bite are so refreshing. It just screams summer in your mouth. Although it's not a summer fruit (as it is available all year) the scent and color of this refreshing fruit represent summer.

As I stepped into the store the other day, I was greeted by an abundant array of pineapples displayed in the grocery aisle. With the store's glistening lights and mellow atmosphere, I felt warm inside and I couldn't resist the charm of putting a pineapple into my shopping cart.

But alas came the problem: how do I cut pineapple slices? I immediately returned the fruit to the display table and navigated my way towards the shelf where sliced pineapple slices were sold. However, touching the plastic container did not give me the same excitement as when I saw the fresh fruit. And at that moment, I decided to try to slice pineapples for the first time. Surprisingly enough, it was not as hard as I thought.

So in case you were like me, don't get intimidated by the task at hand. It is quite simple... and don't you worry, I am going to be there with you every step of the way via my instructional slideshow with Jack Johnson playing "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing" in the background.

And oh, by the way, I got an award lately.  It was given by Elisabeth of Food and Thrift Finds.  It's been awhile since my last award so thank you dear Elisabeth for sharing with me the thrill of having an award.
Happy slicing!


  1. Malou,
    Lovely post. I felt like dancing and singing while watching your slideshow. You are definitely becoming like the Filipino version of Ina Garten.
    Thanks for all that you do.

  2. Take 2 with Blogger! Malou, I love pineapple. Maarte ako, I want Maui Gold, LOL. Del Monte has a Gold variety na rin, super sweet.

    Thanks for sharing this "How To" - I do the same thing and with salt as well!

  3. I was laughing when I saw a comment on your Facebook page about your follower wanting to go buy pineapple right after reading your post. It certainly gave me the same feeling. Love it Malou keep them coming

  4. Lovely video, Malou. Ipinaglihi ako sa pinya, you know. Love it! Loved your comment on my blog. So not true, 'yon.

  5. Ilove your slideshow makes me feel like trying to slice pineapple right now. Why I haven't tried slicing one? Because I always get it sliced by the katulong lol!

    Tita Teng

  6. TagaTugue: Thank you for the prompt comment. Im impressed haha!
    Annapet: oh Ninang you are always right there for me, thanks a bunch!
    D: so did you buy a pineapple? I hope you did so you could join me in my pineapple slicing party!
    Adora: really? do you know the "alamat ng pinya" story? somehow you telling me na pinaglihi ka ng pinya reminded me of the story LOL@
    Tita Teng: Lucky you that you have someone to slice it for you.. that's why i only learned now too since I used to have it sliced na rin!
    happy weekend!

  7. Hi Malou-Thank you so much for mentioning me re: the award. I was really so thrilled to pass it on to you. I enjoy your posts, and all the wonderful and delicous foods you prepare.
    Loved the slide show...I cut the pineapple a little differently, but start the same way as you do. Also interesting to see rubbing salt int it?...guess to balance out the flavor. Have to try it next time.
    I have such limited time to post and comment...tied up for another couple weeks house/dog watching at my son's house. At the same time while I'm here I visit with daughter and do their little projects with them. Do urge your children to be closer to you in distance...that's what I've been "preaching" to them all these years, so we're all close to each other!
    Happy Weekend my dear!

  8. finally saw your video... now our gchat conversation last night made more sense, if you know what I mean? hahaha :)
    watching it made my mouth water, and when you started rubbing in the salt, laway overload lol

  9. Fantastic tutorial Malou. So true how often do I want to buy pineapple only to return it for the hassle. thanks for the encouragement!

  10. Elisabeth: I also don't know the reason behind the rubbing of the salt to tell you honestly. It's just the way they do it back home haha.
    Thanks so much for the wonderful comment. Im so glad to have found you! really!

    Carol: tulo laway ka na hahah. I love pineapple talaga. I hope to see you soon.

    Shulie: Glad to see you back. I know right? things that we thought are hard to do yet we discover that it's not that hard after all. Thanks again. Happy weekend!

  11. Thanks for the video tutorial=) Great instructions.


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