Monday, July 18, 2011

6 degrees of separation

Despite the warnings of Carmaggedon, my husband and I headed north yesterday to attend my friends', Rowena and David's, party. The invite called for a celebration because Rowena just recently passed the NCLEX exam, a board exam for nurses. (By the way, congratulations Rowena! I was so overwhelmed by all the fun we had yesterday that I don't remember congratulating you!) With Rowena becoming a nurse, after already being a flight attendant and also finishing a law degree in the Philippines, not even the scare of Carmaggedon could stop me from celebrating my friend's new triumph.

"Can you cater for the dessert?" Rowena emailed me. To go with the long menu of dishes that she was going to prepare, I decided to make two desserts: one of which I will share today and the other in a later post.

But that's getting too far ahead...  

As I mentioned before, it was Carmaggedon right? Of all the deserts I could have made, I went with a Pina Colada Icebox Cake; a cold desert that would pose problems if we indeed ran into the heavy traffic of Carmaggedon. The entire time we were stuck in traffic, I fretted about the disastrous scenario that would pursue if the icebox cake melted. Fortunately, it was only slightly melted by the end of the car ride. As a food blogger, catering is risky. But I was tickled pink when I heard people at the party rave about my desserts. Compliments, just like comments from this blog, are like drugs to us bloggers. It gives us a certain high!  LOL! Although I did miss the moment when the host, David, complimented me. I was too busy tinkering with my phone when he said his kind words. I asked him to repeat what he had said, but he merely replied by saying that the moment had passed! But David: my husband shared with me what you said and yes, it was the best compliment of the night haha!

So while I was seated at one of the tables, enjoying the chats with my new friends named Pia and Dave, I heard the people at the other table talk about my dessert and, later on, my blog.

"Hey Malou, you're popular! Someone here has read your blog," Rowena jested.

That was the first time I actually met someone who read my blog without me having to tell them to haha. "So how did you know about my blog?" I inquired.

"My cousin recommended  that I read it," she said.

"Who is your cousin?"

"It's Sigrid," Mary said.

"Sigrid? Get out of here she is my sister-in-law."

We dashed across our tables and hugged each other like long time friends. "What a small world!" we both exclaimed. She was so excited to meet Skip to Malou in person. We both took snapshots and immediately posted them on Facebook for my sister-in-law to see.

Now let's see: Mary is married to Don who owns America-Healthways-Education where Rowena went for her NCLEX review class. The party was all about celebrating Rowena's NCLEX exam, which was why Don and Mary were there. And Mary is the cousin of my sister-in-law who lives in the Philippines. Now that is 6 degrees of separation. How fascinating is that! Oh and by the way, for those of you who are looking for a NCLEX review school, feel free to contact Don. Just think about it; Rowena passed the exam with their help!  

Now folks before the story gets even longer, here is the recipe. And thank you, David and Rowena, for inviting us over. We enjoyed meeting new friends. To Sigrid, thank you for introducing my blog to Mary. 

Pina Colada Icebox Cake

1 can condensed milk
1 can Nestle's cream
1 bar creamcheese
1 know gelatin (dissolved in 3/4 cup hot water)
I cup shreds of young coconut
1 cup pineapple tidbits
1 pack of vanilla wafers

Use an electric mixer to beat the softened cream cheese.  Add  condensed milk and the table cream.  Mix well.
Meanwhile, dissolve gelatin with a boiling water. Make sure to do this quickly since the gelatin sets immediately.   Mix the gelatin to the cream cheese mixture and blend well.  Add  cocounut shread  and pineapple tidbits into the mix.
Pour in to your desired pan or tin.  I lined my pan with parchment paper to facilitate easy unmolding. Freeze until it sets.
Unmold the cake on a flat surface.  Add vanilla wafers around it.  Now crumb some vanilla wafers on top , add more coconut shreds and pineapple tidbits.

Put it back into the freezer or in the fridge until you're ready to serve them.  ENJOY!


  1. What a beautiful story & a gorgeous icebox cake. I have a similar recipe from way back but it has different fruits. So once again, you've inspired me, Malou! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a lovely story. I've never met anyone who's read my blog so you're streets ahead of me. :)

    The icebox cake looks delicious! No wonder she asked you to cater dessert!

  3. Malou, what a story. it definitely sound llike you are the life of theh party just as you always do.
    I love the pinacolada. Im thinking it looks liek buco pie hehe!

  4. i've never even heard of this cake before. have i been missing out? what does it taste like? lol will i die of a sugar coma after? now i'm so intrigued. i love wafers.

    lol, psst, it's not obvious btw (the stage)

  5. As a caterer, traffic is always my biggest enemy during delivery time. So, I know exactly how you felt. That is a beautiful cake Malou!
    Thank you for sharing the story and the recipe!

  6. Wow, I'd say that's more like 2 degrees of separation! Great cake, so glad it made it to the party without melting.

  7. Now this would be an absolute showstopper at potluck and would even make a great house warming present! I'm thinking of moving're definitely invited! LOL

  8. You were tinkering with your phone because I kept on bothering you! Congratulations, Malou! So happy when you said you have to cater desserts.

    This will be on my wish list when I visit you. What's your I-5 Exit na nga? LOL

  9. This is so cute and such a wonderful story! Great job! :)

  10. What a small world! My husband is Chinese (Taiwanese) and I often get surprised by how people are connected everywhere in Chinese society. It even scares me! What a gorgeous icebox cake! You are so talented making this detail creation! It will take days to make it for me (well therefore I won't even try... =P).

  11. Betty Ann: Thanks for stopping by again. See you around the blogosphere!

    Maureen. Haha your hilarious but yeah it feels good hehe.

    TagaTugue: hahaha yeah and as usual Christian shakes his head whenever he hears me laugh haha.

    Lala: you are missing something haha come on go to your kitchen and make them you'll not regret it haha.

  12. Ray:i should get some tips from you ha. Great to see you again Ray... peace!

    Carolyn, Isn't it amazing how the world becomes smaller esp with the interwebs? It never fails to amaze me really!

    Adrian: you know where to contact me, i'd be delighted to bring this when you move lol!

    Ron: hello thanks for stopping by.
    Annapet: hahah yeah you were texting me the whole time heheh but i don't mind you know. that's why I am now the master of double tasker haha.

    Kelly: oh no... i'm embarassed Kelly as this dessert has a mega million of carbs and sugar not to mention calories too haha!

    Nami:you are hilarious with your first few sentences Nami. Hey enjoy the time with your mom. I m actually jealous that you could do that with her. Enjoy!

  13. As usual, beautifully done, Malou! And you are an amazing storyteller. I have not had ice box cake in ages. I will have to try that one day soon. Yum!!! :)

  14. yum.. yum..yum ms. malou!!!! may i try your recipe?it looks yummy and surely easy to do and ingredients are always available.... yum... yum...yum...

    1. Thanks Liam. I hope to hear from you after you tried it.thanks!


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