Thursday, November 17, 2011

Crispy Dinuguan

Friends and family who visit the Philippines, rave about their dining experience at a popular restaurant in Manila called Kanin Club.  The restaurant is known for their modern take on Filipino dishes.  One of the dishes that's wildly talked about is the Crispy Dinuguan. Dinuguan is a savory dish of pork belly mixed with pork blood simmered with vinegar which I posted here  before.  But it seems as though pork belly wasn't enough cholesterol booster so they had to put it a notch higher by deep frying it!    

When I heard about the dish,  I just knew that I had to try it... but yes with my cholesterol pill on the side LOL!  They say that it's basically like a lechon kawali (crispy pork belly) with dinuguan so what I basically did was to marry them both and voila! Crispy Dinuguan indeed!

For the dinuguan recipe click here .
For the lechon kawali click here.

When the dinuguan is cooked, I mixed some lechon kawali bits, let it simmer for a few minutes just enough for the flavor from the fried pork to fuse with the dinuguan.  Set aside some lechon kawali pieces for toppping, so that it would remain it's crispy-ness when eaten.

I haven't been to Kanin Club (it's in my bucket list when I go home to the Philippines)  but this bowl of dinuguan goodness was the star of the dining table when we had it.  YUM!


  1. Oh my goodness what a dish...can see why a cholesterol pill would come in handy, lol. Really though this has some fantastic flavors and I bet it was indeed a hit :)
    Hope you are well and having a great week :)

  2. Wow, I have to ask my wife to try cooking this kind of dinuguan. I had it before but just in the neighborhood in Tugue for pulutan. Yup, the crispiness really makes a difference and that was so far the best dinuguan I ever had.

  3. Oh wow, this looks sinfully deliciious, Malou! I can imagine how crispy the lechon is and then when you dig into the dinuguan, it will truly be the bomb! Pair that with some puto or lots of white rice, and it's sheer heaven!Thanks for sharing! Have fun in FL!

  4. I am torn between drooling and recoiling in horror. I mean, OMG that is GENIUS, two great things that go great together but holy cow, that sounds like a ticket to the cardiologist! That being said: I WANT.

  5. Alisha, Hello! thank you so much for being here again. Love to see you and yes my week is going great!

    Tommyca: I want to mimic the dinuguan of TUgue but can't find tarapilla over here. Let me know when wifey cooks my version of dinuguan. Thanks Tom for droppping by.

    Betty Ann: Oh yes a bowl full of rice is not enough hahah. but yeah it's delish!

    Michelle: That was my reaction too when I fist heard about it hahha. and that's the reason why i tried it. thanks Michelle for coming over!

  6. All so new - all heart-stopping - like fettuccine alfredo! But if you're going to indulge - go all the way! And the find yourself oatmeal.

  7. I've never had them together, but I cannot wait to try! [And you know I am NOT just saying that!] Juanchito loves dinuguan, too, and starting to like spicier dishes.

    Thank you, G!

  8. Oh gosh, I just tried the Crispy Dinuguan of Kanin Club yesterday, and it was indeed to die for! (figuratively and literally, haha!)


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