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Friday, August 5, 2011

echoes of a fiesta

Our town fiesta falls in August. At this time of the year, people in my hometown of Tuguegarao are busy preparing all sorts of activities to celebrate the occasion. I heard that they celebrate it with a lot more fanfare than when we used to party when I was growing up. Whenever the month of August comes by, I always ponder upon all of my fiesta memories.

Our school would be busy preparing for a big parade. Our marching band would practice longer than usual, while participants of songs and dances are also busy practicing in all corners of the school. A carnival and circus would come to town and you could hear their loud announcements inviting people to attend. The blaring sound of music and merchants calling customers to buy their wares promising a good bargain. The church would also be busy preparing its grounds for the converging of people to celebrate the event with a Holy Mass, because after all, fiesta is the feast day of a patron saint. In our case, our patron saint is San Jacinto (St. Hyacinth).

While the town is busy preparing, houses would be just as busy getting ready for out-of-town visitors. It's actually like an open house where people are invited to come join in on the celebration. The iconic dish on everyone's table? Lechon, you bet.  

And so, it may be because of the coming of our fiesta that I had this intense craving for lechon. But since my oven is not big enough to contain the whole pig, I just have to contend myself with pork belly. It's a good alternative to the whole roasted pig. And what matters most is that it gave me back the echoes of our town fiesta.

It's crackingly good...  now watch the slideshow on how to do it... enjoy!


  1. Excellent tutorial, Malou! I love this method - so much easier for the home cook, and those of us who find whole pigs hard to come by. I can taste the crispiness...

  2. Wow! Malou, the pork lechon looks gorgeous! This is new to me and I loved ur video too. Wish u a happy feast!

  3. Oh, my! This is another winner! I

  4. Another great video, Malou! I can just imagine that crackling lechon skin in my mouth, craving lechon now.

  5. Love the video !!! So inspired!

  6. Malou. OMG, your lechon looks so beautiful. The crackling looks fantastic. I also love your how to video.

  7. Love the video! What would be the temperature if i use the turbo broiler? Now I am craving for lechon ... Have a great weekend Malou!

  8. Liren: Thank you Liren. So great to see you stop by. Definitely a great alternative, you bet!

    Ruchik: Thank you. I hope you get to try it. There's always a firt time :) right?

    Annapet: Thanks Ninang. Lechon tayo when you come to SD.

    Carol: Yep it's so malou-tong haha.

    Charmel: You are so sweet. Thank you!

    Cherrie: Thank you. I enjoyed doing the video as well.

    You could use the same temperature. Keep a close watch lang . Good luck!

  9. The video is fantastic. I can see the crispiness of this beautiful dish!

  10. Wow Malou, I love the video. Very professional. Nice looking lechon and that reminds me of getting a new turbo broiler to replaced my broken one. Thank you Malou and have a great week!

    ~ ray ~

  11. This Lechon post just CRACKLES, Malou ! Great way to show us how to do it. What time do the festivities begin at your house? I'll be right over...

  12. I loved the youtube tutorial! The music is exciting and the quality of video is REALLY good! You have a turbo broiler (or what was that called?)! That is so cool! I love this recipe Malou!

  13. Thanks for the awesome video tutorial, Malou! Now I know what to do when I want to eat lechon!

  14. lechon sounds extremely good. So if during fiesta it is an open invitation to all, I can "skip" to your house, Malou, for this authentic dish, isn't it? Loved the post!

  15. Just looking at that yummy rolled pork belly feels like I've gone to heaven! Looks beautiful, if ever I can achieve that yummy looking goodness...I'll be holding it like an Oscar and thanking you Malou from the bottom of my heart=) hehehehe! Now I have to convince Mr. H to buy me a Turbo Broiler=)

  16. Oh my goodness...I'm drooling!! I love lechon!

  17. Amazing! Need to go to an asain store to buy liempo with skin! Great idea!!

  18. 400f at 3 hours?? won't that burn the lechon kawale?? which side up or just like how you put it?? rolled and side lang siya un skin?? will try this one soon.. many thanks!

    1. hi Babes,
      did you watch the video? If not watch it and you will see that it didn't burn. If you don't have a turbo use the oven. Sometimes ovens are not calibrated so it might be too high so adjust if you see that the pork's outer layer is turning brown quickly.

      Thanks for asking,

  19. Hi Mam! Kumusta Po. Taga CEBU po ako at dito na nanirahan sa Melbourne. You' re Home LECHON is awesome. I wish I can have the complete measurement of ingredients and methods. Wish ko pong magluto this coming Christmas. Salamat po.


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