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Guest Post Wednesdays: Korean Beef ala Lilly

I can't believe it's been a month since I started this new feature on my blog. As you've noticed, most of the past guest bloggers were children. And so when I invited Lilly to guest blog, she said that she wasn't a suitable candidate for the assignment. I, of course, reassured her that I do not have an age bracket for my guest bloggers. I just love the idea of kids cooking and baking, but for the next posts let's hear from "mature" guest bloggers.

For this week we have Lilly. She's a retired pediatrician who I met almost 4 years ago. She travels from coast to coast to visit her grandchildren. She's funny, sweet and so full of life. When I asked her for a picture to go with this post she declined, saying she doesn't want the paparazzis to spot her. LOL!  And so since she told me not to divulge too much about herself, without further adieu, I present Lilly.

Friendship On A Plate

Friendship knows no boundaries. Case in point, my friendship with Malou. We meet only a few times a year but every time we do meet, we feel like we see each other everyday. So how on Earth did I come to know her? So here's our story.

We met almost 3 years ago at a nail salon. She was busy reading a magazine and dozing off to sleep when I asked her if she is a Filipina. She answered me with a question. "Did you think I was a Filipina because of my accent?" she asked.
"How could I tell your accent? All you did was smile," I replied.

"No I am an Italian," she said.  But then  she giggled. "No I'm just kidding. Yes I'm a Filipina. How about you? Are you Korean?" she asked back.

"No I'm French" I  joked. "Ok darling, let's do the usual introduction," I said. "My name is Lilly and you?"

"My name is Malou."

"Ma what?" I asked.

"Malou. As in Skip to Malou," she said.

A week after, we bumped into each other at Macy's. She came up to me and said, "Hey I know you. You are the French woman I met at the nail salon." And we laughed. I said, "you are Skip to Malou," because that honestly stayed in my mind.

She asked me what perfume I used because she was looking for one for her grandma. She asked me, "how old are you, Lilly?"

To which I replied, "hey you young lady, never ask a wrinkled woman her age. And she laughed so loudly.  We stood there chatting and chatting like old friends but mostly we talked about food and our family.

The sales clerk asked us how long we have been friends and couldn't believe that we just met. "You might as well be friends now," the clerk suggested. And we took that advice to a tee.

Our friendship bloomed through a series of lunches and recipe exchanges. A year later, she tells me she came up with a blog. I wasn't surprised at all that she named it Skip to Malou.

I am honored that she invited me to guest blog. I think that Malou and I hit it off well because we both love our food. We talked about food while eating food. We come from different ages and different cultures; different, yet we still share the same joy in cooking for our families. We started off sharing food with one another, and now on our plate is a friendship that will last forever.

As a requirement for this guest post, I was asked to share a recipe so here's my Korean Beef

Korean Beef

We need:

Beef, cut into pieces
5 tbsp soy sauce
5 tbsp sugar
1/2 c sprite
asian pear
green onion
sesame seeds
sesame oil

First, chop garlic, green onion and asian pear together in a chopper or blender.  If you want a smooth texture go ahead, chop until smooth.  But if you want some texture just a little pulse will do.
Add soy sauce, sugar and sprite into the mixture.  Salt and pepper to taste.
Marinate the beef overnight.
The following day you are ready to cook in a pan.  Make sure to get the pan really hot so it gives the beef a good sear.
Add sesame oil and sprinkle sesame oil and green onions on top.

If you noticed I tried to make my beef look the way Malou plates her food. But sorry Malou, this is the best I can.

Thank you Lilly for a wonderful guest post.  You said you will scare my readers away but I don't think so. Right guys?  I truly enjoyed reading it.  What do you think guys?

Til next week's Geust Post Wednesdays!!! 


  1. Food really does bring people together. :) Thanks for sharing this. I never thought of adding pear to Korean beef. I'll definitely try Lilly's version.

  2. I love the story and I am witness to Malou's charm. We have met once and hit it off from the get go. SHE IS ALSO REAL.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hi Malou!
    This is Lilly-Ann, Lilly's daughter (Iknow right Lilly-Ann as a name gives it away).
    Mom talks about you with so much fondness. I think she found her match in you albeit younger.
    She was excited about this project. We grew up with Mom always cooking despite her full time job as a physician. She did it effortlessly and now that I am a mom myself it gives me a wonder how she did it.
    Congratulations on a wonderful blog Malou. I hope someday we will meet you too.

  5. This Korean Beef dish looks very delicious. Must be really nice to have a friend cooking for your post.

  6. Love Korean Beef & love stories about friendship ! Lilly is lucky to have you as a friend, Malou ! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I plan to cook this tomorrow. Question - Do I use sesame oil to cook the beef or just use sesame oil on top of the beef or both? Thanks!

    1. use sesame oil to enhance the flavor and not to cook the beef. Use cooking oil to cook the beef. I hope this helps.

      Happy cooking,


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