Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Crepe the Promise

June 20th marks our 23rd wedding anniversary. 23 years???? Really??? Don't worry I get that question a lot. Every time I am given that look of disbelief, my candid answer is always, "yeah I got married when I was 13," hahaha!

The truth is that I got married when I was about to turn 21. Over here in America, people turning 21 look forward to drink legally, but for me 21 was the age when I made the vow to love my man "til death to us part." Sure I was a young bride and there were plenty of bumps in the road throughout the long 23 years, but one thing is certain: I am still keeping the love and the promise alive.

Over the past few years, I revisit that day by looking through the pages of my wedding album, and each page I turn makes me nostalgic. I vividly remember the excitement of marching down the aisle in my Pitoy Moreno (thanks to my parents in law!!!) wedding gown with a long yard of handmade trail amidst hundreds of people as witnesses. I was beaming as I marched down the aisle with my Papa by my side. There is something special in sharing the joys of life with my man. And I did all I can not to mess up reciting my wedding vow to promise to love him before my God. With that said, I was not afraid to make a decision to marry early. But I remember I was clouded with thoughts of what went through the minds of my family and friends at that time. Were they happy for me and Christian or were they sad and afraid for us?  Did I bring them joy or did I bring them worry? Up to this day, I still think about that... But looking at the fruits of our union (my three children who are now all grown) I know I made them proud.

The long thread of comments and likes that built up on the wedding picture that I posted on my Facebook wall humbled my husband and I. We are grateful for all the family and friends who are so much a part of our relationship. Every comment in that thread made me smile... I feel so blessed and I thank God for wonderful friends and family and for the sweetness they bring into my life.


June is the most popular month for weddings. That said Adora of Adora's Box and Diona of Tita Flips picked white as the theme for this month's Kulinarya Cooking Club cooking challenge. What immediately came to my mind was the bridal song "Here Comes the Bride All Dressed in White." Although the dress doesn't fit me anymore, LOL,  I still remember what brought me to wear that wedding dress. In retosprect, I believe that all it took my hubby, who was then my boyfriend, was to take me to Jeepney Coffee Shop at the Intercon in Makati many, many years ago. Over a plate of the Hotel's signature Mango Crepe Samurai, he told me the first time, he wanted to be with me forever. Could you imagine just how I felt at that time? Oh well it still gives me chills up to this day. And every time I make crepes for my family, I think of that time and place... and 23 years later I still "crepe" the promise.


Crepe with Mango and Coconut Tapioca Filling

Crepe batter (This is my basic crepe recipe.  Make it ahead of time.  I usually make them before dinner and refrigerate it.  While everyone is still at the dinner table, make the crepes so it's hot and fresh.)

1 cup all purpose flour
3/4 c milk
2 eggs
1/4 cup water
a pinch of salt
1 tbsp butter, melted

Mix flour and eggs together.  Add the milk and stir it together.  Gradually add the water and stir well, removing lumps until you get a smooth batter.

Pour 1/4 cup of batter into a hot pan.  Make a circular motion to spread the batter thinly and evenly.  When the sides turn light brown, flip it on the other side and cook it for another minute. Don't get intimidated.  It's easy, all it takes is practice to come up with a perfect crepe.

Coconut Tapioca filling

1/2 can coconut milk
1/4 can condensed milk
1/2 c small tapioca pearls (cooked)
1/3 c cornstarch dispersed  water
2 tbsp melted butter

Pour all the ingredients together: coconut milk, butter, condensed milk.  Let it boil.  Add the tapioca pearls and the cornstarch mixture to thicken, stirring continously.  Until thick.  Set aside.

Slice some mangoes.

To assemble:
Lay the crepe on a flat surface.  Spread the coconut milk filling on it.  Lay some slices of mangoes on top.  Fold crepes... your ready to make the mango tango!

Check out all the other Kulinarya members and their "white food" posting for this month by clicking the logo below.  Thank you!


  1. Happy Anniversary greetings to you and the hubs again, Malou. It was such a treat seeing your wedding picture on FB. The crepes look wonderful, never thought to use tapioca as a filling. And mango is great with everything!

  2. Malou,what a wonderful Mango Crepes post! The photos are amazing and so is the recipe. Can't wait to try this one. Happy Anniversary & wish you many more!

  3. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Wow! 23 years? That's a very fine accomplishment. Here's to 23 and more years to come. The mango with coconut tapioca crepes are perfect for the occasion. And Pitoy Moreno? Sosyal!!

  4. I am so happy for you! When we were at The Ferry Building, you shared that you honeymooned in San Francisco and it's close to your heart.

    Congratulations, Malou! Successful marriages are far and few between. And the wonderful kids you have, WOW!

    YOU made it happen.

    Oh, and yummy treat! Thanks for the recipe!

  5. Oh I remember that wedding 23 years ago. It is still the biggest wedding I've attended. With high ranking officials and what not. Malou, don't ever doubt yourself. You make us proud. Your kababayans are rooting for you! Woot woot!

  6. Happy Anniversary, Malou! Congratulations on 23 wonderful years and wishing you both many, many more! I was 23 when the hubs and I married, and I am amazed at how quickly time has flown. I still feel like we're those newlyweds.

    Thanks for sharing this recipe that brings to mind loving memories for you! 8-)

  7. I love everything about your crepe! The inspiration, the flavors, the tapioca... it just looks beautiful! Happy Anniversary to you!

  8. So happy to have met you and share #mangomadness with you. This recipe just gave me an idea on what to do with tapioca! I have tiny tapioca pearls I haven't ever used! This looks great!

  9. Beautiful post! Pitoy Moreno gown, wow! I remember going to the Jeepney Coffee Shop, so many memories! Happy anniversary to you. Your mango crepe looks really delicious with the addition of the coconut tapioca pudding, thanks for sharing this recipe!

  10. OMG, Malou! You were young pala when you got married, and I saw your beautiful wedding pix on fb, super sosyal and bongang-bonga naman kayo!!! Okay, the crepes, and I mean this - super yummy! There I said it, so no angal with the yummy part. Hahaha!

  11. oh wow ! i'm going to try this !

  12. Happy Anniversary! It always always make me happy to hear stories of love. I never had Mango crepe with coconut and tapioca pearls I'm sure the texture and taste is happy marriage.

  13. Carol, first to comment... yay! Thank you for your kind words and for a sweet cyber pal all the time.
    Betty: hi and thanks again for visiting. I look forward to our Mango event on Friday.

    Jun: yep 23 year! It sounds like a lifetime already right? Haha. But thanks for graacing the event. I'm honored.

    Annapet: yeah so you do remember huh! Yes SFO will always reain to be the city that I love because of that. Awww Annapet thank you for those kind words. You are one of the nicest friends I have around the interwebs.

    TagaTugue: hi there. I wish ill know who you are soo. You've veen a constant commentor but haven't figured out who you are hihihi. But thank you for being here.

    Tracey. I've been trying to figure out how old you are haha and you almost gave it away haha. But it's great to know that you are keeping your marriage like you are newlyweds. It makes married life sweeter. Great to see you again

    Jessica: thanks for the greeting and great to meet you. I hope to bump into you more on the bolosphere.

    Marnely: I am so pleased to see you drop by. Boy I am excited to see you again on our Mango madness Friday hihi.

    Chefd: so glad to see you back. I was just happy to know that the Jeepney cafe is still around. And I think Mango crepe is still one of their signature dish right?

    Ray: no angal hehe. I thought that was sincere. So nice of you to stopby. After our chat yesterday I knew though you would hahaha.

    Chefbyday: I hope you will and if you do please let me know how you like it.

  14. Great story and many congratulations on your anniversary!
    Also great crepe recipe - crepes are a great favorite in this house too!

  15. 23 years! Congrats. And thanks for a wonderful post and the beautiful crepes. Mango, coconut, and sago combination is perfect.

  16. Abby,how did that happen? how could i have missed your comment haha.. but at any rate thanks for the kind words. Im so happy to see you stop by for the first time. Ill swing back to your site to check you out.

    Mary, thanks for the kind words. I feel sorry for not being able to go to your site. Is there something wrong with the link? Just checking!

    Oggi, Hello... great to see you stop by. I just perused your site and yeah you also did the combo of mango, and sago. I love the texture of both together. They are like silk and satin in the mouth haha!


  17. Such a romantic post, Malou. Isn't it so nice that the fire is still burning after 23 years? Wishing you and your husband more happiness and blessings. Lovely, lovely crepes, too.

  18. Happy Anniversary and congratulations on 23 years of marriage! Count me as one who would think you must have gotten married at 13! :) Your post is so beautiful and such a wonderful tribute to your husband and family! Blessings to you and to many more years of marriage!

  19. Happy Anniversary! Here's to 23 more. :)

  20. Happy Anniversary! What a sweet way to mark the occasion. Here's to another 23. :)

  21. you were a beautiful bride I saw the facebook snap and adore that your marriage is so so strong the cake would be great with orange adore your crepes

    hugs Rebecca

  22. Happy Anniversary Malou! Wow 23 years and still in love. I was reading and I can't help thinking of my own (6 years ago). Your story made my heart very warm. The crepe looks delicious with tapioca and mango in it. I'd love that. Happy Anniversary weekend!

  23. Wow 23 years...congratulations to you both! And these crepes are wonderful, truly gorgeous :)

  24. Congratulations Malou! Super kilig naman ako :)

  25. Hi Malou!Here's me again leaving a 2nd pls. bear with me. I am MAKING THESE crepes right now as I type this. Fingers crossed, knock on wood,I hope my crepes come out as spectacular as yours.CREPES to you, my friend!

  26. I love everything about your crepe! The inspiration, the flavors, the tapioca... it just looks beautiful! Happy Anniversary to you!


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