Saturday, June 5, 2010

off the record

Being a blogger can sometimes be difficult, especially with family members and close friends being wary of saying personal things in front of you. When my family and friends gather, we often crack jokes, talk about private matters and I would always get the preemptive statement "Hey don't blog about this, ok?"  And the naughty me would reply, "it's for me to know and for you to find out... by reading my blog". But they always end up making me promise not to mention them.

So the person who helped me with this post doesn't want to be identified... well to put it simply, because of the nature of his business. No, he is not a spy or an undercover detective. But he is very much a foodie like me. He says he visits my blog daily and he comments that my pictures are not sharp enough.  So the pictures that you see in this post is a result of one afternoon taking a short "photography 101" lesson from him.  

When we had  lechon kawali  (crispy pork belly), he introduced me to pritchon

Pritchon is a term combining the words prito or fried, and lechon or roasted pig.  This post doesn't need a recipe since you could use lechon (roast pig) or the lechon kawali.  But in order for you to make this wrap, we need:

Hoisin Sauce (diluted in water)
Flour Tortillas
Green onions

 Chop the lechon into bite pieces and arrange them in a platter like so:

It could be served as an appetizer or an entree itself.  Everyone enjoys assembling their own wrap... and before you know it the whole plate is gone.



  1. I can totally relate. I also have people begging me not use their real names "for security purposes" as if they were secret agents or something. So funny.

    Great photos and lovely food. Love all the flavors at work here. I solved my photo issues by photographing outside. The lighting in my apartment is not good.


  2. This looks tortilla version of Chinese crispy duck, yum. Thanks for the interesting recipe to try, and your photos are always great :)

  3. I am not sure what people think we would write about them, that is either a secret or negative.

    I think your photos are great. I have to compare now, with older ones and see, if I see the difference.

  4. This sounds wonderful to me, Malou. I really think your photos are great. It is only natural that they would get better with practice. I also hold you in high regard for respecting the wishes of your family and friends. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  5. Lazaro: wow that was fast of you to comment... after 5 minutes of posting..hahaha..
    same here, i do take pictures outside for natural lighting. that solved my problems... great tip!

    TLC: definitely like the crispy duck... i hope you could try using pork it's definitely yum-o!

    Chaya: hey it's been awhile... welcome back. maybe you could tell the difference as you've been visiting my blog since the start... thanks for being there again.

    awww mary, that's so sweet of you... you bring certain joy and warmth when you leave a comment... thank you so much!

  6. These are great pictures, I've enjoyed all of your previous ones too. I respect people's privacy, and do believe there should be a separation between online and the real world.

  7. thanks christine... im flattered especially coming from you!

  8. What a great experience to take a photography lesson from your friend! And how lucky the "subject" was that lovely pritchon!

  9. Yummy wraps and the photos are gorgeous!

  10. Oh you know how to keep us curious. I wonder who is the teacher of the photography 101 class. :)

  11. Trissa: yeah im so thankful... and he knows that he's greatly appreciated!

    Natasha: thanks, great to see you again.

    Cynthia: don't you love the mystery??? hahaha...

  12. Wonderful Pritchon pics....looks so delicious! Your pics are great, personally...all I can say is thankyou for the invention of digital camera with the display on the back as am still learning;)

  13. SO yummy.
    Thank you Miss Malou for this simple recipe. May I ask if I can use fried chicken?
    Thank you and more power to you.

  14. so yummy. Sa pic pa lang nakakatakam na!
    Thank you for this wonderful simple recipe. May I ask if I can use fried chicken?
    Thank you again and more power.

    1. yes you can use fried chicken. just don't make it salty as you will be adding hoisin pa. good luck <3


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