Sunday, June 13, 2010

it's Krystal clear

I stand by my office window, staring in awe at the HOLLYWOOD sign, as the sun gently shines through. I can see the sign clearly this morning, unlike other days when the smog over L.A. blurs it with a haze and gloom that makes the sign almost invisible.

Seeing the Hollywood sign made me think about my former co-worker, Krystal. She resigned a few weeks ago because, as she explained to me, of the Hollywood sign. She must have seen it just as clear as I saw it today. Every time she sees the sign it reminded her of the big dreams she envisions for herself. She feels that she’s wasting her time within the four walls of the office and just staring at the sign. She wants to be a part of the “Hollywood” scene. It was time for her to chase her dreams.

The next day she packed her stuff and she said goodbye.

Was she na├»ve? Was she bold? Who am I to judge. Some days, I admire her boldness. Other days, I’m scared for her seemingly futile attempt to go after her dreams. But I’m certain she knows what she wants, and I can only hope that she knows how to get it. She said to me that she has pictures of her dream house and how she sees her future life to be posted all around her bedroom. She has a vision of how she wants to live her life… and today she’s out there chasing after her dreams, attempting to make her dreams come true.

Bravo Krystal, for having the courage to go after your dreams.


 In fulfilling my promise to share more Asian recipes with Krystal, I am sharing an easy-to-prepare Korean dish bulgogi, or marinated pork (usually made with beef).  This dish is  one of my "I want something special but am too lazy to prepare" dish... so let's start.


2 lbs, pork thinly sliced
7 tbsps soy sauce
6 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp chinese coooking wine
5 cloves garlic, minced
1 bundle of green oinons
2 tbsp sesame oil

Marinate pork with all of the ingredients.  Set aside.  Heat up a wok,  when it's hot enough, pour the meat mixture.  You will hear it sizzle. Stir  to cook the meat evenly.  You may also add a little water to make sure the pork is thoroughly cooked.

You should watch it when the water is reduced as it carmelizes easily.  You may want the edges to be brown and crunchy but you don't want it burnt.  Add more green onions and minced garlic.   Give it a quick stir and voila, it's ready.

Transfer to a serving plate.  Garnish it with toasted sesame seeds....  It looks and smells good...

This is best paired with mongo sprouts and with steamed white rice.




  1. oh hope she makes it this is yummy looking

  2. BRAVO Krystal and for this dish too!


  3. How yummy & so easy, too! Well, I think Krystal is on the right track, goodluck to her! Don't you think we should all be doing the same thing?!?

  4. I should try bulgogi with pork too. I've done it before, and it yielded great results.
    I like the title of this post. It is truly brave what Crystal is doing, there is no other way but to go after your dreams.

  5. I admire your friend's courage! She knows what she wants and ready to go for her dreams. I believe she knows her talents and what she can offer. I wish her every success.

    Love favourite Korean food. Yours looks very delicious. Would be awesome with rice...mmm

  6. Thanks for sharing the homage recipe. Love the garlic flavour mixed with soy! And wish success for Krystal!!

  7. I always admire those willing to take big risks to reach their dreams. So, this post is inspiring ... and I mean inspiring on two levels, because I've been in the mood for bulgogi lately!

    Usually make mine with beef, but will def. try this yummy pork option. Thanks!

  8. Thought I'd make a pork stir fry tonight because me needs some veggies! I think I'll try your bulgogi and serve the stir fried veggis alongside. Thanks and good luck to Krystal!

  9. hi rebecca! thanks for dropping by.

    angie: thanks for the kind words

    caroline: yes it's time to go for our dreams... will wait for your sweet caroline launching!

    Christine: yeah try it with pork it's as good as beef.

    Mary: same here it's my favorite Korean dish... great to see you

    TLC: heya! how's it been overe there in Tokyo. Im glad you like the garlic... oh i so love it!

    Diva: glad to have inspired you... on both levels.. time to try bulgogi diva!

    She'scooking: great to meet you. I hope you come by anytime soon again.

  10. One of my favorite Korean dishes. Yummy!

  11. Yes, follow your dreams definitely... but it is so much harder to do than say, so kudos to Krystal.

  12. Thanks for sharing a yummy recipe, I haven't tried these yet!

  13. I love the way you write and I love your photos. Can't eat pork though.

  14. i am currently reading Sophie's World (again) and it says there; we become contented with what we have that we curl in our comfort zone and stop exploring. we go to work, go home, eat, sleep and do the same thing over again. the next thing you know you're old and didn't really know much of what if you did this or that. I admire Krystal for it as well and hopefully she makes it.

    As for the bulgogi recipe, i wouldn't mind if you would ship the plate to australia. need my address?

  15. and yes, you write like a diamond. so brilliant yet so clear.

  16. What a beautiful dish! And I believe your friend will find her dreams, or at the very least know that she made an effort:)

  17. Someone had told me that if you've been in your job for five years working for the same company, you have to look for another job or work for a different company. Otherwise, you'd be so comfortable where you are, you'd be so scared to leave. I'd say good for Krystal!

    I love that your recipes are so simple and yet so delicious. Keep it up!


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