Saturday, April 1, 2017

Skip to Malou Kamayan on Feast Magazine-Midwest

I know, I know, it's April 1st... popularly known as April Fool's day.  And if you're a subscriber to this blog and you receive a notification saying "Skip to Malou has a new post", don't be alarmed.  I am not playing practical jokes on you.  This is real. LOL!

I know too that it's too early to be awake at 5:00 a.m on a Saturday, much more to sit in front of my computer trying to slip a new post into the blogosphere (gosh I've not used that word in awhile).  But listen, someone pinch me!  Tell me I'm not dreaming!  You see, my baby, Kamayan Nights is the cover story of Feast Magazine.  After 18 Kamayan Nights at Hiro here in St. Louis and also in LA and Las Vegas, finally my handiwork is being featured on the magazine spread.  If you are interested to read the whole article (and I mean it's on the centerfold and with 6 pages to boot--- now fan me fan me, haha) click here.

I'd like to thank Cat Neville, the publisher of Feast Magazine for the generous feature.  You cannot imagine the gasp and the fuzziness I feel deep down every time I turn the page over and over.  I also would like to thank Mallory Gnaegy for the wonderful  article.  Her words captured the event with every detail--- some of which I didn't even realize that it was there haha.   She also made it look that I was so talented of a chef haha.  And the photos that Jonathan Gayman captured were stunning!  I am sharing  some of his photos from the magazine down below.   But before I go, let me also share a segment of the The Big 550 KTRS where Cat Neville and hosts Ms. Kelly Jackson and Mcgraw talk about Filipino food in general on how its trending and yes fan me fan me again, hahah, about Skip to Malou Kamayan.  Thank you Kelly!!! Thank you McGraw! and again Thank you Cat! I was sooo over the moon listening to you guys!

There were 40 diners at that time.
Photo credit : Jonathan Gayman

Yellow Adobo
Photo Credit : Jonathan Gayman

This is my play on bulalo.  Bulalo is a soup dish made that is made of beef bone marrow . One of its components is potato.  So to make it Kamayan friendly, I made BULALO Croquettes.
Photo Credit: Jonathan Gayman

Tortang Talong is a traditional dish  which is more of an eggplant omelette. But here I played on its appearance  by making them into waffles.
Photo Credit : Jonathan Gayman

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