Monday, November 20, 2017

Chicken Inasal

Chicken Inasal is a popular dish which was popularized in the Southern Philippines especially in Bacolod

Inasal which directly translates for grilled or barbecue is different because of the use of coconut vinegar, kalamansi juice and also lemongrass, ginger and also turmeric which i included with my recipe.  It ’s also characterized by its distinct orangey or yellowish color because of the annatto oil which is used for basting the chicken while being grilled.

Chicken Inasal

4 pcs chicken leg quarters
1-2 tbsp patis or fish sauce
1/4 cup calamansi or 1 lemon squeezed
2-3  tbsp brown sugar
2 stalks of lemongrass, finely chopped
5 cloves garlic
3 thumb sized ginger
3 pcs turmeric

for ingredients substitution
coconut vinegar- apple cider vinegar

annatto - paprika


Saturday, April 1, 2017

Skip to Malou Kamayan on Feast Magazine-Midwest

I know, I know, it's April 1st... popularly known as April Fool's day.  And if you're a subscriber to this blog and you receive a notification saying "Skip to Malou has a new post", don't be alarmed.  I am not playing practical jokes on you.  This is real. LOL!

I know too that it's too early to be awake at 5:00 a.m on a Saturday, much more to sit in front of my computer trying to slip a new post into the blogosphere (gosh I've not used that word in awhile).  But listen, someone pinch me!  Tell me I'm not dreaming!  You see, my baby, Kamayan Nights is the cover story of Feast Magazine.  After 18 Kamayan Nights at Hiro here in St. Louis and also in LA and Las Vegas, finally my handiwork is being featured on the magazine spread.  If you are interested to read the whole article (and I mean it's on the centerfold and with 6 pages to boot--- now fan me fan me, haha) click here.

I'd like to thank Cat Neville, the publisher of Feast Magazine for the generous feature.  You cannot imagine the gasp and the fuzziness I feel deep down every time I turn the page over and over.  I also would like to thank Mallory Gnaegy for the wonderful  article.  Her words captured the event with every detail--- some of which I didn't even realize that it was there haha.   She also made it look that I was so talented of a chef haha.  And the photos that Jonathan Gayman captured were stunning!  I am sharing  some of his photos from the magazine down below.   But before I go, let me also share a segment of the The Big 550 KTRS where Cat Neville and hosts Ms. Kelly Jackson and Mcgraw talk about Filipino food in general on how its trending and yes fan me fan me again, hahah, about Skip to Malou Kamayan.  Thank you Kelly!!! Thank you McGraw! and again Thank you Cat! I was sooo over the moon listening to you guys!

There were 40 diners at that time.
Photo credit : Jonathan Gayman

Yellow Adobo
Photo Credit : Jonathan Gayman

This is my play on bulalo.  Bulalo is a soup dish made that is made of beef bone marrow . One of its components is potato.  So to make it Kamayan friendly, I made BULALO Croquettes.
Photo Credit: Jonathan Gayman

Tortang Talong is a traditional dish  which is more of an eggplant omelette. But here I played on its appearance  by making them into waffles.
Photo Credit : Jonathan Gayman

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


I'm tiptoeing yep literally my heels are raised and I'm walking  with my weight on the balls of my feet into the blogosphere to wave :::HELLO:::

Ok I know your eyes are rolling as to what made me slip a new post today but hey don't judge.  I'm here and that's what matters.

So March is slipping away and phew, it was a busy one.  I started off with a collab with STL's Guerrilla Street Food rockstars Joel Crespo and Brian Hardesty.  We had a gig together, which we called REBEL KAMAYAN.  It was a sold out event and what makes my heart full is that my regular Kamayan adventurers followed me.  It was nice to see them all enjoying the Kamayan spread but with a different venue.  I also had a wonderful time working with Brian in the kitchen and also with Joel at the front of the house.

These are ... oh well your guess is as good as mine.  But they were delicious  as we turned them into BALUT TEMPURA or better yet Balut Qwek qwek,

These chicken were sitting pretty on beer cans as they were being roasted.
Chef Brian uses GSF's  pit to roast the chicken

Selfie with Chef Brian

I was so busy that this was the only photo i took... tsk tsk tsk

It was a great honor to work with these two.  They were sooo cool to work with.  I look forward to more collabs.

Also if you noticed for the month of March, I have resumed making v-logs on YOUTUBE.  My daughter Izzy volunteered to be my camera person and she inspired me to go to my kitchen and start cooking and video recording the process once again.  And to tell you honestly I'm having so much fun doing it.  I feel guilty for not doing it in a long time.  But I won't make you miss them...  so here they are... Oh my! See I made 7 videos in March (and I still have one to edit).

It's a bit of a challenge.  I mean I am the chef/cook, recipe developer, the person on cam, the editor, food stylist and the dishwasher.  On top of that my laptop has some technical difficulties but I'm moving along quite well.  SO here they are... drum roll please?








By the way the next Skip to Malou Kamayan will be on April 4.  RSVP now.

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