Friday, August 29, 2014

My 4 Minute Thrill on TV

Wow! I just did another segment on a local morning TV show.  And the excitement is as thrilling as the first time I appeared on the boob tube. 

I was featured on Great Day St. Louis on KMOV Channel 4 as the Food and Lifestyle  expert to do a gadget round up on how to throw the ultimate labor day bash even on a budget.   This is to help viewers to end summer with a bang. 

But it was challenging - as the verse "the show must go on" meant nothing to me until I experienced it yesterday.  Phew! It is funny now in retrospect but a few minutes before the I was "live" on TV, I had to go through different challenges, that I couldn't even think about being on the show.  But then .. yes I have to say it: THE SHOW MUST GO ON... lol!

Here's the link for you to check it out.  But before you view it, let me say thank you to the hosts of Great Day St. Louis, Kent, Virginia and Matt for making me feel at ease in front of the camera.  And to Patti and Daniella, thanks so much for all the help and moral support.


  1. Hey, congratulations, this is not an easy thing to do!

  2. While watching foreign tv shows there might be some cultural tid-bits that are lost in translation, however, the big themes of human beings - the existential questions of mankind, are universal.


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