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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Izzy Lovin'| Puto (Steamed Muffin) Two ways: Mascarpone and Sundried Tomato

I just ate the tomato simmered pork that you sent. Makes me feel like I'm home.

After hearing this from my daughter, a gush of joy suddenly swept over me like the light peering from the morning sun. I smiled on the other end of the line, because the truth is that was exactly the plan... *wink *wink. 

The truth is, I seldomly send care packages to my kids.  But this time I overdid it.  Never mind if my jaw dropped when the postal worker told me how much it costs to mail the package.  All I want is for Izzy to have a box filled with 21 pieces of home cooked food and baked goodies.  It's her birthday week and the last thing I want her to worry about is food.

Did I say 21?  Yes my second daughter turned 21.  I know it's a big deal for her to reach this milestone in her young life, just like everyone else.  I am even amused by the thread on Facebook showing how her older sister will take her bar hopping when they next get together.  But as a mom, I realize 21 years is like a lifetime. 

Where did the years go? 

That night, my husband and I went through her baby albums.  And just like any other mom, I tear up.  You miss the times you held them by the hand as they learned how to walk.  Or the times you played peek-a-boo and their laughter resonated through the whole house.  But it's all good, as I am comforted by the fact that my baby is on her way to reaching her goals. She's actually working very hard and burning the midnight oil to get to where she wants to be. This is something we parents dream of, something that we pray for their continued success...Hoping, worrying, waiting and worrying some more.  Until they're all grown up with their own career and a family of their own. 

Happy 21st birthday my Izzy!

Since it's my daughter's birthday and since it took me 5 days to get a new post up, I am going to share with you two recipes... well, almost.  The basic ingredients are the same, so here it goes:

Special Puto (Steamed Muffins): Puto Marscapone and Sun Dried Tomato Puto

1 cup flour
3/4 c sugar
1 egg, slightly beaten
1 cup milk
1 tsp baking powder
1 tbsp melted butter

For topping:
Mascarpone Puto:  1/2 c Mascarpone (you could also use cream cheese)
Sun Dried Tomato :  2 tbsp drained and chopped sun dried tomatoes


Get your steamer ready. Line the muffin cups with paper baking cups.  Coat the baking cups with cooking spray.  Whisk together flour and baking powder and sugar. Dig a well in the center and add the egg, milk and butter.  Mix them all together until smooth.

Fill each cup with the batter.  Swirl in a tsp of mascarpone  (or sun dried tomatoes).  Steam for 15 minutes or until a toothpick come out clean when pricked in the middle.  Let the puto sit for a few minutes before serving.  Enjoy!



  1. I can't believe that you have a 21 year old daughter. I know we are of the same age and look at me my children are barely in Middle School.
    Thanks for sharing the puto. You definitely made it sound like gourmet puto.


    1. yes I do have a 21 year old daughter and another 24 year old one :). But I envy you for having kids barely in middle school yet. That's a blessing <3
      Gourmet Puto sounds gourmet hahah if you know what I mean but yeah it's a great compliment and thank you!

    2. You are truly one of the greatest Chef I have been privilege to come across. I truly enjoyed the Brazo de Malou. Everyone who tasted it said " Perfect!"

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter, Izzi! I'm sure she is most thrilled to received food posted to her! I hv to surprise my daughter one day, too :D Touching story. I fully understand what you go through. Forever they are the little babies in our hearts! It's such joy and delight to see them grow up....big happy smiles.

    Love your pro. It's something new to me. But love that it's steamed.

    1. Hey Mary! How's it going in UK. I miss you being here girl. But yeah I know you too have a wonderful relationship going with your daughter :)
      Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Happy birthday to your daughter!!! 21 is definitely a milestone - you made me tear up with the baby pictures story and I don't even have kids yet :) My whole family loves puto but I've never tried savory versions - bookmarked to give it a try soon!

    1. Well I'm a sucker for drama rama haha. But you too will get there when you have your kids. I'm sure your mom is hehe.
      Thanks for bookmarking it. I hope to hear how it goes when you've tried them.

      Happy Thanksgiving,

  4. Thank You! for your recipe of Brazo De Malou, I tried it yesterday and everyone loved it. i am truly privilege to come across a wonderful person and a great chef like you. More power to you! You are the greatest!

    1. I love it that you call it brazo de Malou... that's how my relatives tease me. (and you know how Filipino jokes are haha).

      Thanks again,

  5. I will try your Puto, but I will experiment and use Mochiko, sweet rice flour and do the traditional. itlog na maalat with goat cheese, but will also do your Mascarpone Cheese and my favorite Sun-dried tomatoe with Machego Cheese.

    1. i wanted to do the traditional one but I didn't have the sweet rice flour. Please let me know how that one goes.

  6. Belated happy birthday to Izzy! Though I haven't met her yet, the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree so I bet, she's a wonderful young lady! I feel for you NFF, ngayon pa nga lang tween anak ko, nag-eemote na ako paminsan-minsna! LOL!

    As for your puto, all I can say is SOSYAL! I'm hosting a Saladmaster presentation for a friend this Saturday, care to join us? :-)

  7. holy cow.. all those dishes in the mail must have cost a fortune. :) You're a wonderful mother. Since my kids are an ocean and a country away from me on the east coast, I don't look at baby/school photos unless they're visiting. It puts me in a funk for days.

    Happy Birthday to dear Izzy and she's a lucky young woman to have you for a mom.


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