Saturday, November 17, 2012

I Love You Sabado | Home Fries

Good Morning!

Don't you love Saturdays? I do! After a long Friday at work, I look forward to Saturday mornings. I am just like a kid who is anxiously anticipating Christmas morning to get a look at the gifts. Saturday is a day when a whiff of java coming from my kitchen greets me in the morning.  It's when I tiptoe to my kitchen and hear the sound of a sizzling pan, running water, clicking plates and yes my husband busy taking over my turf... that makes my heart dance.  Or sing.  I'm disarmed.  I tell you, I just love the idea of  him doing the cooking. Breakfast on Saturday is his self proclaimed turn to be the master chef  in my kitchen.

I leave the kitchen totally to him.  He cooks with precision and is very methodical. The simple task of cooking soft boiled eggs is done with a timer, water measured with a measuring cup.  When he brews our coffee, he lifts the coffee pot to check the water level like I would imagine him preparing liters of buffer solution. Did I tell you that I am married to a scientist (haha...  I love saying that, much to his chagrin)

" Breakfast is ready!" he announces chirpily.

And voila breakfast is ready!  I hope you have a Happy Sabado!

Home Fries
2 large potatoes
1 tbsp oil
1 medium onion, sliced
1 tsp dried parsley
1 tsp garlic salt

Boil potatoes (make sure it's still firm)  You could also just microwave the potatoes too (wash the potatoes, prick the surface with fork and cover it with a wet paper towel and microwave for 4 minutes) Slice the potatoes and set aside.  Make sure the potatoes are not hot when sliced.

Heat a pan.  Add the oil.  Put the potatoes and brown its sides.  Add onions and cook it for a minute.  Season with garlic salt and pepper.  Add parsley.


  1. I love you Sabado (like the Jollibee commercial) it is definitely a favorite day in our house too.
    I love the microwave trick. Never did that but I will definitely try. And oh that's what we call "the Dr. is in the house" (with your husband cooking)

  2. Oh who could not forget the Jollibee commercial? Haha. Great to see you again TagaTUgue.

  3. Oh how delish these breakfast fries look! I could have these any time, any day. Thanks for sharing a great recipe, Malou & husband! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Blessings to all. So grateful for your friendship, Malou!

  4. Hi Malou, what a great recipe for home fries! I love how you described your Saturdays. And your husband is a keeper,too! Thanks for this recipe & all the delish ones you generously share with us. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family. Grateful for your frienship! (This is my 2nd time to comment here, don't know if the first one went thro'.)

  5. sarap naman ng breakfast, parang pang hotel!I love sabado too, better than fridays I think. :-)

  6. I am not sure that's what I would have for breakfast, but side dish for dinner definitely!

  7. Lucky you! Every once in a while I can get my husband to make me pancakes but it's not often :) Great breakfast!


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