Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kulinarya: Gluten Free Yema Cake


I mumbled to myself while I was putting the frosting on my chiffon cake.  You see I'm a novice baker but I stepped up to the Kulinarya cooking club's challenge this month. The challenge was:  come up with a dish or dessert that you want for your birthday.  But the hosts, Pearl of Sassy Chef and Thea of Words and Nosh, added a fun twist, which is to make it healthy.

I took the challenge literally.  I mean what symbolizes a birthday more than a cake... You know the drill: blowing the candles while everyone sings, making a wish and just enjoying the celebration. So I made myself a cake... and I chose to make Yema cake. Yema is a popular dessert in the Philippines; a sweet concoction of eggs and condensed milk.   For the healthy option I made a gluten free chiffon cake and for the frosting I used egg substitute and sugar free condensed milk and soy milk.

With all the substitutions, the cake still came out delightful.  Let's take the candles out.  When you are over 40 you want to keep the candles out, instead I added sugar free candy pearls just to jazz it up a bit.

For the chiffon cake recipe, hop on to Feel Good Recipes  to get the gluten free recipe.

For the yema frosting:
1 can sugar free condensed milk
3 tbsp egg substitute
1 cup soy milk
1 tbsp canola oil


Mix the condensed milk, egg substitute and soy milk in a bowl.  Stir and mix them together nice and well.  Pour the mixture in a double broiler and cook over medium heat until it thickens.   When it thickens, add the oil until you have achieved a spreadable frosting...

You see, you could have your cake and eat it too...LOL!  Enjoy!


  1. this made me crave for the yema cake na Pampanguena. I miss Pampanguena do you know if they are still open?

  2. I want to make one just so I can say, "I made a Yema Cake." It sounds very exotic to me. LOL

    It looks beautiful!!! and gluten free too.

  3. I never thought I'd see a healthier version of yema cake, and yours still look so sinful and yummy! Can't wait to bake some for myself, thanks for sharing :)

  4. The yema cake looks gorgeous! Thanks for sharing a healthier version!

  5. Delish and pretty cake, Malou! Love that you used soy milk. I'll make this for my son, who ONLY drinks soy! Happy Chinese New Yr. to you & your family! Lots of luck and prosperity wishes to you!

  6. You are amazing. I bake gluten-free so I know when to admire a GF cake and this one is fabulous.
    I am sorry, I haven't been around for a while. I miss your writing which is always interesting.

  7. TagaTugue: This was actually inspired by Shong if you know her. She told me to feature Pampanguenas cake which I did--- o nly the healthy version. Thanks

    Maureen: The name sounds "exotic" huh? LOL! but it's your usual custard flavors. Thanks for stopping by

    Pearl: Yes I thought it's one of those "healthy" yet not so edible concoction but it did turn out ok. thank you

    Chef D: Thank you chef. Great to see you

    Betty: my daughter introduced me to soy milk and i love it.

    Bizzy Bakes: Im glad you found your way back here. I miss having you around... cheers!

  8. This is one beautiful yema cake!Now, I want to make one too!

  9. Could've fooled me - I see "Martha" all over it - but with a better health quotient.

  10. Yum, yema cake! I love that you made it gluten free - my half brother has celiac's and it's hard for me to make him food sometimes

  11. I can't believe that's what it is. The cake looks so fluffy and delicious, and the frosting looks so rich. Clever girl. Does that mean we can have bigger servings?

  12. Peachy,
    thanks for stopping by.

    Claudia: your comment made me smile.. thank you!

    Food Jaunts: I'm glad im able to share and inspire you to make one for your step brother.

    Adora: Haha I wish it works that way but no you still have to watch the portion ;P

  13. Wow, Malou! You really went out of your way to make this dish with all of sugar free, and egg substitute ingredients. What a nice looking cake -- perfect with hot mug of coffee!

  14. Wow, this is the second cake I've seen today I have never heard nor tried before. Must make the "unhealthy" version soon.:)

    The cake looks soft and fluffy; beautiful!

  15. Wow! I haven't had yema cake. Now you're making me imagine how it really tastes like :) Wish I could bake like this :)

  16. susmaryosep ! this looks love !!! will try this recipe ! =) Kung hei fat choi my dear malou =)

  17. I would never say no to a cake with YEMA much more if it's a "healthy" version like this!
    Great job on this month's challenge, Malou!

  18. Thanks for the GF recipe! I've had mixed success baking gluten free, but this looks lovely. Will definitely have to bookmark this!

  19. such an inspiring post for a struggling baker like myself! Thanks for this healthy recipe --- i so love yema!

  20. Oh your cake looks so beautiful!

  21. Now that is one pretty looks incredible with or without the substations! I'm impressed, and I totally agree about the candles, lol.

  22. Wow, looks so appetizing..but wait, sugar free condensed milk and egg substitute are hard to find here in the phils...


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