Monday, January 23, 2012

Fresh Start: Steamed Tamarind Chicken

I really haven't been following Oprah.  I mean the Oprah episodes that I've seen are far and few between.  So I was surprised to see a magazine subscription sent to me a couple of weeks ago.  I found out later that  a close friend of mine, Cathy, had given me a full year subscription of the magazine O as a gift.

A Fresh Start
is the theme for January.  And you know it's January when the gym is packed and the park is full of people running, walking and roller blading. Magazines and blogs talk about resolutions:  to spend more time with the family, to start getting organized, to lose 20 lbs., etc.  Sorry I digress.  But the magazine offers fresh strategies on how to better oneself with the start of the new year, and boy I am so inspired.

With O magazine and my friend Cathy on my side (she calls me and emails me regularly to check on my diet and organizing projects) I can't fail.  I am set to clean my pantry and make a conscious effort to make our food healthier.

So just like my previous Kulinarya post, I am making a healthy version of another Filipino dish called sinampalukan manok (chicken with tamarind).  Instead of doing the traditional soup with chicken version, I steamed the chicken and used the same sinampalukan manok ingredients as a dry rub... 

Pinasingaw na Sinampalukang Manok (Steamed Tamarind Chicken)

This recipe is under the category I can't believe it's that easy recipe.  You can also prepare chicken soup stock with tamarind and serve it on the side (making this a deconstructed version of sinampalukang manok).


Chicken cut ups or whole chicken
Sinigang mix
4 cloves garlic, minced
freshly grated ginger
lemon hedges

Clean the chicken pieces and pat dry.  Make a rub by mixing the 3 ingredients:  sinigang mix, garlic and ginger.  Rub the chicken with the tamarind rub.   If you are doing the whole chicken, rub inside the cavity and inside the skin.  Throw in lemon hedges in the cavity.

Steam the chicken for 45 minutes to an hour or until the chicken is fully cooked.

Best served with rice (I used brown rice), cooked with the drippings from the steamed chicken.  But please note, remove the visible fat and just add the liquid used to steam the chicken...



  1. Perfect chicken for my WW diet, love the easy recipe and the spices!
    Thanks for sharing, Malou:DDD

  2. uyyy trying to get healthy ha... good job malou
    btw, i saw your post in facebook re: your feature on foodbuzz.
    congratulations my friend,
    miss you!

  3. I have never tried steaming chicken before, I imagine it as much healthier. My youngest eats primarily chicken and likes things on the lighter side :) With these flavors I am sure it tastes so good you will not even be thinking about the healthier part :)

  4. Elisabeth: Yes this dish definitely works for your WW. Glad to share a recipe that you could use.

    Jenny: Im trying... im trying... wish me luck

    Alisha: Thanks so much for the blog love. You don't know how much I appreciate your support.

  5. Wow ! this looks good and healthy pa ! nice plating =) now, i know what to cook for lunch...

  6. great job malou, we need more healthy alternatives

  7. This looks like a nice and healthy recipe and would love to cook this for my family.

  8. This looks delicious. I've got those words rolling around in my mouth trying to make sense. My brain says "too many letters!"

    I think we need a pronunciation key :)

  9. it's so great to have a friend cheering you really helps!

    This tamarind chicken sounds delicious! Tamarind is one of my favorite flavors and I'm drooling just thinking about it!

  10. I missed the Oprah revolution. Was raising kids and working too many jobs. But the best thing about January is indeed a Fresh Start. (My gym also tells me that.) Love the simplicity of this - and that it does not skimp on flavor.

  11. chef day: aww thanks...

    taga tugue: im trying to... TRYING hard haha.

    Zoe: I hope your family will like it.

    Maureen: sorry to confuse you hehe. i will bear that in mind next time.

    Joanne: Yep we need a cheering buddy especially when we failed a thousand times ;P

    Claudia: yep we all need a fresh start, it sorts of clears the mind and empower us to move ahead.

  12. A very impressive article. Well prepared. Very motivating!! Set off on to way

  13. What a nice twist on the traditionsl sinampalukang manok! Congratulations on the Foodbuzz feature on FB today, Malou!

  14. Your steamed adaptation is so interesting! I'm a big fan of the soup version so I'll have to give the steamed version a shot (especially since I have one of those giant bamboo steamers lol)

  15. I love what you did with this chicken. It looks both healthy and tasty - the ultimate combination. A bonus is that it looks easy to make and with limited time, that is important.

  16. Now that is easy and yummy!!!! As always, great plating Ading ko. Kudos!!

  17. im gonna try this Malou but are u referring to the tamarind in the bottle ? i bought one in the asian shop.. thanks for sharing!

  18. Always looking for healthier recipes. Thanks Malou.


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