Saturday, October 8, 2011

All Good Things St. Louis: Pi at the Delmar Loop

All Good Things St. Louis is my attempt to give you glimpses of what the city is all about. Being new residents of St. Louis, I thought of sharing with you our adventure as we explore our new city (just like my previous posts: The Big Change and Taste of St. Louis: My Gateway to the City).

So this is our third weekend, yes can you believe it?  Today my husband took a surprise turn at the Delmar Loop. It is an area six blocks long where you find good grub and vintage finds, theater, music (including an amazing vintage record/music store called Vintage Vinyl) and other entertainment activities.  The one that caught his attention was The Pageant, a concert venue. He suddenly parked the car and was excited that Beirut was playing tomorrow.  I don't particularly know the group and of course he bought 2 tickets before I realized what was going on.  So it will be an interesting adventure tomorrow, but we'll see.

Not knowing anything about the area, we saw groups of people dining across the street from The Pageant.  Besides Yelp, the best way to know where to go eat is by the number of people dining at the place.  We found ourselves walking towards that direction and voila what a lovely surprise.

The tables outside were mostly occupied, so we were escorted inside... and it was a blessing in disguise.  Because inside I was drawn to its artsy decors.  It was hip, cool and "green".  I bet the furnishings were collected from "thrift store" finds, along with vintage and antique store purchases.

The interiors has the industrial-chic look...

And at times also whimsical,

And I waited patiently as my husband tried to memorize the beers on tap, until he finally ordered a glass of Schafly Pale Ale beer, which was sweet and tasty.

More playful decors...

Now let's talk food, we ordered a deep dish pizza.

So we ordered a combination pie of marinara slathered South-Side Classico (which my husband preferred) and a sweet barbeque sauce infused The Delmar (which I really liked). It was a perfect combination.

How good was it?  Watch...

,,,as we enjoy it one slice at a time...

The sign outside was not huge but yet the place spoke for itself.

Are we going back there? You bet, maybe when we go watch Beirut in concert.  Did I say Beirut, ok then - I have to listen to their music to familiarize myself with it.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hey Malou, if you keep on writing about St. Louis, don't be surprised if I will call you one of these days to tell you that I'm in town. LOL!
    Glad you are doing well in St. Louis. I'm so happy for you and Christian.


  2. Oooh, how deep is that deep dish? Makes me really miss those thick, gooey pies! Hard to believe you're nearly a month into your new life in St Louis, Malou. But it looks like a tasty time, I'm loving your explorations!

    p.s. My little dude says thank you, Tita Malou, for the big hugs!

  3. Already 3rd weekend? Wow.. time flies. Soon you will be there for a long time that you know every corner of the city! ;-) I haven't had deep dish pizza for a long time. There's one famous place in Berkeley called Zachary's pizza.. have you been there? I ate a lot back in college days but haven't eaten for a long time. Now this yummy pizza reminded me it's about time to re-visit. Explore more and let us know how your new life is! :-)

  4. Glad to know more about your city. It's fun to explore but it's more fun for us to read your adventures! Keep them coming Malou

  5. Thank you for sharing this, G! I am so looking forward to reading more about STL!


  6. oh looks great fun to explore the new city bet you will find lots of new friends at church hugs

  7. Jenny: that's the point, I want to entice peoples especially friends like you to come visit STL! haha!

    Liren: yes it's deep, gooey and you can tell that it's from fresh ingredients. Yes we're almost a month, how time flies no? Aww I hope your son enjoyed his birthday.

    Nami: Go get yourself deep dish pizza, if you want come over here for us to enjoy it together haha.

    TagaTugue: Glad to know that you are enjoying it. Great to see you as always!

    Annapet: Yes only POSITIVE VIBES.. why talk about sad, negative things right?

    Reb: I hope to find friends over here soon. I'm slowly getting friends over at twitter too hehe. take care my friend.

  8. The place looks great for a relaxing meal. Very, very nice! :) And the deep dish pizzas made me long for the ones I tried in Giordano's. *sigh*


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