Sunday, September 25, 2011

Taste of St. Louis: My Gateway to the City

As I told you in my previous post, when we arrived in St. Louis last week the sky glowed with the Annual Balloon Race held right across the street from where we live at Forest Park.  I was enthralled to say the least because of the festive mood of the evening, and to see the groups of people walking towards the park.  So this weekend there is another event to attend:  the award-wining Taste of St. Louis.  It's a weekend celebration of food, music, art, and did I say FOOD?  Oh yes indeed, as there is a collection of FOOD tents pitched on a street (Restaurant Row) covering 4 city blocks.  I was so concentrated on food, I didn't realize that there are other activities going on around me.  It includes the Chef Battle Royale held at the Culinary Stage sponsored by Lumiere Place and River City Casino, the Art & Wine Walk held just north of Restaurant Row, the Charter Marketplace - with vendors displaying their products and interactive presentations, and Andy's Seasoning Showcase Stage and Dining Area with culinary showcases and artist demonstrations. 

Well you can't blame me, this is my first time, I didn't know what to expect and I didn't know that they shut down a few blocks of downtown and not just one street... hahaha.  Lesson learned: I should look at the Event Map, or better yet, read more about the event before riding the train and heading off.  I could still swing by today to take part in the other events. Also, my hubs wants to go watch the English Beat playing tonight.

So, I won't keep you waiting as here are the photos I took yesterday.  It was a lovely Saturday (I guess we brought the San Diego weather haha!) and hopefully will be the same on Sunday.

see the smoke?  we followed a few as if they were smoke signals...

...and the first smoke trail took us here!

the line was looong... but we lined up just like the rest.

they are pig crazy here...

and PIGged out!

after 25 minutes, comes the reward...

BBQ Ribs + Beer = PIGfect!
the huge stage where bands played all day... Fitz and the Tantrums played Sat. night

...the crowd is getting bigger 
the Drunken Fish was another tent with long lines... 

more BBQ Ribs: Rib City and we also tried Roper's Beef Brisket sandwich. It was so good!

It did get crowded around late afternoon.

Ethiopian food...

Coming from Cali, this sign seems odd...

... the map was there, how could have i missed it?


  1. It's almost as if St Louis was welcoming your arrival with the Taste! I can taste the ribs!!

  2. G, ang taray!

    Thanks for sharing! I'm with Liren: just in time for your arrival! Soon you'll be the blog to read about STL! You go, G!

  3. I saw a thread on your Facebook from your friend who asked how come it took you two minutes to adjust to your new city, and I really love your reply. Indeed it's a new adventure for you and an exciting chapter. We are fortunate to share the experience with you through your posts.
    Thanks for taking us to Tast of St. Louis!

  4. Looks like St. Louis welcomed you as wide as you welcomed the BIG change in your life. Great pictures and I can't wait til you share your own version of BBQ ribs.

  5. Ribs are one of my favorite American dish and oh boy they look so good! I'm glad to see you are enjoying the new city Malou!

  6. What a great city St. Louis is!
    Love these kind of food fests, that we often have in West Palm Beach, Florida.
    Those ribs look so droolworthy, and yummy!
    Great photos, Malou...really enjoyed browsing through them:DDD


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