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Guest Post Wednesdays: My Summer Trip To California by Abby C.

Guest Post Wednesdays will be a new feature on my blog. The featured guest doesn't necessarily blog but has the penchant to write and has a passion for food. For my maiden post, I am featuring my youngest blog reader: Abby C. She is the youngest foodie (and fashionista) that I have ever met. At 7 years old she already knows what she wants in life: to be a doctor like her parents and a writer on the side. Her dad, Art, and I were classmates in high school and, through social networking, we have re-connected. Abby's mom, Medy, had followed my blog for more than a year now and recreates the recipes that I share on this blog. She has become one of my valuable online friends. Let me introduce Abby through her own words:

                            MY SUMMER TRIP TO CALIFORNIA 2011
I was beginning to feel drowsy as the plane soared below the clouds, then I woke up with a start. The ride was bumpy as we landed. Yes, we arrived at the Los Angeles International Airport! It was thirty minutes past nine o’clock in the evening local time. 

The next morning I was a Jr. Bridesmaid. I walked up the aisle in my beautiful dress and my mom had a sangria colored gown while my dad had a matching tie. The wedding wasn’t that formal and the minister was very funny. When the ceremony ended, I walked down the aisle. Then I enjoyed blowing bubbles!

After the wedding party, we went to Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel. We marched to California Adventure Park with me skipping in the lead. The rides we rode were awesome! They were Ariel’s Undersea Adventure where the characters come to life, Toy Story Mania, I screamed my lungs out, and Soaring Over California…my favorite. I also watched Aladdin’s Musical which you don’t want to miss. Another thing you don’t want to miss as well : World of Colors, prepare to be amazed. After the show we went back to the hotel, ate some chocolates, and went to sleep.

            “Brrring”, went the phone. “Brring, brring”. I jumped up and answered Mickey’s wake up call. After that we went to Disneyland. Mom lined up for Nemo’s Submarine Voyage while Dad  and I watched the Jedi Training. Then we went on the Scout submarine. The voyage was almost like real. Then we walked to Small World, my favorite ride. After that we did plenty more things, too many to tell you all of them, so ……  I’ll skip to Star Tours, the ride you don’t want to miss. Then we strolled back to our hotel, ate chocolate, fell into bed and the day ended just like that.

            I boarded the Catalina Express and lay down on the seat. We were going to Catalina Island. We  rented a golf cart and had fun driving around. Next, we met up with some of Mommy’s  friends and had dinner with them. Then we went up to the balcony and the kids played while the adults talked. 

           Next morning, we went to the Avalon Scenic Tour with Mommy’s friends. We went in a submarine for an Undersea Tour. Our tour guide kept feeding the fish and telling us about them. Then we went to Descanso Beach and had a drink while I played in the sand. I pretended to be a geologist by burying rocks, getting a sip of my drink, and then trying to find the rocks again. It was very fun.

Next, we strolled to dinner with one of Mom’s friends. Then we went up to our hotel’s balcony. After that, we went to our room and fell asleep. On to the Catalina Express again the next morning back to LA.

            For lunch, we ate at Gerry’s Grill. I ate (and enjoyed) crispy pata, bulalo, and halo-halo with ube ice cream and leche flan. Then we checked-in to Hilton Huntington Beach. We went to Shades which is the hotel’s reataurant. We warmed up by the fire pit while waiting for Dad’s hometown friends and had dinner with them. 
              Next morning we had breakfast with Tita Malou, Dad’s high school friend who blogs about what she cooks on Skip To Malou. My favorite recipe from her blog is adobo fried chicken. She came all the way from San Diego. We also had breakfast with Tita Alma, Dad’s elementary school friend. Then we went to American Girl Place . On June 17, 2011, I went to the beach and made a ruin out of sand. It’s really sandcastles that work a bit without water. Next, I went to the pool and delivered water (a game with mom and dad). My whole entire trip was fun!


By : Abigail C
        (July 5, 2011)


Here are the pictures of my favorite Adobo Fried Chicken from Skip to Malou that Mom cooked for dinner for me.  Thanks Mom!

And here's Mom and Tita Malou with me during breakfast.  

Thank you Abby for gracing my blog with your lovely pictures and beautifully written post.  You never fail to amaze me.  Continue to do what you're doing and in no time, I am sure I will be reading your book soon.  Dad and Mom are truly blessed to have you and I'm pretty sure they are so proud of you.

Thank you Art and Medy for sharing Abby to us.  She's definitely a precious gem and she's lucky to have both of you as parents, who are nurturing  and very loving.

To my readers, I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I did.  It brought smiles to my face and I sure hope it did to yours too. Please let me know how you feel about it.   Abby will be delighted to read all your comments. Check out Abby's favorite Fried Chicken Adobo in  the recipe I shared in my Adobo Nation post. Thank you so much!


Special thanks to my dear friend and Ninang Annapet of The Daily Palette for my awesome Guest Post Wednesdays banner!!! I love it Annapet!  What do you guys think about it?


  1. Too cute for words. Lovely post. So nice that Abby already knows what she wants to be ... always remember you can be what you want to be and go for it and work hard... and that chicken does look tasty - great choice!

  2. She's an amazing seven year old! Lovely post!

  3. I love it, Malou! This is an amazing idea and ORIGINAL!

  4. I am thoroughly charmed by this beautiful, determined, and so articulate little girl. Abby's writing is pretty advanced for a seven year old, and I have no doubt in my mind that she can be both a doctor and a writer (I have many MD friends who play instruments very skillfully, so why not write?)
    And I still have to make your Adobo - it is on my menu planner, but it will have to wait until I come back from Serbia:)

  5. I am thoroughly charmed by this beautiful, determined, and so articulate little girl. Abby's writing is pretty advanced for a seven year old, and I have no doubt in my mind that she can be both a doctor and a writer (I have many MD friends who play instruments very skillfully, so why not write?)
    And I still have to make your Adobo - it is on my menu planner, but it will have to wait until I come back from Serbia:)

  6. Love this post! Thanks Ate Malou. She is 7 and her writing is already masterfully done. Wow, not yet a woman, but already a fabulous writer! I'm excited for her future. Congratulations!

  7. oh this is so cute and a nice new feature for your blog

  8. What a wonderful post. Abby you are just too cute. Malou this is a great idea. When you get a chance, please stop by my baking blog. Thanks so much and have a great weekend.

  9. This little girl is such a darling and very talented, really.
    I love adobo. The dish looks beautiful and yummy! I think I should keep your blog bookmarked for my next party menu!

  10. this is amazing, abby did a very good job. i felt like i was reading a post not from a seven year old but from a girl twice her age, so eloquent. at any rate, i shouldn't be amaze considering her great genetics and good upbringing. and that fried chicken adobo of abby's mom..i surely want to taste one day!

  11. Loving your first wednesday guest post! Abby you are a great writer and foodie already. That chicken dish looks delicious!

  12. Chris: thanks for the swiftf comment and for the kind words. Abby will be thrilled to read your comment.
    Tita flips: thank you and great to see you again.

    Annapet: aww annapet ever supportive and constant cheerleader of mine. Love you!

    Lana: I will let abby know that you are a prolific writer yourself, so your comment is greatly appreciated. No rush about the food exchange that we had promised each other. Enjoy your trip back home. Looking forward to read your posts from Serbia.

    Charmel: your the sweetest. I hope she will be able to guest post on your blog too. Looking forward to read what she will write about the money side of her trip to Cali

    Reb: thanks reb how wonderful to get a comment from you. Hugs.

    Kat: thanks for stopping by. I did stop by your blog and will definitely keep going back there as most as I can.

    Purabi naha: hello great to meet you. I believe it's your first time here and hopefully not the last.

    Cris: abby amazes me to no end. I'm with you she has a very prolific genetic make up we shouldn't wonder why she's a gifted kid.

    Jessica: your words are inspiring. I shall keep the next guest blogger as fascinating as Abby. Thanks for the input.

  13. What a lovely post! Abby I think you can do just about anything you set your mind to. I agree with you about the chicken - yummy!

  14. How sweeeeet! She's 7?! My son is 5....(hmmm!). This is very original and it was very nice to read something different. I love chicken adobo too! Fantastic post Abby!

  15. (Abby's mom posted it in her profile so)...I read it for the second time ... Lovefest all over again! Her writing is dynamic, sincere, thoroughly enjoyable. The humor is subtle yet effective. Organization is wayyyyy better than what I could do (at 37 years old! LOL). Absolutely delightful. Abby you're a genius!

  16. Maureen I so agree with you she definitely has the makings.

    Nami: Hello great to see you again. Im sure your kids are going to grow up as good. You are a great mom I can tell by your cooking haha!

    Charmel: Im excited for her post on your blog. Will have to visit your blog soon!

  17. aww too cute! Was so fun reading this entry and the last photos of your Adobo Fried

  18. I am so impressed by your blog...I am following you now!

  19. A great start to Guest Post Wednesdays. Abby is such a sweet and smart little girl and it shows.

  20. Love the logo. I'll find time to re-creates more of your recipes. Keep on cooking.

  21. This is such a cute cute post !! Really loving the idea's!

  22. i enjoyed reading her post. she's adorable :) will be looking forward to your future guest post wednesdays, malou! this is a great concept :)


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