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C.A.Y.G.O., which stands for Clean As You Go, is my mantra whenever I'm in the kitchen.  But shhh... I have a confession to make. I am not that good at staying true to my mantra while I work. When I cook, I follow the system of organized chaos, but I must admit that sometimes I wish I could maintain the C.A.Y.G.O. system.

When my mother-in-law was here a few weeks ago, I watched in total amazement as she kept the kitchen clean while she cooked dinner. She definitely had established the C.A.Y.G.O. system in her routine. I thought I could replicate that, but it still remains a work in progress.

There is, however, one thing I was able to replicate: her Shrimp a la Mama Bernie. I was able to mimic the scrumptious taste of her dish, and I even removed the long shrimp whiskers just as she taught me. As for applying the C.A.Y.G.O. method as strictly as she does... we don't really need to dwell on that part haha.

Here is the recipe that she shared with me during her visit. I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. Until the next post, let me leave you with this recipe:

Shrimp a Ala Mama Bernie


2-3 lbs. shrimp
1 can of 7 up
freshly chopped thyme
salt and pepper


Boil shrimp in a pan with a can of 7 up until the soda is reduced.  Add butter.  Sprinkle chopped thyme.  Season with salt and pepper.  Voila, dinner is ready! Yes it's that easy, and yet your family will think that what you've just made is something fancy!


  1. Hi Malou! WHAT? The beautiful dish is THIS easy?! Your MIL is amazing. And it's so easy to remember too. Bookmarking it (well otherwise I'll forget even it's easy)! I'm very good with CAYGO. My husband alaways say do it later do it later...but I have a weird system that I "have to" do it. I think I'm just OCD. I do this at friends' house when they have party and they either think I'm weird or they appreciate it. Haha.

  2. WE use San Miguel beer to boil our shrimp and we call it nilasing na hipon. Try it, it's also good. You mother in law's version is something to try soon! Keep it coming Malou

  3. Anything is nice with shrimps. That looks extra nice though. Will have to do this. By the way, I can't get your pusitcharon out of my head. I try to C.A.Y.G.O. but always fail.

  4. We do the same thing with GIN! I wish I can always enjoy prawns. I love them, but my body doesn't like them so much.

  5. Nami: would love to have you then. You are my ideal house guest haha. My two previous house guests were fantastic CAYGOers and love it!

    TagaTugue: Welcome back. Will feature nilasing na hipon soon too. with a cold cottle of san mig haha

    Adora: I laughed when I saw the pusitcharon part. make it to get it out your head haha. I hope you have a great week ahead.

    Annapet: Im sorry that you can't eat prawns as much as you would enjoy it. I used to be so allergic with it but I outgrew it. I wish you will outgrow yours too. Its never too late hehe.

  6. Oh how I love shrimp. And these ones look fantastic. I can't wait to look through all your other recipes. This is definitely one of my favorite types of food, well the few times I can find a vietnamese restaurant in the area that is...

    It's my first time here...thanks so much for the inspiration! I'll be back soon for sure.

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

  7. Hi Malou! Thanks for ur lovely comments on your blog, I have loved reading a couple of your posts and I totally loved the idea of CAYGO...have lived in a kitchen mess for as long as I remember...later, later, I told myself, but this morning I actually put CAYGO into practice & am I glad!! Thanks so much for sharing this simple yet brilliant tip, I am looking forward to more recipes, how to's and thoughts! Peace! Shireen


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