Sunday, July 11, 2010

He still gives me flowers

Flashback to almost 24 years ago: 

My husband, who was still my boyfriend at that time, picked me up from the university.   

"Ooh, roses!" exclaimed my friend who joined us, as she saw the flowers carefully hidden in the back seat of the car. "What's the occasion?" she asked further.

"Nothing," replied my husband. "I just thought of getting it for Malou," he said.

"Shucks Teyene, you ruined the surprise." I complained. But deep down inside, I was so touched; I could not help but smile. 

So let's fast forward to today, 24 years later: 

My husband's idea of grocery shopping is to come in early -- as in when the doors first open. Today, we were really early also because of the World Cup finals. There were only a handful of people at Trader Joe's as the 4 of us-- my hubby and I plus our two girls -- did our shopping. I was busy going through the meat section when I heard my daughter's voice. 

"Hey Dad, what's the occasion?" She asked my hubby as he was holding a bouquet of spring flowers. 

"Nothing, I just want to give it to your mom..." My husband replied (the same reply after all these years).

With only eight other people there with us in the grocery store, I heard it so clearly. I couldn't help but think back to 24 years ago. 

"Gosh, Isabelle, you ruined the surprise," I laughed. I felt my heart skip a beat and my face warm up. I was giddy that my husband still gives me flowers after being with him for 24 years!

Through the years, my husband and I grew together. As a young couple, we knew how different we were from each other and how difficult it would be for us starting a family so early. Yet because of these 24 years, our marriage is what we call "beautifully imperfect." Over the years, we learned to accept our differences, laugh it off and make these differences work for us.

There are a few things that we do enjoy together, and surprisingly one of them is this blog. He is amused at how I'm so passionate about writing and sharing both my stories and my recipes. He always encourages me to cultivate my interests, and he is as excited as I am to read comments from my readers! 

The flowers he gave me today brought me into a nostalgic frame of mind; it made me remember those days long ago, when I would make Iced Tea for him whenever he visited me at home (like a loyal boyfriend would). 


5 bags of green tea
brown sugar (or you could use agave)
6 cups of water
sweet mangoes, cubed
tapioca pearls, cooked

Boil 6 cups of water.  Add the green tea bags and stir in the sugar.  Let it cool.  Add the tapioca pearls and the mango slices.  Add ice cubes.  Enjoy!


  1. It's been a long time since my last visit, and I'm surprised at how beautiful your pictures are now.
    Great to know the Dr. still gives you flowers. Great Iced Tea!


  2. Omh Malou my eyes got misty reading this post, what a sweet husband you have! Best wishes for many more years of beautiful romantic happiness :)

  3. Your sweet husband is still a romantic person even after 24 years.
    The iced tea looks so good and refreshing :)

  4. Wow...this is so warm, so sweet and so romantic! A very good start to the week reading blogs. As our children grow up and leave home, it's important our marriage grow stronger...just 2 to take care of each other and cheer each other up everyday :D By the way, I tried your BBQ chicken in your previous post. I tried it...on my blog today. Malou, thanks very much for such a lovely recipe! Have a fun day....more love stories to come :D

  5. Sweet memories bring out fresh flowers and drink to this day. Thank you for the lovely story :)

  6. Oh, what a beautiful post, Malou! Thanks so much for sharing your joy in the flowers and in your "beautifully imperfect" marriage - it brought such a smile to my face while reading it. I'd say that's a wonderful way to describe a long marriage and would use the same term for my own. Lovely, just lovely!

    And the ice tea looks delicious too. Happy Monday!

  7. oh how sweet and this tea looks oh so refreshing

  8. Your tea is a treasure, but your story is priceless. I hope you both are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  9. What a lovely heartfelt post. You are very lucky to have each other in this crazy world.

    Be well

  10. Loved your story Malou. I'll try making your tea later. Miss you all!

  11. TAGUTUGUE: Thank you! Yeah it's been awhile since your last visit, how is it been? But great to see you again.

    Joy: aww thank you.. Best wishes for you and Collin too... I know you will soon start a new journey together...

    Anncoo: Thanks, and yeah it's definitely a refreshing drink; great for summer.

    Mary Moh: Your post is such a wonderful surprise. Thanks for the feature Mary and thank you for trying it. Cheers!

    TLC: I'm glad you loved the story as well. Great to see you!

    Diva: Sometimes we are too obsessed to being PERFECT but we just need to recognize the beauty that imperfect brings.

    Rebecca: yeah it's refreshingly good for the summer.

    Mary: Likewise, I hope you are having a wonderful day yourself!

    Lazaro: Definitely! haha.. great to see you again.

    Cecille: I'm glad you took time to comment Cecille. Hope to see you sometime soon.

  12. Malou, congratulations to 24 wonderful years!! It's amazing to read stories about couples like you and your husband who have been together that long. Some things may have changed but some things haven't like the flowers. Best wishes to 24 and more years together!

  13. 24 years later????? i was hoping to read an epic love story! i would usually do this to my wife but she says, flowers are expensive and there is no point as long as i have you. but i actually know she wants it from time to time, as you do too. the Dr. really knows how to tickle your heart and get our balls off. grr!

    i actually need to hide this post from my wife.

  14. What beautiful flowers! I just love that tea too.

  15. Awwwww, this post is so sweet!

  16. Such a sweet story Malou. Can't believe it's been 24 yrs. Seems like just yesterday when I last saw you and your husband when you guys got engaged. May you and your husband stay stronger and sweeter.
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Jun: aww thanks for the best wishes (blush!) i feel like i just got married haha!

    oh ziggy you crack me up. flowers could make your wife smile... go ahead and give her some today.

    Lori: great to see you stop by..

    Cynthia: glad to see you again... thank you!

    Laura: yes 24 years would you believe that? but dont worry we still look the same hahaha.. great to see you again Laura!

  18. Soooo sweet! My husband and I are heading into our 17th year (close to 20yrs since we first met) and he hasn't forgotten the little things that made me fall in love with him since the beginning. I can only hope that we will enjoy such beautiful years together as you and your husband have!

    And I love this iced tea! Even though I've enjoyed bubble tea, sago, etc. I didn't consider putting them in my own homemade brews. 8-)

  19. Here's to more years of blissful, bless-ful married life. Cheers Tracey!


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