Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Warm Hug Is What it Takes

Mother knows best, so the proverbial saying goes but oh well, don’t look at me because often I don't! I feel like I have too many misadventures as a mom. In fact, I’m sure my kids could write an entire book entitled MOMMY’S (MIS)ADVENTURES and it will be as thick as a Webster dictionary.

Just this morning, I got a text from my daughter Izzy. She said I have to check her out from school because she wasn’t feeling well. Frantic that it may be swine flu (see, I didn’t even know the symptoms of swine flu despite the flood of emails I get regarding the disease) I called my sister, Marvie, who is a physician in Orlando. “Does Izzy have swine flu,” I asked anxiously, “because she said she has a throbbing headache and an upset stomach?” She answered my question with another question, “Did she take something this morning?” “Yeah, I gave her ascorbic acid to remedy her sniffles,” I responded. My sister then asked a pretty simple, yet vital question, “Did she eat something before taking the ascorbic acid?” I responded no and she said, “Well then that’s the culprit, ascorbic acid should be taken with a full stomach.”

I felt bad for my daughter having to suffer through the pain. As I drove to her school, thoughts of my past misadventures as a mom rushed to my mind. One time my son complained about a terrible pain and I gave him Tylenol to try to ease it. However, it’s a good thing my husband overheard the conversation, and probed further, asking him where the pain was coming from, and when it started. The next thing I knew was we were at the ER. I was grateful to have a husband who has a medical background… I don't even want to think of what could have happened next.

So on the way home, I asked Izzy what she wanted for lunch. “Soup,” she replied. I made this soup that is "tinola-esque". Tinola is a soup dish traditionally served with chicken cut ups, slices of green papaya and chili leaves. But since I wanted to serve something fresh and hot right away, I didn’t have to go through the process of sautéing. With a left over breast from the rotisserie chicken we had last night and the chayote squash, I did what Rachel Ray calls “chop and drop”. It gave a welcome relief to my daughter’s upset stomach, plus the soup gave her a warm hug in this cold December weather.



Slices of chicken breast (left over from a store bought rotisserie chicken)
3 slices of ginger (crushed)
1 medium onion (chopped)
1 medium tomato (chopped)
3 cups chicken broth (I used knorr chicken bouillion dispersed in water)
Fish sauce (patis) to taste

As I’ve said, this is easy to prep: just chop, drop, cook the dish and it’s done. Pour the chicken broth in a pot, and add all the sliced ingredients in as soon as the broth is boiling. You’ll have the taste of tinola in no time! Enjoy!


  1. titaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! i get soooo hungry when i read your blog! ill try to cook some of your recipes for christmas! i miss you oh soo much!

  2. HI K!!!
    I miss you too...esp with Christmas around the corner! How's Singapore? Do I hear wedding bells soon?
    Try some of my recipes.. they are soooo easy to make, and as a bonus it will make you feel like I'm just there when you have them!
    Take care!

  3. now that you've mentioned Rachel Ray, maybe you'll be the Philipino Rachel Ray. You dream of having a cookbook? Why not on television so your followers could see you!
    Keep on blogging!

  4. Hello Foodie 2!

    I'm flattered by your compliment! I will work harder then, so I could achieve that hahaha! I'm thrilled though... thanks mucho!


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