Monday, April 13, 2015


It was a great honor to share Filipino Food to a huge crowd of both familiar friends  and the uninitiated at Frazer's. Thank you  Frazer C.  for giving me your trust and confidence to be your guest chef at your restaurant.

How the pop up came about is purely serendipitous.  My friends Lingling and Oscar took my husband and I to Frazer's one random night for a nightcap. They knew the bartender extraordinaire Terry (Beckam lookalike) who in turn introduced us to the owner of Frazer's,  Frazer  Cameron.  One thing led to another until a pop up idea ensued. 

Thank you so much Frazer team: GM Mike for all the help.  Terry for all the  drinks that sustained me  in the kitchen lol.  Chef Joe who was there for me every step of the way…. Chef Cherichel who taught me a lot of kitchen skills.  Chef Mike, who was the silent worker… Charles, Christina, Dave, everyone guys are all awesome. 

Thank you to all those who came  to support me in this journey.  I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH.  To my ever supportive husband, Christian and of course my Izzy.  To my STL paMEALya who grounded me during my crazy days… TO EVERYONE ELSE.. (some drove as far as Chicago, Marion and other Southern Illinois cities) Having all of you warmed my heart like no other. There's nothing like seeing the restaurant packed from the outside patio up to the second floor... all having fun!  Dios Y Mabbalo Nikamu..  Maraming Salamat!  Thank you very much.

I didn't have a chance to take pictures, so I grabbed some pictures from my friends, Ina, Jo-ann and my daughter Izzy.  Thanks guys!

Meet Chef Joe... don't let his height intimidate you, but he is the sweetest and kindest chef I've ever met.
Meet my buddy Chef Cherichel.... the moment I met him I knew that I gained a new friend.  He taught me some kitchen skills and I love his reassurance when he says: "We've got this!"

Tinapa Cheese log was a hit. Tinapa or smoked fish. I  used galungong,  locally known as a poor man's fish but I elevated it  by blending gourmet ingredient with it.

Bangus (Milk Fish) Rice plate or locally know as Bangsilog.  Keeping it traditional with Skip to Malou's Mango trio slaw.
So yes, we had two roll of these Roasted Belly or Belly-chon... sold out!

Rice sticky balls in coconut reduction and coco anglaise is my take on my childhood favorite called PINATARO in my dialect.

But the buko panda panna cotta won the hearts of a lot of guests.

I told you it was packed.  From the moment we opened doors at 10 am to 2 pm and beyond.  From the outside patio up to the second floor.  As I said the huge crowd of familiar friends and uninitiated.  There were media people from both TV and local magazines.  BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!


  1. We went to this. It was absolutely fantastic. The food was way better than I was expecting. Best chicken I have ever had and the panna cotta dessert was absolutely to die for..... Please share recipe

  2. thank you so much for attending Jane. I am beyond ecstatic on how the event turned out. I hope to have more around STL. Thanks again!


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