Monday, May 27, 2013

It Feels Like Home | Papa Tony's Adobo Fried Rice Omelette

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

So the saying goes. But not all things in Vegas must remain here. My husband and I come here to be with family. And warm hugs immediately greet us when my brothers-in-law and niece meet us at the baggage claim area of the airport. Being around family and the familiar environment makes Las Vegas our second home.

Family is all about the joy of spending time together - enjoying the fun evenings reminiscing over food, wine and beer... and conversing continuously until the plates are empty and the glasses need to be refilled. It’s all about telling the stories accumulated over the years, trying to catch up with what everyone else is now into and trying to squeeze it all in over just a few days. In the end, it’s all about belonging - and knowing that even though we no longer live under the same roof, we will always remain connected.

So the first morning of our reunion, while my husband and I start to prepare breakfast, Papa Tony joins us and declares I'm going to make Adobo Fried Rice Omelette. And as the original foodie in the family, he gets mis en place like a pro.

You could either shred or slice the adobo he says.

He pours the scrambled 3 eggs mixture that he seasons with salt and pepper over a butter lathered pan. Cooks it through for about 3 to 5 minutes on a low to medium fire.

He then prepares his adobo fried rice using the adobo that I cooked the day before. (Pour the adobo slices then add a day old rice.  Sprinkle some garlic powder and sliced green oinons)

He assembles the omelette like so...

And then voila... the Adobo Fried Rice Omellet is ready.

This plate of Adobo Fried Rice Omelette with a side of tomato-cilantro salsa made us feel right at home...And it's more fun that we get to do this in Vegas.  :)


  1. Hi There,
    This is looking so tempting and I can't wait to try this recipe on my own. Lovely work as always.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Regards, Sonia

    1. Thank you Sonia. I hope you had a wonderful weekend yourself.

  2. OMG, this looks soooo good Malou! Glad your having a blast in Vegas dear!

    1. Hello Vel, Yes it was so much fun! Thanks gain!

  3. What a lovely breakfast you shared with your family! It looks like a very hearty breakfast. Have a great holiday & return home safely!

    1. thank Sue. comfort food for the fam. that's what it was. thanks for dropping by.


  4. Looks terrific! Love all the flavors. Vegas is a fun place - I'll bet you're having a great time. ;-)

  5. twas fun indeed. It was all family fun time so it was more special.

  6. Looks so good and I would totally eat that for breakfast - hope you had some special family moments in Vegas.


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