Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'm in a playful mood...

I didn't feel like studying so I cooked instead, came the message sent by my daughter studying in L.A.  It was a picture of the crepes she made. I can't hide the feeling of excitement to know that cooking is now a part of my daughter's chores.  This summer, she moved out of the dorm into an apartment and one of her challenges is... yep, cooking.  But lo and behold, a month later, she finds cooking as a stress releaser.

My son, who is home for the summer has been showing interest too.  He's been also making crepes non-stop that his sisters call him the crepe master.  He does it with precision following my recipe he keeps close to his side.  

My eldest daughter has been cooking since she moved to her apartment 4 years ago.  Today her repertoire has expanded.  She talks about quinoa, risotto and all things food that she improvises.  I still have to wait for her to guest blog, a promise she made 2 years ago still unfulfilled, haha.  

I am glad that I have passed on the love of cooking to my children.  Whenever my friends here on Skip to Malou tell me that I inspire them to cook, my heart skips... but when my children tell me they now have the heart for it too, I could feel my face turn warm and my heart smile.  And for this thrill alone, I feel happy to be writing this blog.

Cooking should always be fun.  It should also be an extension of your self... an expression or a peek into what your mood is for the day...  And just like today, I'm in a playful mood, haha.  So I made a Krispie Kreme Burger, much to the surprise of my family.

No need for a recipe here.  All I did was to grill the patty..ans oops I didn't have any burger buns...oh well no problem I used donuts... hmm even better!

I wanted to punctuate it a little further so I layered it with bacon and a cheese omelet...

You should have seen the big smiles on my son and hubs' faces!  LOL!

Hmm maybe I'm just so excited, because you know why? Well, it's two more days before I get  to appear in our local channel (St. Louis' Channel 5). Yep I have a TV appearance set for Saturday morning on August 4, at 6 AM. You could watch it online too, but no worries, I'll share the link here as soon as it's up.  

The weekend is here... so have fun!


  1. Wow,wow, wow!!! Please share the link so we can watch you!!!!! Congrats and good job! You know, my brother in law in L.A. makes the best crepes - that's his business actually - you can check it out on FB at GC Crepes. :-)

    1. Hi Vel, I just checked his FB page and "liked" it. I love his savory crepes, they look so good!

  2. Replies
    1. That's what improvisation in cooking does for you :)

  3. Wow!! what a lovely dish and what a colorful dish,i totally made for this,


    1. i wanted the colors to pop because i was in a happy mood :)

  4. Looking forward to you sharing the link. How exciting Malou. And that's wonderful that your children are so into cooking. That's great - they will never go hungry! xx

    1. thanks Charlie... I will but I hope I won't freeze haha. yep i'm a little scared hehe.

  5. Tita Malou,
    I'll be dreaming of this tonight. I love Krispie Kreme and I love burgers. Putting them together is heaven. But heaven forgives because of the calories LAWLZ!


  6. Cooking is definitely a fun stress releaser! Your kids are awesome for finding out how much fun cooking really is:-) I am giggling a bit, I love that you added a doughnut to your sandwich! Interesting for sure, and I am a bit curious now:-) Hugs, Terra

  7. That dish is over-the-top! I love it. I'll never look at a doughnut the same way - ever! Really fun post - thank you.


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