Monday, February 13, 2012

plate like a love song: grilled fruits with granola

I was thinking aloud yesterday whether I should have a Valentine post or not and I was surprised to hear my husband say:  You should!  And it doesn't have to be heart shaped.

I just laughed at his suggestion, as I still had no Valentine post in mind.

But then this morning, as soon as I saw snow flurries swirling down by the window, I thought of making a warm breakfast for my husband before he goes to work.  A bowl of fruits sitting at my kitchen counter ignited a spark of  inspiration. You see, over the weekend my husband and I were amused at how Chef Jacques Pepin's  baked, grilled and caramelized fresh fruits in his TV show. Although I never grilled nor baked fresh fruits before, I thought that if a world renowned chef like Pepin did it, then it must be good. Instead of a warm bowl of oatmeal, I plated a warm bowl of freshly grilled fruits, topped with granola.

"This could be your Valentine post" my husband suggested.  I had no intentions of posting this as such but I looked at the plate and before I could say something my husband chimed in:

"It's warm, it's sweet, this plate is like a love song!"

My husband usually will not make suggestions for my post, so I took a long look at what he said. All along I was looking for a Valentine's inspiration, but there it was infront of me.  And the beauty of it was, it was effortless to create "a plate like a love song."

Grilled Fruits with Granola

1 pc. apple, sliced
1 pc grapefruit halved
1 pc. banana, sliced
1 cup granola
1/2 c lemon juice
2 tbsp butter
3 tbsp agave


Heat griddle or pan.  Once the fruits are sliced, soak in water to retain its juicy-ness. (Note, you could also use pears or any preferred hard fruit in season). Grill each side of the fruit for about a minute each.  Arrange fruits on a  the fruits i In a bowl mix agave syrup with lemon juice.  Pour over grilled fruits.  Add granola on top of the grilled fruits.

It's warm, sweet and yes it a love song in your mouth!  Happy Valentine's day folks!



  1. Malou, your husband is just so sweet! Love your simple dish. I would love a big plate of it :D Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Ooh yummy. I love eating baked/grilled/roasted fruits - it makes them even sweeter. Nice mix of fruits and I love how you kept it simple

  3. I adore grilled and roasted fruits! I think this is a perfect way to start of Valentines Day :) They look so delicious!
    Happy Valentines Day to you and your family Malou, hugs

  4. Fruit and granola can be a healthy snack for any occasion. Thank you for posting.

  5. This is beautiful Malou! Just beautiful! :)


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