Monday, January 30, 2012

Super Bowl Grub: Crispy Chicken Bites with Wasabi Mayo

Are you ready for your gameday grub?  Yeah it's Super Bowl Sunday this weekend, I'm sure you already know that.  I bet you are ready for a nice thick and sticky glazed hot buffalo wings. Or those platters of chips and salsa maybe?   How about those thick and creamy, cheesy dip... yum!

But if you are tired of the usual spread and you are looking for something new to add to your Super Bowl Sunday repertoire, honey you're in the right place.  I am  so excited to share with you
something new and refreshing, my Asian inspired  : Crispy Chicken Bites with Wasabi Mayo ta-dah!

Crispy  Chicken  Bites with Wasabi Mayo
(note: you have two options on how to make the crispy chicken: bake or fry)

4 pcs. chichen breasts (or you could have boneless chicken thighs too)
2 pc Cucumber 

For the breading
1/2 c flour
1/2 c cornstarch
4 tbsp five spice
salt and pepper to taste

Fill a large skillet (cast iron is best) about half full with cooking oil.  Heat until very hot.  Meanwhile roll the chicken pieces into the breading. Shake off excess flour.  Drop the pieces into the hot oil.  Make sure there is enough space to stir the chicken pieces.  Deep fry until golden brown.  Drain the fried chicken and let it rest.  Slice them into bite sizes.  

Now if you  prefer to bake.  Place the breaded chicken on a greased pan.  Bake uncovered at 400 degrees.  Bake until the chicken is golden brown and until the liquid from the chicken runs clear.  Slice them into bite sizes.

Wasabi Mayo
1/2 cup mayo
2 tbsp wasabi paste

Mix wasabi paste with mayo.  You could add more wasabi paste if you want a bolder kick.
Arrange chicken slices on cucumber and add a dollop of wasabi paste.    

So are you ready for some football?   I am... GO GIANTS!  (in case my son reads this haha!)

This post is on Top 9 Super Bowl Eats at Daily Buzz Moms.  Thank you DBM for the feasture!


  1. Ooohh...these look good! I want to come to your Super Bowl party! Love the flavors...wasabi is always a hit in this house.

  2. Wow! Now if I had ever attended a football party with glamorous goodies such as these, I may attend one at my own will :) Delightful recipe and fantastic plating and photos!
    Beautifully done my friend, hugs

  3. I'm sorry it's taken so long to visit your site since following you on Twitter! I'm happily following you on Google Connect too now! I love canapés and these tick all the right boxes - elegant and scrumptious! Love them! Am pinning your pic!

  4. Game or no game, I want to eat that. I like all of the components of that dish! Love the plating, too.

  5. Love the Asian take - and the Wasabi mayo? 2 thumbs up. And I don't even watch football.

  6. Thanks Karen. I loooove wasabi too.

    Alisha: I'm thrilled to hear that from you re:pic because I'm trying really hard to take better photos. thank you for the kind words.

    LinsFood: It's ok not a problem at all. What matters most is that you stopped over today. Thank you!

    Adora: I love your comment. But you do watch it over there in the UK too right?

    Claudia: yeah me myself is not an NFL fan either. I just have to feed the boys haha. thanks again,

  7. this looks like a sosyal pulutan. keep them coming.

  8. I don't even LIKE mayo...but wasabi mayo is a whole other delicious beast. These sound delicious!

  9. What a perfect game-day snack. These sound delicious and I know they would be popular in my house. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  10. Very artistic presentation, simple yet delicious, my kind of dish.

  11. Wasabi and mayo YES!!! A match made in heaven so to speak!! Lunok. Looks divine too. Kudos, Ading Malou!!!

  12. arturo: it's quite simple yet elegant looking isn't it. i hope you could try it.

    Joanne: my daughter also doesn't like mayo as well but could take wasabi mayo.

    Mary: thank you i'm glad to know that.

    Norma: Hello, I'm glad to meet you and thank you for stopping by.

    Manang Lanie: you really crack me up. great to see you stop by.

  13. We don't get the superbowl but don't need it to devour these - love the wasabi mayo. I hope they notice the beautiful presentation before digging in!

  14. How pretty! I'm the only Japanese you find who doesn't like wasabi. I know, it's lame. But my Taiwanese husband doesn't like it either. Most Chinese friends put like triple wasabi in soy sauce compared to typical Japanese. lol. We're weirdest couple. Anyway... wasabi mayo is very common and popular flavor even in Japan too. I bet this will be a big hit! Looks lovely!

  15. Definitely going to have to make these, they look awesome. Do you think it would be ok if I did a sriacha mayo instead of wasabi mayo? I'm not a huge fan of wasabi


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