Wednesday, August 24, 2011

On Masterchef, Tweets and Lamb Spring Rolls

I am sorry for not posting a new entry for over a week.  But I know you will understand when I tell you the reasons why. First, I sent my son to college last week. So imagine all the prep work and the emotions that went with it.  OMG, I couldn't write nor cook! LOL!  Second, we are in the midst of a change.  As if the separation anxiety I had with my son wasn't enough, there's a big CHANGE happening soon.   I think I am not ready to divulge that yet though... please allow me some time to let it sink in first...  and yes today is my birthday (technically since I was born in the Philippines), as a birthday treat I got the biggest thrill in my blogging career so far.  I am a guest blogger for one of the top finalists in this season's MasterChef's.

Have you watched an episode of the cooking challenge show on Fox called MasterChef?  Yes, I am a fan of the show.  When season 2 started, I became an instant fan of Alejandra Shrader. Her true character in the show stood out.  I love her kind aura, and she was not your usual pushy, abrasive, cooking show contestant on camera.  She was the sweetest, and very talented!

Please hop on to her blog and know the story behind how we  "met" in my guest post On Masterchef, Tweets and Lamb Spring Rolls.  I promise  you a great story and a great recipe so see you there!


  1. Malou, happy birthday! I'm glad we have all day here tomorrow to celebrate!

    I'm checking out the link!

  2. How awesome that so many blessings are happening to you right now, Malou ! Congratulations on another great post, a guest post at that with one of the Master Chefs! How thrilling for you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MALOU ! May many great and wonderful things come your way this year and always! Hugs:)

  3. Yikes! How exciting- congrats! Hopefully you’ll become a regular on the blog :)

  4. How wonderful, Malou! I am heading over to read your post right now. Happy birthday and happy freshman year to your son:)
    Cannot wait to find out what's new in your life, but I can do the delayed gratification:)

  5. Congrats on your blog post Malou! :)

  6. Happy birthday my sweet Malou. So what's the big change??? It makes me want to know it now LOL! Looking forward to the announcement!

  7. Happy birthday, Malou! Wishing you more blessed years!
    How exciting it is to be Alejandra's guest blogger! Congrats! I'm a big fan of MasterChef too, and I was so disappointed when Alejandra was sent home! I expected her to be in the Top 3!

  8. Happy Birthday, Malou! Will check out your guest post - congrats on that. Change is scary and fun and life - and it is exciting for your son!

  9. what a birthday gift! this is really awesome! i'm so proud of you and happy birthday again!

  10. Congratulations and Happy Birthday my celebrity friend!

  11. Happy, happy birthday, dear Malou! So much has been happening for you these past few weeks, but all for the best it seems (even though I'm sure you miss your son).

    Congratulations on your guest-blogging for Alejandra! Masterchef US season 2 just started to air here in Manila about a week ago so it's great to have someone specific to root for. As for your lamb-pia, well, what's not to love? Lamb is my husband's favorite red meat & fortunately, Australian lamb is readily available here. I'll have to give this one a try!

    Wishing you a wonderful special day!

  12. Happy b-day Malou. Going to chek out the link. The recipe and encounter sound incredible!

  13. What a wonderful twist on the classic lumpiang sariwa. I would have never thought of using lamb. I love lamb. Can't wait for the "big CHANGE" announcement. And most of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend!!!

  14. What a wonderful twist on the classic Lumpiang Sariwa. I would have never thought of using lamb. In fact I just made a batch last weekend. I'll make a point to use your recipe next. Can't wait for your "big CHANGE" announcement. And most of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend.

  15. Annapet: Thank you so much!

    Betty: Thank you for the kind words and the support.

    adrian: that would be awesome ain't it haha. thanks for dropping by.

    Lana:thank you for stopping by. It's been awhile. Which reminds me i haven't been to your side either..opsies.

    Guia: thanks so much!

  16. MOMMYMOMMY: thank you so much for the support!

    Tina: I'm so glad we speak the same language hehe. thank you Tina!

    Claudia: Yes it's scary yet exciting tho. thank you for stopping by.

    Dudut: thank you for the tweets, the greetings and for stopping by. Yay to KCC support!

    Medy: you are an awesome friend. Thank you!

    Tracey: I do miss him terribly hihi. but yeah this was the recipe I developed for Meat Livestock Australia for Filipino homecooks. They supply Australian lamb over there in the Philippines. Also, my recipes are being given away in Rustan's grocery I think. I will get more details and let you know.

    Shulie: Always a joy to see you around here. Thank you!

    PinoyPanda: Hellooo! Thank you for stopping by. I hope you could find the time to try it. thanks again!

  17. Oops, was too busy chatting with you yesterday and forgot to comment. Hope you had a great birthday Malou. I love your take on lumpiang Sariwa using lamb. Lamb-pia, hehe you always have a way with words :)

  18. Happy Belated Birthday! And congratulations on the guest! Will go check it out :)


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