Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bravo Taco Adobo Para Cinco de Mayo

The sun's rays seem brighter than usual, as I get a first taste of summer.  I actually stepped out of the house in flip flops. Yep,  it's sandals and flip flop season again. as we say hello and welcome to the merry month of May.

Another celebration that's in the air is Cinco de Mayo.  In Los Angeles, where the largest street fair is held to celebrate Mexico's victory over France in 1862, people will still celebrate the festival in their own special way.  

Here at mi casa, we have my own version of a Mexican favorite.  I have combined the taco with our ubiquitous Filipino adobo.  Here in the spirit of Cinco de Mayo, I'd like to share with you ... Bravo Taco Adobo.

Bravo Taco Adobo

I knew I was going to make my Bravo Taco Adobo for an easy to prepare lunch for the weekend, so I went ahead and cooked a big batch of pork adobo ahead of time.  So let's begin:

The basic ingredients of adobo:
2-3 lbs. pork (cubed)
3/4 c vinegar
1/2 c soy sauce
4 cloves of garlic (minced)
3 bay leaves (crushed)

In a saucepan, combine all the wet ingredients and crushed garlic together. Let it simmer. Add black pepper and crushed bay leaves. Allow the ingredients to fuse together for a few more minutes, then you are ready to add the  cubes of pork. Cook for about 30 minutes or until the sauce is totally reduced. You could stop here for the adobo dish. But for this particular taco, I wanted the meat to be rendered.  When you hear the pan sizzle due to the grease rendered from the pork, put your fire on low. Let it sizzle a little more until it is brown and stir again to cook all sides.

For garnishing

Plantain: Slice plantain and fry each side.  Let it brown on the surface.  If you want it crunchy, fry further but I wanted mine to be crunchy on the outside but still soft on the inside.
Crumbled Boursin Cheese
Green Onion leeks
Toasted Garlic 

To Assemble:
Heat the tortillas on an open fire on the stove.  Make sure to use tongs.  
On a flat surface, lay the hot tortilla.  Add the cubed adobo.  Layer it with fried plantain, cheese, green onions and top it with scrambled egg.  
Optional: You may want to add white rice and tomatoes. My son loved it when he did.


  1. Oh my goodness, I must try your chicken adobo! The most authentic recipe from you! I love when you added eggs in the taco. I would love that taste. I'm going to do that next time. Such a simple addition but I know I like the taste already... how exciting!

  2. These tacos look fantastic! Mexican food always makes me feel like summer is on it's way...the egg on top is the perfect touch!

  3. This looks fabulous, Malou, and I bet is VERY delicious!

  4. Nice Malou. I never make tacos but every time I see someone post one I crave it badly. You adobo Taco is to die for!

  5. I'm absolutely in LOVE with the egg in the taco idea. Fabulous!!

  6. Oh wow Malou, you are making me hungry. Cinco de Mayo or no Cinco de Mayo, I want some of these tacos! :)

  7. Ok I typed your blog name and now I can write:) This sounds fantastic..I love this idea, and I know my family will like it too! Thanks for sharing!

  8. The egg really makes it - love the recipe and it's a mighty fine way to celebrate the day,

  9. Wow these look like they would be perfect for breakfast, lunch AND dinner!

  10. It's great~! I want to put them all.... rice, tomatoes...
    Can change the pork to beef?
    My partner doesn't like the pork.
    I'm not. hahaha...^^*

  11. These are fantastic, and what a way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo...or Summer for that fact!
    Very, very nice :)

  12. Nami: The brands of the soy sauce and vinegar is shown here as I suggested to you when you posted your chicken adobo. I hope you will be able to find them at your grocery store.
    Joanne:Yeah there's something about "mexican" food that wants us to bring out our flip flops and bathe in the sun.

    Annapet: it sure does. So easy pa.

    Shulie: I hope you would be able to try taco soon. It's an easy fix dinner... that always bring smiles on the table.

    Megan: the egg gives the oomph. yeah try it.

    Ray: hahah so true. i would love to have this as often as I could.

    sandra: I'm glad you did. great to see you!

    Claudia: yes indeed. it gives you the "mexican" feeling yet easy to prepare.

    Dawn: You are so right. I had this for breakfast too and lunch and dinner haha. it's an all day dish.

    Phoebe: Most def. Beef could be used too. Although I seldom have beef adobo. I cook pork and chicken adobo more than beef.

    Betty: i love the texture that the egg adds into the dish. so yum!

    Magic of Spice: yeah cinco de mayo or no cinco de mayo, but whenever you feel like grabbing a mexican feel for your dinner, this one hits the spot!

  13. wow awesome tacos Malou and thanks for your kind words about enjoying family hugs


  14. OH my, these look so good and I get to see them when I'm feeling hungry! That egg, tops it all ... I need to head on and make dinner :)

  15. I just about gasped out loud when I saw that amazing, gorgeous picture. It's perfect. I love what you've done with this recipe. Absolutely love it. I'm hooked and can't wait to give it a try.

    Thank you!

  16. Wow!!! Enjoying the presentation, and can almost smell the aroma!!

  17. A great idea to make tacos with adobo & love the addition of egg. Adobosilog tacos! :)


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