Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In a Hawaii State of Mind

I am completely mesmerized with how an instrument as small as a ukulele could bring forth a magnitude of joy and happiness. It's tucked under the bed for months, but when the summer breeze blows, it comes to life again.  

The thin strings of the ukulele vibrate into the walls of our living room, amidst the giggles of my children. They try to learn a song or two. It brings so much joy to my husband and myself.  Was it the ukelele playing, or was it too much beer that made him whisper to my ear: "I'll take you to Hawaii soon!"

"Talk is cheap"  I joked "I'm taking you to Hawaii right now,", as I went to my kitchen and prepared this ukelele inspired dish.

Now i leave you with my daughter's version of a song she likes that we applauded and loved. Oops, sorry I don't know how to embed a video so just click on this link my daughter's ukelele  as I leave you with the recipe of my amazing Aloha Chops... for you to enjoy a Hawaii state of mind just like it did to us that one summer night. 

Aloha Pork chops

1 can tomato sauce
1 can sliced pineapple rings
Onions, diced
Garlic, minced
Carrots, sliced
Worcestershire sauce
 2 tbsp Olive oil

Add 2 tbsp of olive oil on a skillet.  Brown both sides of the pork chops.  Set aside.  Using the same skillet, sauté onions and garlic.  Pour in the tomato sauce.  Pour the juice from can of pineapple rings.  If you want it a little sweeter, you may add 2 tbsp of sugar. Put back in the pork chops.  Cover and cook until the sauce is reduced.  Add worcestire sauce.    Now if the pork chops are not tender yet, you may add more water or soup stock.  Let it simmer, adjust the fire into medium, and have the sauce reduced .  Caramelize the pineapple on the same skillet or you may use another pan.  Voila you are in Hawaii in no time.  Enjoy!


  1. I love something cooked with pineapple and your recipe looks so good!

    It's around 35C in Japan today after 38C of yesterday. The hotness is OK during summer, but the humidity over 50% is too much. Without decent food, I cannot survive :)

  2. I cannot open the link of your daughter's song. Me likey hear it!


  3. I am so sorry, I have not gotten here, in a while. I miss reading your beautiful posts.

    Your food photos always make me hungry and I can't eat pork but it still looks good.

    The link to your daughter is not working. I still would like to hear it, if it is possible.

  4. hihihi i love malou! would this taste sweet and sour? i will make this but i'm gonna put it in a bun as a burger! and i remember that im-a-cute-rasta guy in american idol who sang somewhere over the rainbow with a ukelele. i need to learn how to play it!

  5. What a fun dish :) it looks really tropical and exciting. I just love pineapple.
    *kisses* HH

  6. I love pineapples and anything with it would have to be delish! This definitely looks delicious! And man, how I wish I were in Maui right now!!

  7. TLS: wow it's hot over there in Japan huh! drink lotsa water... with lots of ice... and yes decent food but don't stuff yourself too much... it does not go well with hot weather haha.

    Maya: I have to ask my daughter to fis the link. I will let you know if it's done

    Chaya: IT's alright, I know everyone is busy.. but glad you found the time to visit today.
    i will definitely email you the link once it's done... thank you Chaya!

    Ziggy: Yes it's kinda sweet and sour but not so much on the sour part since I didn't put any citrucy/acid flavor with it.. buy yeah you're right it does taste like sweet and sour. Thanks Ziggy!

    HH: Hello great to see you again.. after a long time. I am honored to have you back!

    Jun: Maui sounds like the place I need to be in today. With work related stress, Maui seems to be a fitting place to de-strees haha.. thanks for dropping by Jun!

  8. The Hawaiian flavors are excellent in this delicious dish!

  9. I knew of toast Hawaii and Pizza Hawaii, but never thought of chops this style. it looks great, probably tastes a bit like Asian sweet-and-sour dishes?

  10. Nothing like food to transport you across the world. I can tell from the sauce on that pork chop that it is deliciously flavored!

  11. i'm looking at this and wondering if i've ever cooked with pineapple before. might need to remedy that.

  12. I'm so happy to have found your blog. Such a wonderful story and your recipe looks totally wonderful too! "In a Hawaii State of Mind?" Your recipe takes me there. Thank you.

  13. Thanks Natashya!

    Houdini: yes it does taste like the Asian sweet and sour but it's not as sour though.

    Joanne: the sauce made me eat more rice than my usual serving hihihi...

    Justin: hopefully you'll remedy that soon and you would thank me for it LOL!

    Barbara: Im glad i found your site too. It's amazing how we discover new friends in the blogosphere.. cheers!

  14. Where's my ticket!!!??? I'm totally Hawaiian dreaming ;)

  15. This is a beautiful dish, and you have a lovely site...I was not able to see the video (said it was removed).


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