Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Take Time To Love

Oh my, it's been 10 days since my last entry.  I took time off to be with my daughter last week, so I really didn't have the time to sit down and write.  I had a long list of entries to finish and what jumped out was my note written in red bold letters: "EATING YOUR WORDS CHALLENGE, DEADLINE: March 30" (I found out later that the deadline is actually on the 31st)... "think, create, inspire..." were inscribed on the same note.

For some reason, I haven't had any inspiration for this challenge. I tried to put myself into the shoes of Top Chef contestants, but alas no luck.  I would be sent home after the first quick fire challenge, hahaha.  So I skipped the task and moved on to the next.

I was staring at the blank screen of my computer monitor when a message flashed:

What's wrong with Joey? said the YM on the screen. The message came from my daughter who is now back in Berkeley.

Why? What do you mean what's wrong with Joey came my reply.

It's his status on Google buzz.  He sounds sad.

As I was waiting for her response, my thoughts ran wild as to what's going on with my son.  But at the same time, I was glad my daughter is so nosey she knows what's going on with everyone. Then on my screen was Joey's status:

"Sometimes it takes a deeply saddening piece of news for you to recognize the truly important things in life, and to remind you not to get too caught up in the less significant parts."

After reading it, I realized it was all about the tragic news involving his friend's mom.  We talked about it the night before, but I was unaware it affected him so much.   I believe that in times like this, the best way to cheer him up is to give him reassurance and to embrace him with love... I immediately came up with a plan to make him feel secure and feel loved...

A spark of inspiration came to mind.   I jumped off my seat and went to my art lab (a.k.a. kitchen). Why don't I convey the message through food, with my words of comfort written all over the food.  That a-ha moment led me to enter this post for the "Eating Your Words Challenge".  This contest is hosted by Tangled Noodle and Savor the Thyme.  What's more exciting is that celebrity host Andrew Zimmern will be the judge for the challenge.  Wish me luck!

Burger Outside the Box

For the bun:
I wanted to take it to the extreme (it's Andrew Zimmern who's judging guys!)  so I used white rice to form a bun
Cooked white rice
Garlic Salt
small egg, slightly beaten
1 tbsp oil

For the burger patty
I used Asian ingredients.
2 lbs ground beef
2 tbsp hosin sauce
2 tbsp oyster sauce
3 cloves garlic
1/2 onion chopped
1 egg
salt and pepper

For the garnishings:
Bokchoy, blanched and drained
Boiled egg
Sesame Seeds, toasted
Edamame, blanched and drained


For the rice bun:

Put the cooked rice into a mixing bowl add the slightly beaten egg. Mix them together and sprinkle some garlic powder on it. Get a measuring cup. Press the rice mixture to get the shape of a bun.  You have to press it hard and make sure they stick together for easy frying. In a saucepan, add a little oil and pan fry the rice.  Do it on the other side as well.  Be gentle as the rice may break. Set aside.

For the burger:

Mix the ground beef and all the ingredients such as oyster sauce, hosin, garlic, onions and salt and pepper.  Gently mix them together.  Make sure not to over mix the beef.  And also I used a not so lean ground beef. I want my burger to be flavorful and juicy.
Now we’re ready to form our patties. Grab a chunk of  beef and gently form a patty. This recipe yielded 6 patties.  Pre-heat a cast iron pan on high heat. Add patties and cook it for about 2- 3 minutes per side. Sprinkle some toasted sesame seeds on top. Let it rest.

Now we're ready to assemble the burger and this is where the fun begins.

Here's the top rice bun. I used green onions and carrots to spell the word TAKE. I used hoisin sauce initially but as  you could see it smeared the letters and they were no longer readable.

Here's the lower rice bun:  I used edamame and dotted hoisin sauce for the numbers and green onions for the short and long hand to make a clock to signify TIME.

Here are the condiments:  I was just limited to what was in my fridge, so I used bok-choy, carrots and boiled some eggs to form the word TO

And here's the patty. I sprinkled sesame seeds and formed a shape of a heart using edamame to signify LOVE...

Typically a burger looks like this:

But since this is my entry for the Eating Your Words Challenge I plated it like so

To convey my message that we should:  TAKE TIME TO LOVE.....


  1. i didn't sumbit in time :( but your entry is awesome! i love the creativity!

  2. Malou, this is awesome. I would love to receive a plate of this. It's so evident that you prepare your food for your family with lots of love. Spending more time with your daughter is awesome. Blog can wait and we're still here. Hugs.

  3. I love to take all my time it all my time :-)))
    Oh i adore every moment with my mom,though we live under the same roff ,so i know how precious this is:-)))
    this sounds like a super contest n exciting too.......what are the rules like:-))))
    UR creations are absolutely very very them all..Andrew is sure gng to have a hard time :-)))

  4. Nastassia: you could still join. Deadline is tomorrow. It;s fun!

    Divina:aww that's so sweet. I know blog could wait, to give us time to love hehehe.

    Mia: i haven't see you around the blogosphere lately.. how are you? thanks for dropping by sweet lady! join the fun... it's open to all yep worldwide!

  5. Very cute, very creative, and a VERY good reminder!!! Nicely done :)

  6. That's just so creative to use rice instead of buns. I really like that. Great to hear you have wonderful time with your daughter.....thumbs up for you :D

  7. Liren: Thank you for the kind words... great to see you stop by.

    Mary Moh: If you were Andrew Z I could have won already with you thumbs up hahah. Thank you for the kind comments.

  8. what a beautiful take for the words competition, i love reading about your love for your family, ndee na kakasawang basahin=)

  9. Thank you for entering and being so amazingly creative!

  10. Thank you for entering and being so amazingly creative!

  11. How clever!!! I love how you used the face of a clock for the word "time". And I love your photos!

    Hope you had a wonderful time with your daughter!

  12. hello cusinera: salamat sa walang pagsawa... dalaw ulit ha?

    Jennifer: my pleasure.. i enjoyed doing this post.

    Dhale: hey welcome back.. great to see you!

  13. HONEY!! I love it....just love it.

  14. This is wonderful, not only in its creativity but also for its sweet and heartfelt message! I'm so happy that inspiration finally came and that you're able to join in Eating Your Words!! 8-D

  15. That is sooo cute.... I may take some time to love with this recipe. It would certainly make for interesting eats.

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  17. You are truly an artist in the kitchen. It's amazing how you come with a burger recipe that uses rice as buns.
    You are a person full of love and that gives you inspiration to be creative. For me, you are already a winner!

  18. Awesome, Malou! I would rather eat a burger with rice than bread buns. It's an Asian thing, haha!

    Very creative, love the pictograms, too! I kinda took mine too literally. And the best part, your message, they are words to live by.

  19. Thanks for this reminder Malou - we all need to stop and take time to focus on what is important! I am glad you also had the time to spend with your daughter - that's very important too! Very creative - hope you win!

  20. Nice job! That was pretty creative my friend =)

  21. Jaden: Your comment make me blush. THanks for dropping by.

    Tracey: THis was a fun post. I was humming all throughout the cooking/making/creating! Thanks for the opportunity!

    Megan Caroll: it certainly is GOOD EATS... hahaha but yeah seriously my fam loved it!

    Cookies and Cream: you are one of the sweetest loyal followers that I have... thank you and sending you some love and kisses... mwah!

    Caroline: aww thank you. I don't mind losing this challenge for you.. because those sugar cookies/scrabble tiles are adorable!

    Trissa: don't we need that? yes we do right? thank you for the well wishes... have a fun holiday!

    Quyen: thank you! great to see you in the blogosphere.. although you are just I-5 N away hahah.

  22. Superb job........and I am glad you took time to love and care. I hope Joey feels better and his friend as well. Have a great Easter break

  23. Malou, your entry is nothing short of amazing! Both for the execution and the sentiment behind it. I'm blown away by your creativity and beautiful spirit! If I were the judge, I'd hand you the prize right now.

    Congrats on a truly beautiful entry. :)

    Hugs and Happy Easter to you and your family.

  24. i hope you win! this is so awesome!

  25. Can I tell you how much I love this! It would be a top chef winner for sure. I love how you and your family are so connected. You're all so involved in each other's lives.

  26. what a great message, we do need to take time to love. And this looks delicious!

  27. WOW!!!

    What lovely use of this challenge to give such a nice message...

    Very creative entry for "Eating your Words Challenge'
    The Variable - Nachiketa
    Crazy Over Desserts - The Variable, Nachiketa

  28. oh wow what a lovely post and so creative I love your blog what a lovely person you are

  29. This is reeeeally creative!!! Take time to love - love the message Malou! Very inspiring. :)

  30. Kitchen Butterfly: Thanks for asking but Joey is fine, his friend needs a lot of prayers however.

    Anonymous: Thanks for the best wishes.

    Joanne: Yes it's such a blessing... thanks Joanne for being here again.

    Nachikita: Thanks for dropping by and so glad to meet you.

    Rebecca: Things are just pretty hectic but i didn't forget the guest post... thanks for the very kinds words.

    Trisha: Awww thanks... glad that it inspired you!

  31. Very cute entry and what a creative burger. It looks delicious!

  32. Hullo my gorgeous friend, loved reading the super reviews of ur delicious creativity and i sure do agree w every single one of 'em...u rock gurl...
    and now for an invite for u....

  33. Malou I love your entry. I was reading your post and the tears started. I hate it when someone in my family is sad. Love your entry. Its so cute and has so much meaning.

  34. You are such a great Mom and a creative cook. I love your enty but I think the love you have for your kids and the sensitivity they both have, is even better.

    Thanks for coming to Mia's party for me. It really means a lot to me.

  35. Oh this is brilliant! I love the message, and the story behind it!


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