Friday, January 8, 2010

Dancing With My Daughter Again, Part II: Glimpses of Tomorrow

Today is Monday; it is the first day back to school and the first day back to work after the holidays. It is not just any ordinary Monday though, as it is the the FIRST Monday of the year... the FIRST MONDAY OF 2010 --- the first Monday of a new decade!

Everyone's back to the old grind... everyone, that is, except for my eldest daughter. She is on her winter break from college. I love when she comes home because she tags along with me as I do my daily routine. And I love it because it's giving her a glimpse of my day to day life and we get to spend a lot of time together. Today she woke up early and saw me preparing lunch boxes for everyone (the hubby, the daughter and the son). She even pitched in and made some spam musubi for her siblings to take for lunch. She then accompanied me as I dropped off her younger siblings to school. Of course, with her being the elder sister, she still had to taunt my other two kids, "Have fun in school while mommy and I stay home!" I smiled as we drove away in my Mom-mobile (the minivan); she definitely knows how to make her siblings jealous, even after all of these years.

I had a wonderful time driving around the neighborhood with my daughter, as she noticed everything around her. We were driving in the church's parking lot when she pointed out a little kid in uniform getting dropped off at school and she squealed, "Oh, Mom! Look, she's not even taller than the bumper of our car and he's now in school!" Minutes later, we drove some more and she exclaimed, "Look at that dog, what a chubby little dog!" As I parked the van, she mentioned so many more sightings that she found cute. She simply could not stop!

I took her along with me to attend daily Mass that started at 7:30 AM. After Mass, it was my turn to point out someone to her. "That's Jack," I whispered to her while we were walking out of the church. Jack is 93 years old and he's the sacristan during the daily mass. When I told her this, she held her heart and said "Aww..."  At that moment, I saw myself in her, because she notices everything that makes my day delightful, my everyday life that I'm always thankful for, the sights that make me grateful I am alive...

As we stepped into the van again, she told me that she wants her kids to go to a Catholic school, just like the little girl in black knee high socks and a plaid uniform who we saw earlier. I told her that she just has to continue doing what she's doing: working hard towards graduate school, having a clear vision of what she wants, knowing how to get it, and asking God's blessings in all that she does. The future is beautiful, I tell her, and she nods. Suddenly there's a sudden gush of joy and pride. She's 21 years old now: the age when I found my life to be on the fast track. 21 was the age that I got married, I gave birth to my first baby, facing a life that seemed daunting at the time. Now, it's her turn to face her future, and I'm glad that she has what it takes to be successful. This is something we parents dream of, something that we pray for...

When we arrived home, we made breakfast together... as we danced once more, side-by-side in the kitchen, just like we always do when she's home. This leads me to share with you my Top of the Monday breakfast offering...

Spanish Omelet in a French Baguette

Cooking Gadget:  Kitchen Gourmet Omelet Maker (when I was at my in-law's house during the holidays, I was amused by all her kitchen gadgets, and this was one of them.  My sister-in-law, who saw how I was raving about all the gadgets, happened to see the omelet maker in Walgreens and she surprised me with one... for $6.99, this is the best deal ever! Buying this for me was a sweet gesture, and this gadget was such a sweet discovery, as it makes omelet making a cinch!)

5 eggs (beaten)
Cubed Ham (you could actually use any left-over meat dish!)
1 medium potato -- cubed (I microwaved it for 1 minute)
Green Bell Pepper, diced
Onions, diced
Salt and Pepper
French Baguette


Pre-heat the omelet maker.  The light switches on when plugged in and when it switches off you are ready to cook.

Slice the potatoes in cubes.  Microwave it for about 1 minute 20 seconds.  (make sure not to overcook it)

Meanwhile beat  five eggs in a bowl.  Add the cubed ham and cubed potato (the potato should be fork tender) Season with salt and pepper. Set Aside.

When the omelet maker is ready, pour in the egg mixture.  Add 2 pcs of baguette into each hole of the omelet maker.  Close it and walk away.  This gives me time to make coffee, pack some lunches, you know the morning drill...

Then it's done... this is a good morning breakfast surprise... Your family will love it...  and it's so convenient, a great way to start the day... in this case, the first Monday of the decade!


  1. Stories about daughters are always heart warming, and with that omelet, it's a sure way to start your day!

  2. Lovely post as usual Diva!

  3. This is so cute. It sounds like you guys are having a great time together! That recipe is awesome.

  4. Spending time with your children are the most precious times of all..
    Thank you foodie2. Great to see you stop by...

    Yes Joanne, I'm enjoying her company before she goes back to Berkeley next week.

  5. Where can I get this omelet maker? I want to have one as my family loves omelet.

  6. HI Sabrina,
    My sister in law bought it from Walgreens.
    I love this gadget makes cooking omelet soooooo easy!

    thanks for stopping by,

  7. That's such a beautiful, touching family story! Time spent with our children is worth every minute and one we will never regret. I love my girls to bits and always thank God for the best gifts He had ever given to me.

  8. That's right Mary, children are God's greatest gifts... we agree in that department. I love reading your blog because your stories evolve around your family life too. Keep blogging, keep loving!

  9. What an interesting little gadget. The final product looks tasty.

  10. What a beautiful write up about you and your daughter...

    Happy New Year!

  11. Hi Lori, thanks for stopping by... yes i love my new gadget, i've been using it almost daily!

    Hi Cynthia, thank you for your kind words... it mean so much to me. My world evolves around my family so my stories are always about them, i hope i won't bore my readers haha. Wishing you all the best for the new year!

  12. What a yummy breakfast and such fun time spending with your daughter!

  13. What a beautiful story! Yes, you are truly blessed, and have much to be grateful for. I love, love, love this story of mother-daughter time!

    And I'm sure I would have scarfed down that omlette in a heartbeat!

  14. HI Natasha! I'm always thrilled when I see you stop by... thank you!
    Hi Toni my neighbor... great to see you around.. yes this is as good as it gets and Im soooo grateful!

  15. So fun! I am just curious to see how long you are going to be using this gadget! I always tend to forget mine after a few weeks!

  16. Hi Taste of Beirut! I know what you mean, but we love omelets so we practically use it daily!
    thanks for dropping by!

  17. I love the way you tell of your experiences. I feel like I am right along with you. Thanks for giving us a peek into your life and faith.

  18. awww that was sweet of you Chaya! i just want to inspire people that we could have a life extra-ordinary with our ordinary everyday lives... keep blogging... i love your blogs!


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