Thursday, June 4, 2015


Can someone please tell me I'm not dreaming?

Ok fine,  let me breathe... but yes today, I was  on SHOW ME ST. LOUIS! I'm stoked being with  the host and STL's favorite Ms. Heidi Glaus.

Alright please forgive me for  posting this picture.  (In our defense the lights were off when this photo was taken) I just needed to put it out there that working with Heidi makes you feel like you are a pro in front of the TV camera.  The truth is she made the whole experience fun and easy, that I totally forgot I was on cam!  Seriously Heidi, thank you so much for this wonderful experience.  And of course to the whole crew of Show Me St. Louis (even up to the Security Guard haha!).

SO I was on Show Me St. Louis to share some of the plates I will be serving at my next pop-up,  Did I say another POP-UP?  Oh ok, sorry for not updating you guys on what's going on but yes, I have another pop-up this coming June 27 at Hammer and Hand Imports.   Hammer and Hand is a hip furniture shop owned by Chris and Amy.  They've been hosting one of a kind pop-up dinners at their store lately.  It was serendipitous that one day, I just dropped by their store and voila, here I am schedule to do another pop up at their venue.   I am also collaborating with another couple, Carlos and Val, owners of 2340 Kitchen Mobile Services.  We've been  neighbors all these years but I'm excited to know them closely as we work together for this upcoming event.

Ok fine, here's the link of my SHOW ME ST. LOUIS stint .  But before you click that, if  you want to reserve for the pop-up, I suggest you do so because space is limited. Click the button to reserve. Eventbrite - SKIP TO MALOU | Cooking with a Filipino Accent (A Pop Up Brunch)

See you soon!

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