Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a festive New Year’s celebration.

So for my first post in 2015 I want to share something really special for all of you: it's my LENGUA IN CREAMY WHITE SAUCE.

I know I have posted this recipe before  but today, I am re-posting it as my featured dish in my cooking channel on YouTube. Click here to watch the episode.

Lengua is the Spanish word for tongue. It is widely used in many cuisines like Mexican tacos and burritos, Turkish, French, German, Spanish, American and many more.

Lengua was one of the first dishes that made me start to love cooking. This dish is one of my husband’s favorites and I always remember him saying, 'I could eat this for the rest of my life”

For my Filipino version, I am cooking Lengua with Creamy White Wine Sauce

Lengua (ox tongue)

Green Olives
Bell pepper
Bay leaf

Butter/Olive oil
White wine
Heavy Cream
Beef Stock
flour (in case you want to thicken the sauce)

Before anythings else, we need to prep the Lengua:
To some, cooking lengua is tedious or intimidating, but I will show you that is easy and fun.

First, we clean the lengua with salt to remove the grime.
Wash it thoroughly.
Put the lengua on a stockpot and throw in some bay leaf, peppercorns, salt, celery.
Let it boil until tender.
Slice the lengua diagonally.

Remove the outer layer.  It looks like a rubbery cover that would peel off easily.  Make sure to clean the inner now exposed layer.

Now we are ready to cook:
On a pan, put butter and a little oil.   The oil will prevent the butter from burning.  Sear all sides of the sliced lengua.  Make sure to put just a little oil and butter.  you don't want to fry the lengua but rather sear it.  Set aside

Saute garlic, onions
If you want your sauce to be thick add some flour at this point.
De-glaze the pan with white wine.
Make sure that the pan has no burnt substances.
You want to get the flavor of the browned lengua and not the burnt ones.
Pour the white wine mixture.
Add the heavy cream and milk and beef stock.
Simmer until sauce is reduced.
Add the green olives plus the green and red bell peppers.
Add the mushrooms.
Season to taste.

You may add the lengua back or pour the sauce over it.  It's all up to you how you want to enjoy it and create  your own lengua memory...

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  1. I love lengua, but hubs doesn't care for it, I might skip trying this one just because of that and just try your cooking one of these days! Happy New year!


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