Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Warm Hug| Catfish Nuggets Cooked in Vinegar with Ginger and Lemongrass (Paksiw)

"Oh no, I have never cooked catfish before."

This was the desperate plea by a contestant on a reality show on the Food Network. I remembered it instantly when I saw the catfish fillet on sale at the grocery store for $2.99 a pound.  I got intrigued by the contestant's comment, as catfish is not a common dish to prepare.  Many are daunted by the task of preparing a catfish recipe.

But what's not to love about catfish? First, it's so easy to cook, kinda what Rachel Ray would say chop and drop style of cooking.  Second it's easy on the budget, especially when it's on sale.  Well, who can say no to easy to cook and easy on the pocket. A bonus for me is that it is also a comfort food. My recipe for paksiw na hito or catfish stew really hits home,  just like a warm hug especially when the temperatures are starting to cool down. 

So get your rice ready as I am going to share with you today's recipe for:

Catfish Nuggets Cooked in Vinegar with Ginger and Lemongrass (Paksiw)
I have shared a similar recipe before but I added a twist with the Lemongrass

3/4 cup rice water (water used to wash rice)
3/4 cup vinegar
1/8 cup fish sauce or you could opt to use salt
3 tbsp oil
1 medium onions (sliced)
3 slices of Ginger
2 medium Tomatoes
1 stalk of lemon grass, pounded and sliced
2 lbs catfish fillet

In a saucepan put all the 7 ingredients together and bring it to boil. When tomatoes and onions are soft and the water starts to turn orange due to the tomatoes, add the catfish fillet. Cook until nuggets are done.


  1. Your catfish nuggets look so delicious! I have never cooked it before myself, but I think for $2.99 I also would be tempted :D

    1. I know right? 2.99 can't beat that. Thanks for dropping by.


  2. I've never cooked catfish nuggets, but love it breaded with cornmeal and pan fried. But your version looks terrific! Something new to try. ;-)

    1. I've been attempting to cook catfish nuggets that way but I always end up cooking a stew out of it. I will have to make a mental note next time.
      Great to have you!

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  4. Thank you for sharing your recipes. I have tried a lot already and I am just happy to report thatthey turn out to be really darn good. May God bless you for your generosity to shar your time and talent. You are simply inspiring.


  5. You had me at "paksiw", then when you mentioned catfish, I was hooked. This is simply delicious, Malou! I must try this one soon. Like all your other delish recipes, this is another classic. Enjoy your end of summer & thanks for sharing :-)

  6. never liked catfish, but man, this looks good! I still have catfish in my freezer from a fishing trip my hubby took and never new what to do with it. I should try this... :-)

  7. I never liked catfish in fact i still have one in my freezer from a fishing trip my hubby took, never knew what to do with it, your recipe looks good, should try it. Thanks!

  8. Oh I really hope my husband would like it as I would definitely try your recipe the next time I see a good catch from the supermarket. I miss the dish my father used to cook when I was still a child! Thanks for this post!

  9. This looks intriguing and delicious! Thanks for sharing :)


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