Friday, March 23, 2012

Celebrating Mommy Dory

When we received word that Mommy Dory was rushed to the hospital, my husband and I knew that we had to get ourselves to the Philippines as soon as we can... I don't know how we did it, but we were here more than 40 hours after (including the 25 hour travel time) and I'm glad we did.  We were able to spend 5 more days with her, until she quietly breathed her last.

Mommy Dory (as everyone calls her) is my husband's grandmother.  She is one of the greatest influence in our marriage, and I'm sure to my husband's siblings and their families too.  Her life of 90 years was fully lived.  A life that was self-less, filled with her hard work and dedication.  She was religious and faithful until the end.  Even when memory failed her, she would still pray. She was funny, oh her jokes will make you blush... and don't make a mistake in her presence (especially when cooking with her) or else you will never hear the end of it... oh how she was feisty.

As she laid in bed, fighting for her life, I saw the profound beauty of a family.  All her three children from all parts of the world beside her... her grandchildren from down under and the US surrounded her.  Holding her hand.. the same hand that lovingly cooked our food (she was a wonderful cook), mended our clothes (she was an expert seamstress)... and the same hand that shared all that she had. It was like everyone said to her, "Now it's our turn to take care of you, just like you took care of us, and to say thank you for your love.".

Mommy Dory was my default Wiki-pedia for traditional Filipino food. To celebrate her life, let me share with you posts and recipes I have made in the past... 

Her polvoron , those colorful wrapped toasted goodies, never fail to greet us whenever we visit or treats during Christmas....

In my post When Mommy Dory is in the Kitchen, I shared with you the recipe for Lumpiang Shanghai (spring rolls) and how you wouldn't want to mess with her mis-en-place... or you would never hear the end of it... haha!

My Leche Flan post is one post that I'm not so proud of because of my poor execution... but the recipe is from Mommy Dory, she always made flan flawlessly.  I cannot duplicate the perfect flan that she prepares and I would always hear my husband say: "Please ask Mommy Dory how she makes hers"  A subtle way of saying... Mommy Dory makes it better.

And her dinuguan is to die for.  My mother in law doesn't eat dinuguan other than that of her Mom's

I remember the first cooking lesson I had with her a few days after I got married to her eldest grandchild, we bonded over cooking Sotanghon.  I will never forget how I was initially terrified by her.  But she immediately warmed up to me and through the years we became super close.  She made me feel like I am one of her grandchildren.  And I know she loved me too - as she was so brutally honest but at the same time so caring towards me.

I love you Mommy Dory!

...and here's to the years you self-lessly shared ... cheers!


  1. Oh Malou, I'm so sorty for your loss. She sounds like an incredible woman and I'm sure you'll celebrate her every time you cook the food that reminds you of her.

  2. My deepest condolences to you, your husband and whole family on the loss of this remarkable woman. Such a person is the kind who makes everyone around her that much better for having known her and received her wisdom. Thank you for sharing this loving and heartfelt tribute!

  3. So sorry for your loss Malou. Your tribute to that wonderful woman brought her to life for all of us. She will live on in your memories every time you cook one of her dishes.

  4. Sorry for your loss. Hope the reason could have been different for being here in Manila.

    About the comment you made in my blog, there's no Gong Cha branch in The Fort/Bonifacio Global City. I only know of ChaTime located at 31st st cor 4th ave and Happy Lemon located at Bonifacio High Street near Krispy Kreme. :)

  5. Oh I'm so sorry to hear this. Read your post - definitely made me cry.

  6. I'm sorry for your loss, Malou. Your Mommy Dory is the epitome of a perfect Filipino homemaker, so rare in these days. For that, her 90 years has been lived to the full.

  7. thank you Karen... indeed I will!

    Tracey: thank you for the comforting words. I hope to see you before I leave.

    Penny:what a pleasant surprise to see you once again. thank you for your kind words.

    Guia: Thank you. I will grab a cup soon...i can't wait!

    Food Jaunts: thanks for the comforting words.

    Adora: She definitely is... and her legacy lives on! Thank you@

  8. oh sorry shes gone she sounds like an amazing woman big hugs and enjoy being home

    love ya

  9. thanks reb... im truly enjoying my stay here.

  10. I'm so sorry to hear for your loss. Being far away for family, this is something I'm always afraid of. Glad to hear you made it and spent 5 days with her. Thanks for sharing great stories about such a remarkable lady. She's lucky to be surrounded by family and friends till the end. Take good care and have good family time in the Philippines.

  11. Malou, I'm so sorry Mommy Dory has passed on. Reading your post, I know how much she was loved and how much you will all miss her.

    If all of you loved her that much, she lived a good life indeed.

  12. Oh Malou, I'm so sorry for your loss but so glad you made it in time! This is such a wonderful tribute post to her.

  13. Your dishes reflects your fond memories of Mommy Dory. God bless her sould and god bless you, Malou.

    ~ ray ~


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