Monday, February 6, 2012

Ode to a Friendship: Mung Bean Curry with Adobo Flakes

Coming from the Tropics, I've always wondered how it would feel like during winter. And now that I am able to experience it first hand, I must admit that I am loving it. I like stepping out in my boots and coats. I love the fuzzy feeling of wearing scarves around my neck and the regal look of having a head gear. I love to hear the whistling kettle of hot water to make hot tea or cocoa. And sipping and touching the warm cup is delightful. The only thing that brings me down is the grey sky... and it is a sad grey sky like today.

In times like these though, I turn to my inner magic. I think of family and friends to bring the sunshine in and warm me up.  I'd like to make a pot of soup to nourish my "homesick" soul.

As I was standing in my pantry, I grabbed the curry powder with the vibrant hues that reminded me of my old friend Nimmi's bright smile.  I reminisce about those days when we would meet every week at church and after mass, we would stand by the corner with both our families in tow; it would hold us for an hour to say our goodbyes and "see you next week"  And I miss our regular get togethers with me preparing adobo and Nimmi making curry on her end.   So when we visited Florida last December, she insisted that we visit them.  

"What do you want me to make?" she said

"The usual" was all I had to say.

We enjoyed the "usual" dinner of warm nan and comforting chicken curry with bouts of laughter and never ending stories. So today, I created a dish to remember my friendship with Nimmi, bringing together adobo with her curry flavor: Curry Mung Bean Curry with Adobo Flakes

Now who needs the sun to feel cheery and bright when I can turn to memories of friends and a comforting  bowl of soup to comfort me on a winter grey day.  Here's an ode to our friendship Nimmi... Cheers!

Curry Mung Bean Curry with Adobo Flakes
The curry recipe was given to me by Nimmi years ago. It was tucked under my notebook and found it after five years.  I swear I can't stop smiling when I saw her handwritten recipe. Thank you Nimmi!)


Adobo left-overs (for adobo recipe click here)
1 medium onions. sliced
1 medium tomatoes, sliced
1 tbsp curry powder  (Nimmi's notes suggests to get garam Masala)
salt to taste
1/2 inch ginger-garlic paste
10-15 corriander cut finely
1/2 can Coconut milk
1 cup mongo
2 tbsp atchuette oil (optional, you could use any cooking oil)

Wash and soak mung beans for 30 minutes.  (This process reduces your cooking time)  Cook mung beans over 2 cups water until soft. Set aside.

Now let's work on the adobo flakes:
Flake the adobo left over.  On a pan, drizzle athcuete oil and add the adobo flakes.  Toast until crispy.  Set aside

In a pan, saute onions until golden brown.  Add tomatoes  and saute until oil separates. Add ginger-garlic paste and stir.  Now add the curry powder, season with salt.  Add cooked mung beans to the mixture. Cover and cook for about five minutes.  Add coconut milk and let it boil.  Season with salt.
Once it's cooked add cooriander leaves.

Ladle  soup in a bowl and add  adobo flakes on top.


  1. This does look like a burst of sunshine! (With a little heat) Love handwritten recipes - to be treasured.

  2. I think I'll just let Nimmi or Divya make it for me Mine sure couldn't be like their's would.

  3. Soup is definitely the only thing that gets me through the winter! I would love a large bowl of this.

  4. Love that you combined Curry and Adobo! I'm assuming it was pork for the flakes? Either way this looks amazing and so tasty

  5. Such a beautiful, colorful, and very flavorful unusual soup! Very creative, and a treasured recipe for sure!
    Thanks for sharing, Malou:DDD

  6. This looks gorgeous! I love how your family said to make the usual, that is awesome! Since I moved from Michigan to Arizona, I missed cold weather. Now in North Carolina I just want some snow, but this year the weather has been bizzare:-) Enjoy the cold weather, so much fun! Hugs, Terra

  7. What a delightful post and I agree who needs sum with all of these warming flavors :)


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