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Sunday, June 26, 2011

When Mommy Dory is in the Kitchen

Whenever I make traditional Filipino food, it's either I get a "wow this taste like Mommy Dory's" comment, which means I nailed it, or a "hmmm, you should ask Mommy Dory how she makes it" from my husband.  The latter is my husband's subtle way of saying it's not as good as his grandma's cooking.

Mommy Dory is my husband's 90 year old grandmother.  She hails from Bulacan, a province known for its authentic Tagalog dishes.   We are blessed to have eaten Mommy Dory's cooking through the years.  I believe no one would oppose when I say that she is the best cook in our family.  From traditional Filipino desserts to savory hearty dishes, she definitely cooks like a pro.  She's also very particular in her mis en place, something that you wouldn't want to mess with... or else, you're going to hear it from her, hahaha!  That's why when Mommy Dory is in the kitchen, it's never a dull moment. Because with her cooking also comes a lot of words of wisdom about life.  You will definitely hear  her usual "papunta pa lang kayo, ako pauwi na" (been there done that),  and whether you like to hear it or not, you will get a piece of her mind.  And we just love her for it!  Thank you Mommy Dory, for sharing your food and your wisdom with us.

I have shared in my blog some of her recipes, such as dinuguan (pork blood stew) and polvoron.  I always stay faithful to her recipes, unless I won't hear the end of it from my husband saying "you  should ask Mommy Dory...".

Today, let me share this with you:

Lumpiang Shanghai ala Mommy Dory
 Lumpiang shanghai is the Filipino version of fried egg rolls (filled with meat and shrimp).  It's as popular as our adobo and the ubiquitous pancit (noodles). It's crunchy, flavorful and addicting, it disappears quickly at most parties. Lumpiang shanghai is my default Filipino food whenever I am asked to bring a dish for a potluck party, especially with my non-Filipino friends.  

1/2 lb. ground pork
1//4 lb shrimp, chopped
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 fresh egg
1/4 c water chestnut, chopped
2 medium carrots, chopped
green onions thinly sliced
1 tsp sesame oil
1 clove garlic, chopped
salt and pepper to taste
spring roll wrapper/pastry (she normally cuts it into halves already to make rolling faster)
cooking oil for frying
cornstarch dispersed in water

Mix all ingredients in a bowl.  Crack one fresh egg and stir briefly.  Now you're ready to make the roll.
On a flat surface, lay the wrapper.  Put a spoon full of the pork mixture.  Spread it evenly and roll.  Seal the edges with the cornstarch mixture.

Deep fry the rolls in a hot pan of oil until golden brown.  Drain excess oil and serve while hot.

For the dipping sauce, I prefer to use a sweet and sour sauce with some spice.  My favorite dipping sauce (in a bottle) is Mae Ploy, a Thai sweet chili sauce, which brings a spicy bite to the crunchy lumpia.


  1. I know this is going to sound crazy and Mommy Dory will roll her eyes but I have to ask.

    You put the pork mixture on the wrapper and roll it up. Does this mean you don't seal the ends of the rolls?

    And what do I do with the egg?

    You're probably thinking "is she dumb or what?" Honestly I didn't think I was until just this minute. :)

  2. Hi Maureen:
    Im sorry if the procedure is not clear enough. First off, crack the egg and mix it together with the pork and shrimp mixture. Then scoop a spoon full of the pork mixture, spread it evenly and then roll it like a little log. Then seal the edges. I hope this helps.
    thanks for asking,

  3. Aww I love the story of Mommy Dory. And guess what, you will be the next Mommy Dory! I bet she has no cookbook and everything is from her experience...don't you wish there is any written document? Since you are keeping your recipe in this website, you are already a head start. ;-) This looks delicious Malou! I need to work harder to become Japanese version of Mommy Dory!!

  4. I love the mommy dory story. I have never tried this but absolutely must.

  5. Love the mommy story. I've never tried this but absolutely must. sounds super delicious.

  6. Love the story and the recipe! Thanks for sharing!
    -Karriann Graf

  7. Mommy Dory sounds just like my Lola - didn't hold back on her comments, which were always wise anyway. They were the best cooks! I would love some lumpia right now.

  8. It's been too long since I've had lumpiang shanghai. I've never actually made it myself so I rely family parties to get my fix. Sounds like Mommy Dory has the perfect lumpiang shanghai--no need to tinker with other recipes! I sure wish I had some now. :-)

  9. Oh, I'm sure Mommy Dory and I will get along just fine. I grew up being sorrounded by these bulacenya women with loud voices and lovely accents like my mom and my aunts! BTW, I always get a lovely tap on the back of my head(batok) every time I replied "bakit di tayo nagkasalubong?"(How come I didn't see you on my way there?) whenever they say that favorite phrase "been there done that!"

  10. Thank you for sharing a Mommy Dory recipe! Looks like I'm going to have to try it now =) These look perfectly rolled and made.

  11. I love recipes that are handed down through generations and it's so awesome that you have a go-to chef to hand down both those recipes and years of wisdom to go along with them! These little rolls sound SO GOOD. Love the stuffing!

  12. Undeniably a number one favorite on everyone's menu! You described it so well, I could almost imagine the crunchiness of the lumpia. Thanks for sharing this classic!

  13. Nami: oh you'll be a brand soon. Trust me, you are doing great.

    Baker street: you could try baking it. I was told that it is as good. Great to see you here.

    Karriann: lovely surprise to see you come back. Thank you.

    Annie: only Lolas could do such a thing and could get away with it. We gotta love them for it.

    Jean: I used to do that before or when I crave for it, I just buy the ready pack but it's not as good as to what I'm used to. You could use this recipe as your recipe. It's good. Guaranteed. Haha thanks.

    Ray: you crack me up . I could imagine you na nabatokan haha. Thanks for your comment. Alam ko di kaplastikan to haha.

    Jessica thanks for visiting. Ill skip over to your place right after.

    Joanne: these rolls disappears fast during parties. Sometimes I lost count how many rolls I've eaten haha.

    Betty: definitely the classics and an all time favorite.

    Thanks everyone.

  14. Thank you for sharing your recipe! I like how crispy yours turned out. I hope I could execute this perfectly.

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